Fashionable colors in clothes in the summer of 2012.

Fashion trends ask us famous designers. Wizards in the fashion industry have achieved smiles and admiration for themselves. And this is not surprising, because at their fashion shows, designers once again presented us with a pleasant surprise by demonstrating the outfits of fashionable and sophisticated colors of summer 2012.

The color scheme of summer 2012 promises to be not only fashionable, but also very bright.

The first trendy color of summer 2012 is bright red.

The leading place among fashionable colors of summer 2012 clothes is rich red. Previously, red could afford extremely eccentric personalities, now any lady can look fashionable and beautiful in red.

If you are still not sure that you will be comfortable in bright red color, then the designers and give a fashionable answer to it - use any shades of red, or transition colors orange, ocher color, which are also popular this summer.

At the fashion shows, sexy red was demonstrated by such designers as EmilioPucci and OscardelaRenta, as well as Salvatore Ferragamo and other designers.

Deep blue is the second fashionable color of summer 2012 clothes

Immediately after the trendy red color of summer 2012, the inferior one comes down to his rights by only one step, elegant and deep blue color, the sophistication and mystery of which is also fascinating as sapphire gemstone.

Many fashion houses have chosen the blue color for their collection, which is suitable both for evening dresses and for everyday ones. An evening dress in dark blue will make your look even more interesting and charming the hearts of many men.

In their collections, the blue color was demonstrated by such world-famous designers as PhilipLim, Douglas Hannant, Kenzo, LucaLuca, SalvatoreFerragamo, RobertoCavalli, ADAM, AntonioBerardi, BadgleyMischka, BurberryProrsum, ChristianDior, Fendi, Marni, Missoni.

The third fashionable color of summer 2012 - juicy green

In third place firmly established juicy green or various shades of it: emerald green, green color of ripe lime and others. Green in combination with satin will look amazing on you, refresh and highlight against all other colors. Green color of the summer season of 2012 is perfect for both brunettes and blondes. Dresses, tops and skirts made of light flowing fabrics in green will make you irresistible in any place.

In their collections, RobertoCavalli, CarolinaHerrera, OscardelaRenta and DouglasHannant clearly demonstrated how to achieve elegance and unobtrusiveness in dresses using green.

Mysterious "body color" - fourth place

In fourth place is truly frank color "Nude", which from English translates as "naked" and indeed this color looks exactly like that, so it is the taste of the most courageous ladies.

In the 2012 summer collection, CalvinKlein Collection, Aquilano Rimondi, BarbaraBui, RobertoCavalli, Chanel, AlexanderMcQueen are dominated by light, flowing, barely tangible fabrics of various shades: pale pink, light peach, beige, sand and cocoa color.

Black and white clothes in summer 2012

What color do you think completes the magnificent top five of the most fashionable colors of the summer of 2012? Of course, a classic that does not intend to surrender without a fight, we all love white and black colors also as relevant today this summer.

Snow white It will look very elegant in the performance of high trousers as a business suit, and a white sundress is perfect for unobtrusive walks in the countryside.

Reverse to him - the black, probably never will go out of fashion, if only because it is the most universal among all the other colors, but besides this main quality, black is truly mysterious.

About what colors are fashionable in accessories, manicure and makeup in the summer of 2012, read the article Fashionable colors of summer 2012.

Such a beautiful, bright, fashionable summer 2012 is waiting for us! Be beautiful, follow the fashion and emphasize your natural grace!

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