Facial wrinkle massage. anti-wrinkle facial massage


Facial massage is not only a pleasant, but also a useful procedure. Relaxing, toning, corrective, it improves the tone of our cells, relaxes muscles and improves mood. You can do a facial massage at home.

Anti-wrinkle face massage by yourself

Facial wrinkle massage

Simple techniques and a little knowledge will allow for self-massage.

  1. Classic massage- solution for dry and fading skin. Thanks to stroking and rubbing the skin along the massage lines, you can improve blood circulation, cellular metabolism and even smooth out not very deep wrinkles.
  2. Plastic massageRecommended for oily problem skin, it is based on rhythmic, strong movements.
  3. Pinch massage- therapeutic and often it is prescribed to restore the skin as a result of its damage.

Plastic, pinching massage techniques require special skills, so their implementation at home is independently associated with the risk of injury, stretching or squeezing of the skin.

But classical massage is very simple to perform and is well suited for self-reliance at home.

For massage, everything matters - time, place, technique and even mood. Adherence to these subtleties and a conscientious approach will increase the effectiveness of the procedure.

Massage Technique

Facial wrinkle massage

Massage is performed only by special massage lines. Movements do in certain directions: from the middle of the chin up the lower contour of the face to the ear lobes, from the corners of the lips to the ear shells, from the wings of the nose to the top of the ears, from the inner corners of the eyelids to the temples, from the eyebrows vertically upwards.

All massage movements should be gentle and careful. These may include gliding, pinching, pinching.

During the massage, it is recommended to use massage oil or nourishing cream suitable for your skin. Complete the procedure advised contrast washing.

Mood. It should be favorable. Choose a quiet environment that is well conducive to relaxation. You can sit or lie, as long as your back is level.

Massage can be combined with an aromatherapy session.

Systematic. Giving the procedure at least 2 times a week for 10 minutes, after a few months you will see the result - the skin condition improves. Consistency - the key to success in a rejuvenating massage.

Facial massage: video

Facial wrinkle massage: Japanese method

In Japan, facial massage has been known for several hundred years. In the world, he became popular thanks to the Hisashi cosmetologist, who learned about the technique from her grandmother and set it out in a book. Often this massage is called “double-finger” because it is performed mainly with 2 fingers - the index and middle or middle and ring fingers.

The effect of Japanese massage comes quickly. The face becomes smoother after the 2nd procedure.

The scheme of work of this type of massage is as follows: the effect goes to the connective tissue and deep muscles of the face. The structure of the connective tissue then improves markedly, the skin begins to look younger. She's kind of catching up. The massage even affects the bones, providing them with the correct position.

With age, the skin is stretched, leaving its tone. Wrinkles can no longer be removed with gentle touches, you need an effect on the deep layers of the skin. Therefore, the Japanese who make this massage, even in 60 years, look at 35-40. Japanese massage is painful. But he frees his face from edema, makes it younger.

Every woman can improve their appearance at any age. This requires proper care, healthy nutrition, sports and massage. Facial massage can give the skin freshness and elasticity. It is important to do it regularly, observing all the subtleties and nuances of the chosen technique.