Facial massage with vacuum cans


In the modern world, every woman strives to preserve youth and beauty as long as possible. This is how the human body works, that it requires care and attention, otherwise there can be no question of any beauty or freshness.

A way of caring for oneself, which appeared relatively recently, which is increasingly being mentioned in various articles, isvacuum facial massage.

Facial massage with vacuum cans

How is a vacuum facial massage?

  • The technique of carrying out a vacuum massage of the face is carried out in beauty salons using special vacuum apparatus, in which the air pressure alternately alternates, decreasing and increasing.
  • The massage procedure itself includes several stages. At the first stage, the skin is cleaned with a special tonic from sebum, cosmetics and impurities. At the next stage, massage cream is applied, which allows to facilitate the sliding of the massage bowls in the future along the face. After that, the massage cup of the vacuum preparation is leaned against the areas of the lymph nodes located above the collarbone. Then, skin stimulation begins by reducing and increasing the air pressure. Gradually, the massage bowl moves from the neck to the face.
  • Such an air injection procedure for skin cells nourishes them with oxygen, activates cell metabolism, elastin and collagen production, and improves skin respiration.
  • Facial massage with vacuum cans helps to get a lifting face lift effect without pain and surgery.. It takes from 7 to 12 minutes. This massage is perfectly combined with other types of massage and beauty treatments, allowing you to achieve a long-lasting face care effect.

The benefits of facial massage with vacuum cans

It is very important before making a massage, to decide for what it is needed and whether there are any contraindications for this. Such a massage is primarily aimed at improving blood circulation, it helps in a natural way to cope with the appearance of premature wrinkles and slow down the aging of the skin.

Facial massage with vacuum cans

Straight indications for facial massage with vacuum cans are the features of the skin, which help to strengthen the lymph and blood circulation: flaccidity and fatigue, acne, dry or oily skin, second chin, minor scars and scars. This massage helps to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, relieves puffiness and swelling, restores elasticity and smoothness, evens out color, removes the effects of acne, scars, scars, fine wrinkles, double chin, and helps to restore the shape of the face.

TO contraindications for its implementation include inflammation of the skin, tumors, predisposition to the formation of blood clots, the proximity of blood vessels to the surface of the skin, cardiovascular diseases. It is recommended to consult a doctor before carrying out a vacuum massage of the face in order to exclude possible side effects.

Vacuum face massage: how to do?

  • You can make a vacuum facial massage at home, using ordinary glass jars, as well as pharmacy jars or other jars, equipped to create a vacuum. Before the massage, prepare in advance the massage oil, cigarette lighter and cans.
  • Apply a large amount of oil to the skin so that the banks can glide over the face. Spread the oil evenly. When using a conventional can, it should be turned upside down, light the lighter and bring to the neck for a few seconds. Then immediately put the neck down on the skin. The time during which it is better to keep the lighter at the neck of the can depends on its volume.
  • Put the special vacuum jar with the device on the skin and use the pump to remove air from under it. When used properly, after staging the can, the skin should retract and form a roller. Then move the bank on the outflow of lymph. As soon as the movement is finished, lift the jar slightly. Then put it back and continue the massage. Continue until light redness appears on the skin.

Facial massage with vacuum cans

  • To improve the skin on the chin, vacuum can is necessary to carry 1 p. along the entire jaw line, can no longer be. You can linger on the very chin on a big bulge. You can push the jaw forward and 1 p. hold a can under your chin. But do not leave the jar in a sucked state for a long time, so that there is no bruise on the face.

Vacuum face massage: reviews

  • Olesya: "When carrying out such a face massage, the skin stretches less with a large can and a strong vacuum. If the vacuum is strong, the bank is small, the directions are chaotic, and the movements are slow, then there is a risk of stretching. Follow all the rules of the massage, and the effect of it will surprise ".
  • Cosmetologist, Moscow: “The depth of skin development depends on the diameter of the can. Also, vacuum massage in the salon is based on work with at least 2 cans and even the smallest used for skin resurfacing and eyelid massage.”
  • Salon, Kiev: “A facial massage with vacuum cans is often performed at a rapid pace over the upper lip on the skin of the chin and forehead. A professional cosmetologist helps to select the right size jar so that even at maximum vacuum there are no bruises on the face. use ".
  • Salon, St. Petersburg: "When using vacuum cans in the areas behind the ears, forehead and lateral surface, the risk of stretching the skin is not."
  • Olga: "To strengthen the cheekbone zone, it is better to use a large jar. It is better to do a vacuum massage when the face is steamed and always with oil so that the skin does not stretch. In other zones, you should strictly follow the instructions."
  • Irina: "I had a facial massage with vacuum cans for six months. With his help I brought my face to a good condition. The complexion improved, I removed clamps from muscles, my skin tone increased. I do massage until redness appears."

Today, there are a huge number of facial care methods that can improve his condition and even become younger by several years. One of them is and vacuum facial massage, but before experiencing it for yourself, it is recommended to get to know him more closely, with the technique of its implementation and, in particular, with the reviews of those who have already tried this method of rejuvenation.