Facial hair lightening

What does it mean for a woman to have a bright, beautiful and memorable face? This is the same thing as for a man to have a private jet - the opposite sex clings, and envies her. So we have women. In general, the head is the part of the body that is taken care of every day: cosmetics, ultraviolet, wind — a woman saves her face from all this as she can. And if she has a problem that is serious enough, and also very noticeable? It's about facial hair.

Facial hair bothers so many women., and afraid to face this problem should not. Get rid of the antennae is very simple. But first you should answer two questions to yourself: "Do I have a mustache?" and "what is the cause of my problem?" First step - find out what is vegetation on the face of a woman, and for what reason it occurs.

Causes of facial hair

To begin with, we determine the location of the location - hair can grow above the upper lip and on the chin. To grow is to be seen from a not too close distance. There are cases when inexperienced girls began to worry about every hair that was found on the face. This, of course, bust. A mustache is a mustache, and if you don’t have them, congratulations. Coming up with an external defect because of its suspiciousness is not worth it. Before standing up for a “mustache diagnosis,” look carefully in the mirror, perhaps you have no such problem. If you do not have a lot of hard dark hair over your upper lip, you are fine and you should not worry about trifles. But if there is, try to go to an endocrinologist, a cosmetologist and a gynecologist for a consultation.

The main reason for growing facial hair in women is hormonal failure. In each person there are two types of hormones: male and female - estradiol and testosterone. If a woman is dominated not by her hormone, but by a male one, that's when unpleasant metamorphosis occurs, such as excess hair, menstrual disorders, and even infertility. To cure such a failure, It is necessary to consult a doctor and drink a course of medicines.

Such problems are best addressed at a young age. In order to determine whether there are problems with hormones in a teenage girl, you just need to carefully observe the child. If a child complains of irregular menstruation and suffers from overweight, it is better to pay attention to this and visit a doctor.

Ways to lighten facial hair

You can fight with excessive hairiness very easily with the help of cosmetics.. This is a kind of disguise. The only right choice of such a disguise is lightening. This is step number two. And it is quite simple in execution. There are several types of lightening hair, which will be discussed below.

Hydrogen peroxide or lemon juice

This is the easiest and most effective way to make facial hair invisible. You must take a 3% solution of hydrogen peroxide and lubricate gently the required amount of hair for 5 minutes. Only without fanaticism, otherwise cause irritation. For the same purpose, use lemon juice, of course, only fresh. This procedure must be carried out daily and very soon you will see the result. Your antennae will be made invisible to others, and eventually disappear completely.

Hydrogen peroxide, shaving cream and ammonia

In this case, the three percent solution is mixed with any shaving cream for shaving and a drop of ammonia. The duration of the procedure is 20 minutes. After that, wash your face thoroughly and lubricate the cream. Repeat the procedure at least every other day.

Hydrogen peroxide, ammonia and hydroponic

To the above composition, add the crushed tablet hydroponic and apply this mixture on unnecessary hairs for 10 minutes. Such a procedure makes the hair fragile and brittle, but you shouldn’t need to only partly in this variant - once a week - this is the time when clarification should be done. Take care and that during the procedure on the face was not pimples, wounds and other injuries.

Lanolin, petrolatum, perhydrol and ammonia

In order to prepare this ointment, you will need: a teaspoon of lanolin, half a teaspoon of vaseline, 4 drops of perhydrol (30% hydrogen peroxide solution), 2 drops of ammonia and half a teaspoon of shampoo. Mix everything and mix with a mixer. Next, apply a cotton swab gently on your face and let it dry. Nourishing cream and good washing after the procedure is required. Thus it is necessary to lighten facial hair once a week.

Alas, cosmetically disguising the mustache or beard, you will not get rid of the problem in this way. Hormonal health of a woman is one of the most important aspects and reasons for a prosperous existence. After all, as you know, the most important thing is health. If you find on your face some of the rudiments of excessive hairiness and the genes have nothing to do with it, go to the clinic, do not be lazy. And the point here is not to accept or not accept yourself as you are. Neglect and inattention in this case can make you pay too much for this natural collapse. After all, it is better not to treat and to prevent - well-known medical truth!

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