Facial cryomassage with liquid nitrogen. principle of


Today, cryomassage is one of the most popular and sought-after cosmetic procedures. She deserved such popularity for a reason. It has long been proven that ice is a kind of elixir of youth. The directed use of ice and cold can rejuvenate and moisturize the skin of the face.

The use of cryomassage allows you to get rid of many skin problems - to stop inflammation, to optimize the work of the sebaceous glands, which is especially important for women with oily skin. When exposed to cold, there is a powerful stimulation of the immunity of the epidermis, it becomes able to cope with inflammatory elements and pathogens on its own. At the end of the procedure, the skin looks healthy, fresh and well-groomed. Cryomassage is used to lighten pigment spots.

This procedure is used not only for the face, but also for the whole body and even for the scalp. Many clinics use cryomassage of the scalp for hair loss and itching.

This is a procedure during which there is an effect of cold on the vessels, from which they narrow, and after that they expand rapidly. As a result, peripheral blood circulation is activated and metabolism is accelerated. The part of the face that caused the most complaints, dried, convergence of the upper layer of the skin occurs, regeneration is enhanced.

Facial cryomassage with liquid nitrogen

During the procedure, a special applicator is rolled along the massage lines. This is exactly how cryomassage is performed. Maybe another option when you need a point effect. During the procedure there is no direct contact with nitrogen, because an air cushion must be present without fail, the main characteristics of which are low thermal conductivity. The only exception is deep cryomassage.

Cryomassage for the face with liquid nitrogen: indications

  • Cryomassage can be used to prevent the appearance of age-related skin changes. In addition, it is prescribed before cosmetic procedures, because after the procedure, desquamation of dead skin occurs, hence the cream and other cosmetic products will penetrate better.
  • Cryomassage can be used to even out the complexion, and a significant advantage is the pricing policy of the procedure, which is more than affordable. But it is worth remembering that in order not only to achieve a short-term result, but also to consolidate it, you must undergo a course of procedures.
  • Cryomassage is recommended to hold about several times a week. If the goal is to simply maintain a good appearance, then just a few procedures are enough, about 10 to 15. But if you need to get rid of cosmetic defects, then the courses should be repeated more often.
  • Cryomassage procedures perfectly relieve the first wrinkles, edema. For these reasons, they are often prescribed in the postoperative period cosmetic operations. Moreover, cryomassage can be used in the fight against uneven and unaesthetic complexion, permanent circles under the eyes, black dots and dilated pores.
  • Cryomassage can be used not only as a cosmetic procedure, but also a healing one, in which case a deep method is used, i.e. direct contact of liquid nitrogen and skin occurs. So this method is paramount in seborrheic skin. Already a short time after the procedure, the face becomes smooth and fresh.
  • For therapeutic purposes, cryomassage is used in the fight against warts, papillomas, acne. It can also be shown in the treatment of allergic rashes.
  • It is best to perform cryomassage procedures during the cold season, since exposure to sunlight after the session can cause hyperpigmentation and active peeling.

Facial cryomassage with liquid nitrogen: contraindications

Facial cryomassage with liquid nitrogen

Unfortunately, this procedure is not suitable for all women. Cryomassage is contraindicated for women with frequent headaches and migraines. If there are pustular processes, herpes sores, the expansion of small vessels of the skin, better known as spider veins.

The procedure cannot be used in the diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system, for example, epilepsy. Absolute and direct contraindications are allergic skin reactions to cold.

Face cryomassage at home

Liquid nitrogen is available only in the conditions of a beauty salon, but this does not mean that the cryomassage procedure cannot be performed at home. At home, it can be dispensed with ice cups which, if desired and necessary, can be added to herbal infusions, fruit juices and other ingredients. In addition to ice cubes, for cryomassage, you can use cooling, cosmetic ice on schungite water. Some ladies find sticks and tonics most acceptable.

If it was decided to use ice, then it is necessary to enrich it. There are many recipes that are suitable for every occasion. For example, a cucumber, which can be frozen and wiped with its face, gives freshness, makes the skin radiant.

When cooking, you should focus on the problem that needs to be solved, and on the type of skin. For owners of dry and sensitive skin, it is necessary to use only specially prepared ice cubes, which will not only tone up, but also moisturize and nourish the epidermis.

If the skin loses its elasticity and you need to tighten the facial contours, you need to get rid of acne and normalize the work of the sebaceous glands - it is recommended to use face cryo-massage with liquid nitrogen. This procedure can also be used to lighten freckles and age spots, in the treatment of hair loss. A weighty advantage is the acceptable pricing policy of this technique.