Facial after 40 years

Unfortunately, time passes and age inevitably affects our appearance. After 40 years, the metabolism slows down, and this leads to dehydration of the skin and increase its sensitivity to environmental influences. Age wilting is a completely natural process, but, nevertheless, it can be slowed down and keep the skin beautiful and fresh for a longer time.

How to care for your face after 40 years: the main rules

How to care for your face after 40 years: the main rules

Purification is a must-have procedure, which should be the "beginning" and "end" of each day. Moreover, washing with ordinary tap water and fragrant soap is simply unacceptable. In order for the skin to remain healthy and fresh for many years, it is necessary, according to the type of skin, to choose a special cleanser for washing: foam, lotion or tonic.

Water and soap contribute to the drying of the skin, which leads to its early fading. If you can not give up the abundant everyday washing with water, use mineral or melt water for this purpose. And as a detergent liquid baby soap is perfect. It consists only of natural ingredients, so that the skin does not dry out and is not irritated. In addition to daily cleansing, as a rule, at least 1-2 times a week, carry out procedures for deep cleansing of the skin using special peeling or soft scrubs.

Due to the negative impact of ecology, active ultraviolet rays in the summer and hot heating in the winter, the skin needs additional moisturizing, especially after 40 years. Moisturizers, presented in a wide assortment in the market of cosmetology, differ in composition, and should be selected depending on the skin type. So, for example, in a cream for dry skin there should be vitamins and oils, for oily skin - aloe juice or vitamin E, and for sensitive ones - soft moisturizing ingredients. Moisturizer should be applied daily. In winter, you should use this tool for 1 hour before going out.

The skin of the face after 40 years is very important to provide external and internal nutrition. Revise your diet, banning fatty foods in favor of lean fish and meat, fresh vegetables and fruits, dairy products and walnuts. Drinking plenty of fluids is very helpful. Pure water without gas or green tea will do for this.

Daily in the evenings, apply on the face, neck and decollete area a nourishing cream. Preferably, if you prefer a night cream for intensive nutrition. No less useful for the skin and homemade nourishing masks, which include only natural ingredients.

Facial rejuvenation after 40 years can be achieved with a cosmetic massage. The course - 15-25 procedures, at least 2-3 times a year, which can be done at home. There should be no breaks between sessions. Thanks to the massage, the bio-energetic processes are significantly improved, and the skin becomes more elastic and acquires a healthy shade.

Homemade masks for mature skin care

Homemade masks for mature skin care

  1. The mask prepared and 100 g of honey and 50 ml of vodka have a cleansing, softening and disinfecting effect. Leave this remedy for 15-20 minutes, then rinse your face with mineral water.
  2. To cope with the problem of dark circles under the eyes and rejuvenate the skin, prepare a mask by mixing equal quantities of aloe juice, glycerin and water. Then in this structure enter oatmeal. You should have a mass similar in consistency to sour cream. Evenly distribute the finished product over the skin of the face and neck, hold it for about 20-30 minutes, then wash with cool water. To obtain the best result, this procedure should be carried out once a week. After 1.5 months, you should take a break in 1 month.
  3. In the fight against age and mimic shallow wrinkles after 40 years, the mask will suit the following recipe: mix 2 tsp. lemon juice, 4 dl. Cognac, 2 tbsp. l honey, 2 yolks and 200 g of cream. Apply the product on the skin for 1 h, then rinse. Thanks to this home remedy, your skin will become more elastic, light and velvety. This cream can be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than 5 days.
  4. To improve the complexion will help mask prepared according to this recipe: connect 2 tbsp. l shredded raw carrots with yolk and 1st. l corn starch. Mix well and, after holding the composition on the skin for about 5-7 minutes, wash with warm water.
  5. To achieve the best effect from the use of masks, make a steam bath before applying them. Prepare an infusion of sage, mint, rose petals, chamomile and hop cones. These herbs take in equal quantities. Pour the broth into a wide saucepan and hold the face over the steam for about 3-5 minutes, covered with a towel. After that, clean the skin with a scrub and then apply any mask you like.

Anti-aging elixirs

In order to maintain the beauty of the skin after 40 years old, in addition to masks, you can use homemade drinks with excellent rejuvenating effect.

  • Take lemon juice, liquid honey and olive oil - 1 tsp. Mix and drink this tool on an empty stomach. Repeat the procedure for 1 month. This miracle drink will help you look fresh and young.
  • A wonderful tonic effect, both for the skin and for the whole organism, is provided by a drink made according to this recipe: take the juice of 24 lemons and 400 g of minced garlic. Put everything in a glass jar and leave for 24 days, putting in a dark, cool place. Take before bedtime, spreading 1 tsp. the resulting juice in 0.5 st. warm water.

To make your skin shine with beauty, to be supple and velvety, try as often as possible to arrange for yourself walks in the fresh air and go to bed at bedtime.

Salon procedures

Salon treatments for skin care

Salon procedures for mature skin are useful and effective, which is absolutely incontrovertible. Modern technologies lead to deep cleansing of the skin, relieve it from the first signs of aging, saturate it with nutrients, etc.

RF lifting is one of the most successful and popular procedures to date. It is an alternative to surgical skin tightening. After the session, a deep lifting is provided, the skin is renewed and the body’s own resource is activated.

Another procedure that has proven itself only on the positive side is face contouring. Special gel-fillers are injected subcutaneously into the problem areas, due to which the facial contour becomes clearer, the nasolabial folds become less noticeable and the skin tone rises. Fillers usually include hyaluronic acid, which perfectly moisturizes the skin.

No less effective and such procedures as mesotherapy and biorevitalization. After the first session, wrinkles are reduced, and the skin will become more toned and fresh.

To take care of your skin after 40 years you need to properly and regularly. Only by observing this condition, you can achieve good results. You will look beautiful, young and, as a result, happy. It is important to remember that it is better to start looking after yourself as early as possible in order to reach the turn of 40 years, with elastic skin and a radiant look.

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