Facebook building

The age of the woman, first of all, gives the face. But in appearance, modern women are often very difficult to determine how old they are, even at 45 they manage to look 30 and have the figure of a young girl.

Of course, there are expensive procedures offered by beauty salons, plastic surgery clinics, but it is possible to prolong adolescence, preserve the freshness of the skin of the face. in a free and effective way - facebooking.

Face Building

What is facebook building? The term itself has been used relatively recently, but the technique has its roots in neurology, defectology and speech therapy. Initially, it was used as a correction of problems in patients with cerebral palsy, stuttering children and people who had a stroke. All these techniques were collected together and called face-building (from English face-up, building-building).

Facebook Building: Facial Exercises

Even the beauties of the 60s did special exercises for the face in order to tighten the skin and smooth out wrinkles, and already in the 2000s this technique gained widespread popularity. These classes are recommended for girls over the age of 25, and it is at this age that the first age changes begin.

If you start classes before the age of 30, you will always look great, and aging will not touch your face for a very, very long time, because trained muscles do not have the slightest chance to sag. But at a later age these Activities also help to tighten the skin, increase its elasticity and struggle with age-related changes.

Facebook and its advantages

  • Facebook building strengthens facial muscles.
  • Removes excess fat deposits on the face.
  • Improves skin tone and facial contours.
  • Reduces wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead.
  • Tightens drooping cheeks.
  • Removes the second chin, bags under the eyes.
  • There is a rejuvenation of the skin as a whole.

Facebook Building: Facial Exercises

  • Thanks to the collagen and elastin produced during workouts, the elasticity of the skin of the face and neck increases.
  • For these classes do not need special simulators, even a tracksuit. You can adjust a specific muscle group, or you can work on the entire face.
  • Training will invariably give you a good mood, lead into the complex includes many exercises in which you need to use special muscle groups, writhing funny grimaces.
  • These classes are completely safe and have no contraindications (unless they cannot be performed for 2 years after plastic surgeries on the face), besides they can be made part of your daily routine and done during cleaning, ironing or other daily worries.
  • With the help of facebooking, even running muscle defects can be corrected. is he almost equivalent replacement of botox, but without its side effects.
  • These exercises are applied even with facial paralysis and the consequences of a stroke, i.e. restore facial symmetry.

Facial techniques for the face

Often Facebook exercises are performed 2 types of exercises:

  1. Static exercises, i.e. retention of a specific muscle group in one position for 10 accounts.
  2. Dynamic exercises that are performed on each account.

Facebook Building: Facial Exercises

Before each exercise you need to do respiratory exercises: a noisy exhalation through the mouth and active inhale through the nose. Every time it becomes easy for you, increase the load by increasing the number of repetitions, starting from 5, gradually increasing to 20.

There are many complexes for facebooking, they are all effective, but in these classes the main rule is regularity. If you do them occasionally, you can not wait for visible results. Make it a rule daily do one of the complexes.

The complex of exercises on facebooking

  • Remove wrinkles on the forehead. Apply index fingers over eyebrows, move it down, pull the forehead and eyebrows upwards, overcoming resistance.
  • Tighten flabby eyelids. Open your eyes as wide as possible, while straining the circular muscles around the eyes, hold it for some time.
  • Eliminate sagging cheeks. Smile as wide as possible, putting your fingers to the corners of the lips. Strongly strain your mouth and cheeks, try to reach the ears.

Facial techniques for the face

  • Exercise from flabby facial contours.Open the mouth as wide as possible, push the lower jaw forward, strongly tighten the muscles of the neck and jaw.
  • Fighting double chin. Place your fists under the chin, try to open your mouth, overcoming resistance, and then, resting on the chin, stick out your tongue and reach for the chin. Another exercise for the chin: lift the chin up as if you were offended, pull up with effort, then relax (it is performed in the dynamics of 1 second 10 times).
  • Make lips more plump. With your fingertips, press your lips lightly and squeeze them tightly (dynamics on 10 tabs).
  • Nose Exercises. Place your index fingers along the nose, closer to the corners of the eyes, wrinkle the nose, expand the nostrils, and then pull the skin down and tighten the nostrils.
  • Get rid of the crow's feet. Tighten the occipital and side of the head, try to move your ears.

Face building: video

Face-building for a face is not a simple gymnastics, but strength training that uses resistance. He fights with puffiness of the eyelids, drooping cheeks, removes fine wrinkles and other problems.

With the help of Facebook you can make the face of your dreams and get rid of the complexes. The main thing is not to be lazy, and then even after many years everyone will admire your youth and beauty.

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