Face cream after 30 years


In their youth, few think about how their skin will look after a dozen years. Improper diet and lifestyle not only worsen the overall health, but also directly affect the skin of our face. That is why you need to start taking care of yourself from youth. But even if you were not so prudent in advance, face cream will help to correct existing problems after 30 years. The rating of popular world and domestic brands presented in our article will greatly facilitate your choice of a suitable tool.

Face creams after 30-35 years: rating

The leading positions in the evaluation of skin care products and décolleté are taken with a cream with retinol

Leading positions in the evaluation of face skin care and décolleté are taken with a cream with retinol, collagens and acidic components. Cosmetics used after 30 years should not contain aggressive ingredients. Ideal creams consist only of herbal ingredients.

It's no secret that any cosmetic creams are divided into 3 categories depending on the pricing policy and the effectiveness of advertising campaigns:

  • luxury world brands;
  • premium cosmetics;
  • economy option

It is very difficult to judge the quality of a product, relying on only one cost. After all, it also happens that the world-famous brands of cosmetics differ from each other only in name and beautiful packaging. And the use of poor-quality cosmetics for the face after 30 years can lead to disastrous results.

So, the first places in the ranking of the most expensive and most effective luxury brands are occupied by the following products and manufacturers:

  • best-selling Clinique - Bi-Sérum Anti-Soif biphasic serum;
  • Biotherm has released the latest anti-aging skin care product Age Fitness Elastic;
  • I'Mortelle Reinforced Cream from L'occitane;
  • Lancome demonstrates the world’s anti-aging serum Primordiale Cell Defense;
  • Swiss can be proud of Intensive Lifting Moisturizer Force Vitale gel cream.

Face creams after 30 years of the average price group represent

Face creams after 30 years of the average price group are:

  • Olay produces the best anti-age series anti-wrinkle cream called Regenerist;
  • Lumene brand introduced Pure Radiance Day Regenerating Day Cream to customers;
  • NIVEA in the world market acts with the anti-aging program of effective creams PURE♮
  • Loreal's best series of serums and creams is released under the name Diademine.

Rating of equally effective creams of economy class looks like this:

  • Korean company Mizon in the market of cosmetic products for skin care for women 30+ is represented by the cream based on snail extract All in One Snail Repair Cream;
  • Belarusian company Belita-Vitex offers consumers to try Lift-Olive day and night cream;
  • The widest choice of low pricing products is represented by Russian brands "Black Pearl", "Natura Siberika" and "Clean Line".

The choice of face cream after 30 years should be approached seriously. To make a choice, based only on the rating of brand brands, does not make sense. It would be more reasonable to study the reviews of other women who have already experienced one or another cream, and the advice of cosmetologists.

Which cream is better to choose after 30 years: tips cosmetologists

Despite all the variety of popular and not very famous brands, cosmetologists still advise to opt for skin care products.

Despite all the variety of popular and not very well-known brands, cosmetologists still advise to opt for face care products made from natural ingredients. Such creams and serums include a wide range of pharmacies:

  • Vichy Myokine mimic wrinkle correction;
  • Organic Linden Vitamin Cream from the brand Logona;
  • BioEcoNatura nourishing face cream from the manufacturer Bema Cosmetici;
  • complex of cosmetics called D`oliva Vitalfrisch Q10;
  • Moisturizer with sea extracts "Bark" of domestic production.

Judging by the reviews of professional beauticians, then all creams from this rating are perfect for skin with special requirements. The main thing - do not overdo it in the use of such cosmetics, as it has an oxidizing effect and has a fairly strong effect on the skin of the face. It will be great if you can combine several means at the same time. So, pharmaceutical means are better suited for night use, and soft action creams - for day use.

Women reviews

In most cases, women prefer medium and low price policies.

In most cases, women prefer medium and low pricing policies. Dear world-famous brands, although they are definitely popular in Russia, however, the number of people who have made their choice in the direction of luxury class is much less.

Based on consumer feedback on expensive skin care products, one can draw the following conclusions:

  • the effect of smoothing deep wrinkles is noticeable after several applications;
  • they perfectly moisturize and protect the skin from UV exposure;
  • all means are almost odorless;
  • not always convenient form of release packaging;
  • There is no guarantee that for a high price you will not buy a fake.

Creams for the face of the middle and low price category users describe as follows:

  • almost all of them have a light texture, which is well and quickly absorbed, but not always sufficiently moisturize the skin;
  • to achieve the effect of smoothing wrinkles, you need a very long time to use the cream;
  • not all creams in the low price category have a UV filter that exposes the skin to sunlight;
  • relatively good value for money.

Pharmaceutical skin care products deserve such reviews

Pharmaceutical skin care products deserve such reviews:

  • each tool is suitable for any skin type, which is very convenient to use;
  • effectively restores complexion, whitens and mattes the skin;
  • an excellent remedy for protection from strong frosts and winds, maintains the skin’s water balance throughout the day;
  • not all drugs from the pharmacy are suitable for daily use;
  • Very often there are allergic reactions to the composition of a certain cream in the form of a rash, small acne and inflammations.

The comparative majority of negative reviews is based on the fact that a woman was unable to find the right cream for her skin type. Therefore, we strongly recommend that before buying any means to care for your skin, consult with an experienced cosmetologist or a dermatologist. This will not only save money, but also save you from adverse reactions and unpleasant impressions of the purchase.

So laid by nature that along with age, our skin is aging. In order to preserve youth for a long time, one should approach the choice of cosmetic creams in advance and very thoroughly. And to make the right choice, you should decide on the price category, read reviews from other women and consult with a dermatologist. We hope that your face cream will smooth out even non-existent wrinkles.