Face bio-reinforcement with aptos threads - is it worth the


Aesthetic medicine has made great strides only in the last two decades. And if earlier its methods could seem barbaric, nowadays the results sometimes exceed all expectations.

One of the most popular trends in cosmetology was face reinforcement with APTOS threads. According to the doctors, this is a safe and painless method of face lifting. But how can bio-reinforcement be safe if a foreign body is injected under the skin?

The essence of the facial bioarming procedure

APTOS threads are either non-absorbable synthetic material made from polypropylene or absorbable polycaprolactone based on polylactic acid. Thin threads complemented by microscopic notches located at a certain angle. Features of the structure allow them to be fixed in the tissues of the skin.

On the skin put the markup line (medical marker), which introduces the thread. The skin is preliminarily decontaminated with an antiseptic and local anesthesia is performed. A thread is carefully inserted into the subcutaneous fat layer, fixing it in the pull-up zones. When the needle is pulled out, all the excess is cut off and the ends of the APTOS threads are hidden in the subcutaneous layer.

Advantages of face reinforcement with APTOS threads

If you believe cosmetologists, then with the help of APTOS threads you can “turn back the clock”, correct defects of a sagging face. Since no surgical incisions are made on the skin, the puncture sites heal fairly quickly. In theory, a professional approach to the procedure becomes a guarantee that scars do not remain on the skin in the future.

Indications for bio-reinforcement procedure

Bio-reinforcement is allowed only for the age group over 30 years. Obvious indications usually include visible age-related changes of the face and body, the appearance of deep wrinkles and small sagging of the chin, eyebrows, cheeks.

Contraindications for bio-reinforcement

A facelift is a very serious procedure, after which the body will need some time to recover. Explicitmotivations for the procedure are considered:

  • oncological diseases of any etymology;
  • too much of an overwhelm that cannot be corrected by bio-reinforcement (one of two things: leave it as it is or go to a plastic surgeon);
  • bleeding disorders;
  • period of pustular and inflammatory diseases near or directly in the area of ​​the procedure;
  • exacerbation of infectious or inflammatory diseases (although it is better to abandon the procedure even at the onset of the disease, and not just at its “peak”);
  • some types of face (including too thin subcutaneous fat layer).

The results of facelift threads APTOS

The perfect result - when the shape of the face is adjusted, the wrinkles are mostly eliminated, and the skin looks elastic and taut. But, unfortunately, in many cases, the consequences of the operation are completely different. Beauticians at the preliminary consultation assure that you can go out almost the next day after the procedure. And just before the beginning of the casual, they say that small bruises and injuries appear in most cases (well, yes, in 99%), but they can be disguised with a good foundation. You really have to have a very GOOD concealer to be able to hide temporary skin blemishes.

If the doctor does not have enough qualifications, fatigue has accumulated, or your skin is very thin, then during the reinforcement of the APTOS threads the needle can leave the subcutaneous fat layer below. The consequences are very unpredictable - the great vessels and nerve endings of the face are located there, and a disruption in their work can lead to a sharp deterioration in external beauty and internal health.

In addition, even if everything goes smoothly, a whole month will have to sleep in an elastic bandage to fix the treated area of ​​the face. About 2-3 weeks you will not be able to make sharp mimic or chewing movements, so that you can safely forget about the perky laughter or eating solid pieces of food. For almost a month it will not be possible to massage, and for two months - to use bio-gel and to peel the face In fact, it will take almost 2 months to live in a strictly limited regime in order to hope that the effect will last from 2 to 5 years.

Are you sure that the existing risks justify the ultimate goal? Consider that natural beauty never fades with age. And there is a special charm in the appearance of wrinkles, in the wisdom of the gaze. Like aged brandy, a woman of good age is good for her warmth and inner light. And when the skin is unnaturally tight, then all attempts to "rejuvenate" look like an immaturity of a person who does not want to live his life, adopting someone else ... It is better to pay attention to masks made at home than to try to regain time back by penetrating under the skin of thin threads.

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