Eyelid skin care


The condition of the skin around the eyelids largely affects the overall impression of the beauty of the face. The skin around the eyelids is very sensitive and tender, therefore it needs more careful and thorough care. Often, wrinkles around the eyes give a person more age than they actually are. Stress, nervous fatigue and lack of sleep have a particular effect on the eyelids - because of this, bags and bluish circles appear under the eyes.

The structure of the century and its functions

The eyelids are two folds that cover the eyeball. Their main function is to protect from the effects of external negative factors - dust, dirt and promote the uniform distribution of moisture in the cornea.

The skin on the eyelids is fragile, and the innermost layer of the skin is fragile because of which the skin can shift and stretch, turning into wrinkles and swelling under the eyes. Loose subcutaneous tissue often affects the appearance of bruises and swelling under the eyes, which often indicate diseases in the body. In the skin of the eyelids is well developed arterial, venous and lymphatic network.

Eyelid Skin Care

Eyelid skin will not tolerate irregular care of her. Every evening, going to bed, carefully remove all makeup using special tools and a cotton pad. Only this should be done not by pressing hard on the skin, but by careful circular movements, leading the cotton pad from the inner corners of the eyes along the surface of the upper eyelid to the outer corner, and backward movements starting from the lower eyelid and to the inner corner.

You can then apply to the skin eye cream, along the same lines as she removed her makeup. It is better to choose for this special evening cream for eyelids, which contain components that do not inflame the sensitive skin of the eyes - hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin. These substances have the ability to restore the elasticity of the skin and its tone, as well as normalize the activity of the eyelid vessels.

Very positive effect on the area under the eyes. face and neck massage, as it improves the metabolism in the skin, thanks to this, the veins under the eyes do not look swollen. To achieve the desired effect, you should do this massage about 12-15 times. But it is not recommended to do such a massage, as improper pressure on some points in the face can only harm the skin. Now, many salons offer cosmetic facial massage, and you can go there.

How to deal with eyelid swelling

Edema skin around the eyes are often a symptom of inflammation of the eye or eyelid skin itself. There are non-inflammatory swelling of the eyelids, which talk about diseases of the heart, kidneys, and almost always occur together with the swelling of other parts of the body. Also, the swelling of the eyelids may be due to lack of sleep or alcohol abuse.

To get rid of the swelling should be every two days for a month to do the following procedure.

Mix two teaspoons of dry sage in half a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 20 minutes, then strain and pour the broth into two parts. Cool one half and heat the other half, and put in a hot and cold broth over a cotton pad. Take turns applying the hot and cold drive, stop on the cold drive. 10 minutes is enough for the whole procedure, after nourishing the eyelids eyelid cream.

What to do when flabby eyelids?

The best tool in the fight against bruised eyelids will be the right sleep. It is necessary to sleep at least 7 hours, but too long a sleep can also harm the body. It is ideal to go to bed before 11 pm and get up not earlier than 6 hours. Taking alcohol also adversely affects the beauty of the eyelid skin. To smooth the skin of the eyelids, cosmetologists recommend making compresses of black tea, then apply light cream on the eyelids, and you should not rub it in, but gently beat it with your fingers. You can get rid of wrinkles around the eyelids if you start fighting with them at the very early stage.

Also getting rid of skin laxity around the eyes will help gadgets from mint decoction. To do this, stir a half table spoon of dry mint in a glass of boiling water, let it brew for 20 minutes and proceed. In cold broth, dampen cotton pads and apply for 20-25 minutes on the eyelids.

Getting rid of bruises

Because skin around the eyes is very thin in itself, some also have a thin membrane in the subcutaneous layer, due to which the veins may appear through and appear under the eyes blue. This can be caused by stress, improper sleep, irregular nutrition, lack of vitamins - all of this interferes with the blood circulation in the vessels of the face.

From this will help get rid of fresh grated potatoes. It should be in the morning to apply on the skin around the eyelids for 20 minutes, then wash with cool water and apply cream on the eyelids.


After thirty, age-related changes may appear on the eyelid skin. Often the reason for this is a hernia on the eyelids. Hernia of the upper eyelid is fatty deposits, which are usually located in the inner corners of the eyelids. Sometimes a hernia of the lower eyelid, they are in the space from the cheek to the eyelashes and look like bags. Home hernia treatment can not be treated, they can only be under the supervision of a doctor.

Eyelid skin care special attention should be paid, because the eyes are the decoration of the whole face and it is in your power to keep the skin of the eyelids young and elastic for many years!