Eyelash lamination


Attractive look and beautiful eyes - this is what every woman aspires to. There are many ways to achieve the goal - mascara, eye shadows and eyeliners. In addition, there are many others. Other methods include eye make-up, eyelash extensions and biowave. Beauticians offer a novelty in cosmetology - lamination lashes. First of all, lamination is a care procedure, which is aimed at improving the natural shine, restoring natural elasticity and bending of the eyelashes.

Lamination of eyelashes - what is this procedure?

Eyelash lamination

The lamination process is aimed at restoring hair flakes and sealing its color inside the eyelashes. For these reasons, before the procedure is often carried out more and coloring. After that, no additional care or use of mascara is required.

The procedure is performed using a special composition that covers each bristle and forms a protective film that aligns the surface of the hairs. The film that covers the eyelash is very thin, weightless and can pass air. As a result, eyelashes do not experience any discomfort and will not suffer any damage. The lamination procedure also moisturizes the eyelashes and prevents the loss of moisture and nutrients.

The composition of the laminating composition includes hydrodizirovanny protein of wheat, which has a powerful antioxidant effect. The procedure is simply irreplaceable for girls who are going to rest when the cilia will be exposed to direct ultraviolet rays, wind and sea water.

It is necessary to know!

Eyelash lamination

Lamination of eyelashes will last from 8 to 12 weeks, according to professionals. The duration will depend on how the rules are followed. The term is affected by the activity of taking a shower, the use of cosmetics and other factors.

Correction can be carried out before this period, everything will depend on the state of the eyelashes. A significant advantage of this procedure is the impossibility of overdosing the drug for lamination. The eyelashes themselves will take in as much money as necessary. Lamination of eyelashes takes place in 5 stages, the procedure itself lasts about an hour. Before starting, you need to clean and degrease the hairs of the eyelashes. The next stage is the protection of the eyelid skin, for this purpose a special composition is applied, which also moisturizes and nourishes the skin.

After the eyelashes give the desired lift using a silicone form, and only after fixing, the hairs are fixed with a special composition.

Features keratin lamination lashes

Eyelash lamination

Keratin lamination eyelashes - salon procedure, during which each eyelash will be covered with a special composition that protects it from mechanical damage. The surface of the hair is leveled, it is nourished and moisturized.

The composition of the substance that covers the eyelashes, necessarily contains keratin. It is this substance that penetrates the hair structure, nourishes and fills the inside. Penetrated keratin, increases the volume of eyelashes, gives it health and strength. The effect of keratin lamination lashes lasts much longer - 2 - 2.5 months. Everything will depend on the speed with which your own eyelashes are updated.

The procedure itself can take from an hour to one and a half, does not cause inconvenience and discomfort. According to the recommendations, it is impossible to wet the eyelashes in the first day. This time is necessary for the solution to harden, then there will be no threat whatsoever.

Eyelash lamination

Keratin lamination eyelashes - the leader in the positive reviews, few of the women said that the procedure is not effective or harmful. The only thing that stops the girls - is the fear of the unknown.

But do not be afraid of lamination. In spite of the fact that the procedure is relatively new, it’s right now that they have their supporters, their number is steadily growing. It is worth holding this event, and it will be impossible to abandon it! Indeed, thanks to the procedure, the bending of the eyelashes is enhanced, its length increases visually, and the structure is strengthened.

After the procedure, the effect of "open eyes" is created, as the eyelashes become thicker and fluffier. If you do not wait until the drug is completely washed out and again visit a specialist, the eyelashes will become even thicker, since lamination has a cumulative effect.

How to care for cilia after lamination?

Eyelash lamination

Eyelash lamination

As soon as the day has passed after lamination, there are practically no restrictions - you can sleep face down, go to the sauna and swimming pool, go to the sea, wash your face and rub, even wear contact lenses. In fact, you can return to the usual way of life.

On the first day you should not wash, but no additional care is required at all. The application of nourishing oils will only benefit, but will not affect the effect.

“Beauty requires sacrifice” is a fairly common and famous expression that is familiar to literally every woman. Fortunately, it is gradually becoming obsolete. Modern cosmetology technologies do not harm, but only benefit.