Eyelash extensions or lamination

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Svetlana Popova

Very often, my clients ask the question: What is the best eyelash extension or lamination? I can say that these are incomparable procedures.

Let's see.

Lamination of eyelashes is an alternative to eyelash extensions, an improved biowave procedure. It differs from biowave only that alkalis and acids are not part of lamination, eyelashes do not deteriorate from this.

Why alternative to eyelash extensions?

Lamination of eyelashes is performed exclusively on natural eyelashes: a bend is created, dyed with dyed paint (pigment is included), the color lasts up to 1.5 months, eyelash thickening from the first procedure by 15%, from the second time by 25%, from the third time by 50% ( with a weekly repeat procedure). The final stage of lamination is the treatment and moistening of the eyelashes with oil, adding shine and silkiness to the conditioner. The procedure is painless, does not cause allergies, is suitable for lactating and pregnant women. Resistance of the procedure up to 2 months.

As a result, we get black eyelashes thickened with a bend, a beautiful and expressive look. Now, most likely, you will ask yourself a question: Why then build up? If we compare these two procedures with each other, we get completely different results.

Eyelash extensions or lamination?

When building, you can immediately make the eyelashes thick, from this eyes become even brighter. This effect is suitable for those who love bright make-up; when building it is possible to make eyelashes thick with double or triple volume. Lamination is suitable only for fans of natural makeup.

Eyelash extensions have many limitations. For beauty, you can meet the barrier of the "No". You can not sleep face in the pillow, you can not wet the eyelashes, put shadows, tanning beds and sauna are contraindicated. When lamination lashes can do everything, except for the first day, when useful oils and conditioners are absorbed.

Over the last year of my customer records on eyelashes, I can say that the statistics all the time fluctuates. Everyone chooses what he likes!

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