Eyebrows for round face


Every woman strives to become perfect, but not everyone pays due attention to her eyebrows. But after all, properly selected and correctly adjusted eyebrows with any shape of the face can look perfect.What eyebrows are suitable for a round face?

Eyebrows for round face

Eyebrow shape for round face

A full face is characterized by full cheeks, a round chin and cheekbones, a rounded hairline. If these characteristics apply to you, then you are definitely the owner of a round face type.The main task is to lengthen it.

There are three types of eyebrows for a round face.: broken, direct, compromise.

Broken eyebrow shape for round face

Curved (broken) shape of the eyebrows will help to visually narrow the face, stretching it.

For a broken eyebrow shape, a high lift, a break in the middle and a short tip are typical. Your eyebrow should go up first, then gradually go down. The broken shape will help to hide not only the flaws, but also give a look more expressiveness.

It is not recommended to lift high and strongly sharpen the fracture, so you will get a surprised expression. Eyebrows should be moderately thick, but not bristling.

Eyebrows for round face

This form of eyebrows in Cameron Diaz, Katie Holmes, Christina Richie.

Straight eyebrows for round face

Another shape that perfectly suits chubby girls is considered to be a straight eyebrow shape. In order to use this form, you will need the help of a stylist, since the face can be even wider if you choose the height and width of the eyebrow incorrectly.

Eyebrows should be with a slightly noticeable bend, it will help give you a femininity and mysterious look.

Eyebrows for round face

This eyebrow shape from Jessica Alba, Kirsten Dunst, Kate Winslet.

Eyebrow Compromise for Round Face

The third option is suitable for those who do not consider the first two to be acceptable. It will be something between the straight and curved shape. This shape is considered classic, and it is suitable not only for a round face shape.

In order to correct wide cheekbones, this shape of the eyebrows visually lengthen the face. For greater attractiveness, the shape must be made oblong. Mandy Moore has such eyebrows.

Eyebrows for round face

How to choose eyebrows for a round face: useful recommendations

  • Categorically contraindicated to choose the shape of the eyebrows, repeating the shape of the face. Thereby you only open your shortcomings.
  • Visually shorten the face will shorten the eyebrow line, at which the eyebrow begins at the level of the inner corner of the eye and ends, not even reaching the outer corner of the eye. In this case, your look will become more noticeable.
  • Eyebrows should always be in good shape. Pulling out and trimming carefully to prevent a thin thread from the eyebrow.

Eyebrows for round face

  • In order not to be mistaken with the form, you can first contact the beautician for the correct adjustment of the shape of the eyebrows. The beautician will carry out the procedure without serious consequences, using modern methods of adjustment. In the future, the adjustment can be done independently.
  • Eyebrow correction is recommended in good light.
  • Do not be afraid to adjust the upper part of the eyebrow, if need be. But do not get carried away, as the eyebrow can turn out low, which visually weights the gaze.
  • Do not neglect the adjustment of the hairs on the nose. Of course, if the hairs are not noticeable - it is better not to touch them. If eyebrows grow together, be sure to remove excess hair. So your eyebrows will be much better groomed, and look - more open.

How to make eyebrows for a round face at home?

If you decide to do a correction at home, then the following instruction is for you.

Eyebrows for round face

To begin with, we calculate where the beginning of the eyebrow will be, by drawing a black line from the inner corner of the eye up to the eyebrow with a black pencil. The remaining hairs that are located closer to the nose should be removed.

The next line will run from the wing of the nose, through the outer side of the eye and to the point of intersection with the eyebrow, this will be the place where the eyebrow is complete. Everything that is behind this point must also be deleted.

The last line should be visually drawn from the wing of the nose on the outer side of the iris to the side closer to the temple and to the point of intersection with the eyebrow.

Correction eyebrow shapesrecommended at least once a month. Eyebrows tend to grow instantly, and after a few weeks from your beauty can not stay.

Now you know,what eyebrows fit round face, so go ahead!