Eyebrows for oval face


Eyebrows on our face play a significant role. They are a kind of framing of the eyes, so the way the look looks will depend on the bend, the shape, the width of the eyebrows. The right eyebrow line emphasizes the beauty and shape of the eyes, and the wrong one can change the face beyond recognition, and more often not for the better.

For owners of an oval-shaped face, the question of suitable eyebrows can be considered urgent. The oval face is the standard of beauty today. This is a classic, but to the classics, as you know, absolutely everything fits. The same applies to eyebrows for an oval face - you can pick up a wide range, which will be good as a natural eyebrows, and skillfully made by the master or at home.

Eyebrows for oval face

Owners of an oval-shaped face can afford to, before finding something for themselves, experiment with the breadth and shape of the eyebrows. In any case, the shape of the eyebrows will depend on their thickness and thickness, color, as well as the age of the woman.

Eyebrow shape for oval face

In beauty salons, where you ask for help on the selection and correction of eyebrows for your face, you will be offered the following eyebrow shapes: round, curved, with a soft fracture, straight and with a sharp fracture.

  • Round eyebrows visually softens facial expression, hiding all the sharp and irregular bends of the face.
  • Curved eyebrows - very effective for an oval face. But do not overdo it with a bend! A correct bend will give a face an expression of confidence, and an excessive one will capture an expression of surprise or even a certain arrogance on your face.
  • Eyebrows with a soft break - something between a round shape and a curved one. These eyebrows will give the oval face a little more femininity and sensuality.
  • Straight eyebrows not suitable for every owner of an oval face. This is the insidious shape of the eyebrows. Straight eyebrows in some cases make the face visually shorter, and the shape of the oval is replaced visually with a circle.
  • Eyebrows with a sharp break can also ruin your face expression. True, for owners of an oval face, this is not so easy to do. Eyebrows with a sharp fracture, selected skillfully, give the face an expression of determination, ineptly selected - make a woman "aggressive" and "angry." In addition, it is believed that a sharp fracture of the eyebrow line can "rejuvenate" its owner.

Eyebrows for oval face

What eyebrows fit an oval face?

The oval face, as noted above, is a classic, the standard of femininity and beauty. Therefore, eyebrows of absolutely any shape will approach it. The only thing you need - to create a beautiful line of eyebrows is better to start to contact the experts, so as not to spoil the facial expression too "surprised" or "aggressive" look.

Many stylists do agree that the most successful of the existing forms of eyebrows for owners of an oval-type face are straight lines with a small kink, round (arcuate) eyebrows and eyebrows with a soft kink.

  1. Round eyebrows gives the look an open and sincere expression. Such eyebrows can visually reduce the broad forehead and soften facial features. Facial expression calm, pretty. The length of the round eyebrows, choose moderate. Width let as close as possible to the natural width of the eyebrows. From the head of eyebrows density should be narrowed.
  2. Straight eyebrows visually shortens too oval (extended) face. But it is important to choose the location of the head of each eyebrow. Low location gives the woman a gloomy expression. From the head of eyebrows density should be narrowed.
  3. Eyebrows with a soft break very good for both young and older women. They increase the incision of the eyes and are ideal for an oval-shaped face. But here the main thing is to observe the principle of proportionality. The width of the eyebrow should narrow very smoothly, and the line of the eyebrow itself should be 2 times wider and longer than the tail. Correctly selected kink softens facial features.

Eyebrows for oval face

Do not forget that in the hands of a competent specialist you can pick up and make absolutely any eyebrows for an oval face! But at home you shouldn’t rush to experiment, it’s better to use the eyebrow shape that has been proven over the years so as not to harm its beauty and femininity!