Eyebrow tattoo


If you decide to improve your eyebrow shape and use the tattoo for this, then it is best to study the feedback from the women who made it. Are they satisfied with their appearance, does it cause them discomfort?

Reviews of people are the most unbiased assessment of eyebrow tattoo, unlike advertising salons themselves, which offer to carry out this procedure and are often silent about its shortcomings.

Eyebrow tattoo: positive reviews

After the procedure of tattooing eyebrows, many girls were satisfied and do not regret. They gladly continue to repeat this procedure in the future.

  • I recently made a tattoo in St. Petersburg, was very pleased. The shape of the eyebrows is now what I always wanted. The color is saturated, look natural and neat, even the eyes seem to have become larger.
  • I like tattooing very much, I have already done it 5 times, although it heals for a whole week and it is quite painful. I update it 1 time in 2 years.

  • For me personally, tattoo eyebrow has some advantages. I do not even know how I used to do without tattoo. I was tormented by the search for a pencil of the desired color, in the summer everything spread out. Now just beauty - and color, and form. Of course, not a very pleasant procedure, but you can endure it, at least a little and it hurts. I have already done 2 times, the second time it was not so painful.
  • My mother did a tattoo of eyebrows, it does not hurt. The shape of the eyebrows now she really likes. She is pleased.
  • I made myself a tattoo and eyelid, and lips, and eyebrows a year ago. Eyebrow tattoo does not hurt at all. The result is excellent.
  • I did a tattoo 4 years ago and I do not regret. Less time is spent on applying makeup, as the eyebrows are ready. Only when you decide to do a tattoo, look for a good salon and a great specialist, otherwise it will be very painful and difficult to remake.
  • I did a tattoo of eyebrows, a year later the color faded, and after 2 disappeared completely, so if anyone is afraid that the tattoo as a tattoo does not wash off, do not worry, here is another principle of work.
  • I advise you to look for a master tattoo with German pigments and Italian equipment. Learn the experience, ask to show the diploma and in no case do not use the services of tattooists.
  • I did a tattoo of eyebrows exactly a week ago. Specialist girl picked me and the shape and color. It was not at all painful. Did hair technique. She said to take care of 4 days with a special ointment. I did not see any crusts, the hairs are small and very beautifully laid down. In general, beautiful and happy, which is what everyone wants!

Eyebrow tattoo: negative reviews

Some girls shared their impressions about eyebrow tattooing, but not all, unfortunately, were positive.

  • I decided to make myself a tattoo of eyebrows on the advice of a friend. The crust has almost disappeared everywhere, the color of the eyebrows has become the same, redness and scars have appeared. I do not know what to do now.
  • And I did tattooing the eyebrows of a girl who works at home. I did without anesthesia, the horror, I had a feeling that I cut the eyebrow. The next morning could not open my eyes, swollen. If you decide to do, then it is better to go to a beauty salon normal or agree, only with painkillers.
  • I did a tattoo of eyebrows in the salon. Half a year has passed, the color of the eyebrows is almost invisible. Again you have to use a pencil. I want to repeat, but it is a pity to spend so much money every six months, although they promised that they would hold on for a very long time.

  • I made a tattoo of eyebrows, and a week later the color turned gray, on one eyebrow the paint disappeared. Acne and acne appeared under a different brow. Now I use ointment to relieve an allergic reaction.
  • And I decided to do a tattoo of eyebrows in the salon, but the shape of the eyebrows turned out terrible. I do not know if it can now be made normal.
  • I did a tattoo of eyebrows in a tattoo salon a month ago and I am very sorry! Although I went there on the recommendation of a friend. Her eyebrows were very beautiful. The price is not very high. As soon as the eyebrows healed, I was horrified, the eyebrows turned out to be of different lengths, and one generally began to split apart. I had to go to a normal salon and redo everything. It was very painful, so do not save and contact good experts immediately.

Eyebrow tattoo: expert reviews

Many of the girls, before you make a tattoo of eyebrows, I would like to know the reviews of the experts of the tattoo. Of course, we should not forget that, by the nature of their activities, they can hide some points, but it’s worth considering their opinion, hoping for professional ethics. Specialist reviews are based on real-world questions and can help deal with some problems in the future.

  • If you violate the recommendations for the care of the eyebrows after a tattoo, it may disappear. It is impossible to wash for a few days, apply some special cosmetic products and self-remove the formed "crusts". If there are rashes, then it is necessary to seek advice from the master who performed the tattoo.
  • If the color of eyebrows after tattooing quickly disappeared, then the correction will help restore it. It is much cheaper. In each individual case, you must first seek advice in order to establish the cause of the disappearance of color after tattooing.
  • If you have unsuccessfully made tattoo eyebrows, you can make a correction, retouching a line that does not like.

To make-up eyebrows did not cause you any negative emotions and health problems, try to study information about the salon, in which you decided to turn, look for him on the Internet reviews. If good craftsmen work in the salon, women who have made a tattoo will gladly leave their positive feedback, and if there are too many negative reviews, it is better to refuse to visit such a salon and opt for the professionals of the business or simply to refuse the tattoo itself. The choice is always yours.