Eyebrow shape for different face types. perfect eyebrow

The beauty of the face is largely in harmony. Eyebrows - its important element. Finding the right eyebrow shape is not as easy as it may seem. First you need to determine your type of face.

Eyebrow shape for round face

Most of the girls consider the round to be a minor. This is easy to fix by picking the right eyebrow shape. You need to give the face a more oblong shape. This will help you eyebrows broken line, first going up, then down. According to make-up artists, this form is a classic, so it suits almost everyone. Raising the eyebrow can be made quite high and pointed, and leave the tip small.

Eyebrow shape for different face types

The curved shape makes the round face slightly elongated, and the look more expressive. Round-faced girls will not fit the arched eyebrows. Ideal thick and well maintained.

Eyebrow shape for a square face

With a square face, its width and length are almost equal. The forehead and chin have somewhat angular outlines. For this type of rounded eyebrows are ideal - they soften the sharp lines of the cheekbones and jaws, shifting the horizontal accents in favor of the vertical ones. Square face fit eyebrows, the highest points of which are located above the pupils, and the ends - are directed to the middle of the ears. Eyebrow angles are designed so that the sharp bend is as close as possible to the middle of the eye. A square face will not fit thin, straight and short eyebrows. Best of all this shape of the face fit the natural thickness of the eyebrows with a soft tip and a pronounced head.

Eyebrow shape for a triangular face

The triangular face exposes a broad forehead and a pointed, tapering chin. The cheekbones of this type of protruding and clearly defined. Smooth the triangular face will help curved eyebrows with a low and gentle rise in the middle part. In addition, soft round eyebrows are suitable for a triangular face. Their length should be medium. The main thing is that they should not be too wide, long or high. In addition, it is not recommended to choose the straight and horizontal shape of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow shape for oval face

The oval formaneme is rounded and narrowed in the cheek area. Such a person is considered ideal, so any eyebrows are suitable for him. But the options with a soft break are especially impressive. This shape of the eyebrows gives the face a seductive, charming and rounded look. Arched eyebrows are also in perfect harmony with the oval shape of the face. Just remember that it is necessary to respect the proportions between the width, height and length of the eyebrow. The width should be natural, the height should not be too steep, and the tip should be of medium length. Eyebrows should not be placed too low above the eyes, otherwise, an oval face will get a gloomy expression.

Eyebrow shape for different face types

Eyebrow shape for rectangular face

The rectangular face has the same distance between the cheekbones and between the temples. This type is characterized by a high forehead and narrow chin. To give harmony and softness, will help the direct shape of the eyebrows. The face will look shorter and wider, and the oval will visually soften. As far as possible, remove the beginning of the eyebrow from the nose. Such a reception will visually move apart the eyes, making the eyes open and soft. Eyebrows of medium width will fit a rectangular face and will not fit too thin and arched.

Eyebrow Shape for Diamond Face

Diamond face is very rare. Its distinctive features are sufficient width in the eye area, pronounced cheekbones and a narrow chin. Literate eyebrow shape can smooth corners and give feminine prettiness. For such a shape of the face fit eyebrows with a sharp bend. They will distract attention from the temples and make the cheekbones softer. It is important to give the brow line smoothness and not lift the bend too high. Diamond-shaped face will not fit straight eyebrows, because they will make the cheekbones wider and shorter face.

The perfect shape of the eyebrows: the basic rules

There are general rules that will allow you to make the perfect shape of the eyebrows, without contacting a beauty salon:

  • The eyebrow with a smooth bend is considered the ideal eyebrow shape;
  • The distance between the eyebrows should be about 2 cm;
  • When adjusting your eyebrows, make sure that their width does not change from the beginning of the head to the highest point;
  • Excess hairs should be removed only along the lower contour;
  • The hairs must lie in one direction and not stick in different directions;
  • To give the eyebrows final shape, use special tools: mascara, pencil, eye shadow, eyebrow powder and styling gel;
  • Keep your eyebrows symmetrical;
  • To make eyebrow plucking easier, blow your face or soften your skin with a moisturizer. So the hairs will be easier to pull out, causing you less pain.

Eyebrows - an important element of the face, which can greatly change the appearance. Properly selected, able to smooth out angular facial features. If you are unable to independently choose the shape of the eyebrows and adjust them, contact the beauty salon. The wizard will help you decide, and then you can easily maintain the ideal option.

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