Eyebrow shadows

The fashion for natural but still shaped eyebrows, which was especially active in 2014, led to the fact that women began to refuse in this issue from eyebrow pencils, replacing them with shadows. According to the claims of make-up artists, this tool gives a more natural result, but is this true? How to paint eyebrows with shadows, and which tools to choose?

Why and how to paint eyebrows with shadows?

Eyebrow shadows: reviews

Eyebrow shadows: reviews

Is there really an advantage in brow eye shadows with pencils? Here it is impossible to give a definite answer, because each tool responds to certain requests that do not always intersect with each other. Pencil allows you to make clear and thin lines-strokes, which are often designed to mimic the missing hairs. Thus, they fill in bare areas, and this is done as imperceptibly as possible: when looking at the eyebrow from a distance of 0.5-0.7 m, it looks completely natural.

Shadows such clear lines will give only when applied with a wet brush with a sharp cut and a thin tip. In most cases, they fill the form completely, that is, the skin under the eyebrow stains, and there are practically no clean areas. As a result, the eyebrow looks thicker, often even darker, but the missing hairs are not drawn.

From the above, we can conclude that the shadows are not always able to replace a pencil or other means of eyebrow shaping. Who are they suitable for? Girls who only need to give clarity to the form, or enhance the natural shade of a few tones. With a pencil, you can also achieve this result, but for the sake of it you will have to carefully shade it. This is especially true of the borders of the eyebrows: the top, bottom, and the vertical of the base, which is often mistakenly over-colored by the active eyebrows, putting a straight line at the start of the eyebrow.

How to shade eyebrows? As mentioned above, there are only 2 ways: wet and dry. The latter gives the softest and most natural effect, because it leaves no rigid boundaries. The wet method allows to get thin lines, especially if the correct brush is selected. They, most often, only outlined individual hairs, but the entire eyebrow in this technology for everyday wear does not stain. However, it is permissible in stage or evening make-up, which is considered in artificial light.

How to draw eyebrows with shadows: the choice of color and related tools

Eyebrow shadows: reviews

Eyebrow shadows: reviews

Eyebrow shadows are applied with a brush, and then, if necessary, shaded with a brush, similar to the classic narrow mascara brush. And the main problem of most women is the choice of a suitable brush, since not all manufacturers consider it necessary to supplement it with a complete set of tools. So which tool to choose?

Any dry product is best typed on a natural pile, so it is better not to use synthetic brushes. But even such a formulation remains inaccurate - the range of natural pile is wide today, and the unprepared consumer will be more likely to be confused than to immediately bow down to the correct version.

It is important to know the following: the thinnest and most inconspicuous layer will come out if you use a pony or squirrel, and a clear and bright layer - a column, a raccoon and a marten. In addition, it is best to work with a flat brush with a bevelled edge. It automatically helps to draw the necessary lines, and does it with the necessary degree of intensity. The main thing - no fluffy and round brushes.

So, the tool has been prepared, there is a desire to master a new product, but eyebrow shadows have not yet been acquired. How to choose the desired shade with all their diversity? Should I focus on the color of your eyebrows, or still try to get into the hair? This question is relevant for girls who are constantly changing their image. In such a situation, they may have a significant difference between the shade of the hair and the eyebrows.

Makeup artists recommend to focus on the level of hair color, because they occupy a large area of ​​the image in comparison with the eyebrows. When determining the color type of a person, attention is first drawn to them, then to the skin tone, and only after that eyebrows and eyes are taken into account. Consequently, it is the brow tint that will lead to harmony. If the bulk of the hair is light blond, and the brows could belong to a brown-haired woman, they should be lightened and not painted in the same dark shape.

The process of eyebrow shadows is almost no different from what happens when using a pencil. An extra shade is drawn onto the brush, after which extra pigment is removed from the nap by lightly shaking, and the end is removed at 45 degrees to the skin. It is recommended to start from the point of bending, which accounts for the darkest area, and lead to the tail. Then a new portion of pigment is filled with the space from the bend to the base, where it is reduced to "no." In this can also help shadow shadowing: the closer to the nose, the less intense their color should be.

Eyebrow shadows essence andNyx: brand description

Eyebrow shadows: reviews

The most accessible to the ordinary consumer today are eyebrow shades in the mass market segment, as well as some professional brands. In particular, this applies to Essence's budget German cosmetics, aimed at a youth audience. The brand offers girls a convenient set that includes 2 shades of shadows - dark and light, stencils, as well as a beveled synthetic brush with a short handle. The number of shades is not accidental: the curve and tail are filled with darker ones, and the base is brighter.

Stencils are recognized by consumers as an extremely unfortunate move - very few people in their form have approached, because one should not forget about the uniqueness of each person. As a result, for the sake of them to get the shadow just is not worth it. The main drawback of the set: only 2 variations of shades - for blondes and for brunettes, and all of them have a warm subtone.

A similar version of the product exists in the American professional brand NYX, which recently appeared in most cities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The package bundle is almost the same as the one Essence offers: 2 shades of shadows, a beveled brush, as well as a brush and a wax for fixing. The nice thing is that the NYX has a much wider range, allowing you to choose the most successful shade for each color type of appearance: 6 shades of shadows range from light warm to dark cold tones. Girls with blond hair and medium contrast are ideally suited to number 03 called taupe.

Women reviews

Eyebrow shadows: reviews

It should be noted that not all cosmetic brands known to the consumer produce special eyebrow shades. Especially small assortment in the mass market segment, which is used by most women who are not familiar with professional cosmetics. Therefore, their attention is often drawn to the usual eyeshadow in a natural range. Can they be used for this purpose?

Makeup artists argue that the difference between eyebrow shadows and the same product, but focused on the eyelids, no. Pigmentation, durability, and other characteristics are almost identical, but there may be a problem finding a particular shade and texture. Here it is important to remember the most important thing: only matte shadows are selected for the eyebrows (no shine, even barely noticeable!). Otherwise, if you accidentally met the perfect natural shade, but he was in the group of eyeshadow, you can safely use it on your eyebrows.

As for consumer reviews, then, even after analyzing them, it is difficult to single out the only leader among eyebrow shadows. Most women claim that there is no difference between an expensive product and a cheaper one if the shade is properly selected. And this has the advantage of professional brands that have a wider palette.

  • Inna: After an unsuccessful experience with budget eyebrow shadows, having received red eyebrows, I decided not to approach this product anymore. A birthday friend gave a set from ABH, and my opinion changed dramatically: the shade turned out to be so mine that no one believed that I was painting my eyebrows!
  • Alain: For seven years I used a pencil in the design of eyebrows, and then I wanted to take a chance with shadows. Accidentally acquired NYXECP01 and fell in love with this correct cold graphite (I am a fair-skinned brunette). I haven’t had such kind and neat eyebrows for a long time, I haven’t come up to the pencil for 2 years.

The best eyebrow shades are those whose shade is right for you. With light hair, it may be slightly darker, with dark hair it may be slightly lighter. And during the filling of the form, make sure that the skin is completely colored: for this purpose the brush is held at an angle, and not clearly perpendicular. Then even the most inexpensive eyebrow shades will give you the perfect and natural result.

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