Eyebrow growth products


Naturalness, which made the trend of the season 2015/2016 leading fashion houses, touched absolutely everything: hair, and makeup. Thin eyebrows were replaced by their more natural forms. If you look at the shows and photography, you can see that the models are mostly wide, carelessly combed eyebrows, which, it seems, did not touch the makeup artist's hand.

And, of course, due to such changes, the most pressing women's issues have become ways and means of growing eyebrows.

How to get thick and natural eyebrows?

Thick eyebrows

First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that the length and thickness of hairs, as well as the shape, is determined by genetics: if nature does not create intensive growth in the area of ​​the superciliary arches, no means designed to stimulate it will create a miracle. In addition, the presence of cicatricial injuries (scars, burns, etc.), resulting in the loss of the bulbs, is also not subject to any manipulation other than transplantation. But if you once had beautiful and wide eyebrows, and later, after giving in to the fashion on "strings", you changed their shape (or just fell into the hands of an unqualified master), there are chances of a return to the sources: and stop practicing constant plucking.

  • It is important to understand that growing eyebrows is not a reason to start them. Chaotic sticking out hairs will not give you attractiveness, even if it is only for 20-60 days, which is an approximate period for the full restoration of the original length from the bulb. Decide what kind of form you would like to see (taking into account the natural data), output it in shadows or a pencil and remove the excess. What will grow inside it remains: it is on this zone that all means for the growth of the eyebrows will be applied; the rest is delete without regret.

Until the form is filled out completely, you need to constantly draw it: this will allow you to preserve the accuracy of your image. The rest will take care of the special formulations designed to enhance dormant follicles.

Folk remedies for the growth of eyebrows: recipes and tips

Almond Eyebrow Oil

Almost all the mixtures that can be created independently are based on oils. This is the best way to give food to the bulbs, gently awakening them and filling them with force. Such procedures are recommended to be carried out even for owners of sable eyebrows in order to make the hairs denser and darker and to prevent their possible loss. Here there are both vegetable (fatty) oils - almond, wheat, etc., as well as essential oils, whose task depends on which bottle was chosen.

  • Better tool for the growth of eyebrows at home - castor oil in combination with burdock. Our grandmothers used this magical liquid, and, moreover, for the density of the braid too. However, if it can be applied to the head without special concerns, the area around the eyes is extremely sensitive and may cause swelling and / or redness. Therefore, it is recommended to conduct a sample only from 1 side and in the morning of the day off. If there is no allergic reaction, you can work according to the standard scheme: apply oil on eyebrows before bedtime daily.
  • Almond oil is not worse, but less aggressive towards the delicate skin of the face. However, the result of its use is usually noticed much later, since it has a less immediate effect. To speed up the process, you can add citrus essential oil - 1 drop per 2 tablespoons: this will improve the flow of blood to the bulbs.
  • In addition to oil blends, recipes based on red pepper may be useful, which must be crushed and mixed with liquid honey in a ratio of 1: 5 or 1: 7. Before applying this mass on the eyebrows, be sure to perform a test on the crook of the elbow, as the pepper has a local irritant effect. The exposure time on the eyebrows should not exceed 20-30 minutes; It is important to prevent the ingestion of eyes.

If you work with oils, do not forget that before using them you need to warm up (up to 38-40 degrees), and apply necessarily to cleaned (with alcohol-containing means) eyebrows. Experts advise to use for this purpose a brush from an old mascara or cotton swab, and then massage the treated area for 1-2 minutes, thereby stimulating the flow of blood to the bulbs.

What do pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies offer?

Eyebrow growth products

Pharmaceutical eyebrowers for sale in a pharmacy are identical in composition to the above recipes, but some of them may contain several more herbal extracts and ... hormonal components. This detail is the most dangerous, but at the same time, it often causes the noticeable effect obtained in a short time. And, in most cases, it becomes the cause of the unreasonably high cost of the drug, according to medical specialists.

  • Almea X-Brow. This company gained fame after the release of funds "X-Lash", designed to enhance the growth, thickness and strength of eyelashes. A similar product for eyebrows was created with a different composition, but with a similar principle of action: among the active ingredients, only natural herbs, oils and trace elements (biotin, tocopherol, extract from the leaves of usma, PUFA), which nourish and improve blood circulation in the follicles. The manufacturer promises results in 4 weeks, and the maximum effect - in 3 months. The main advantage of X-Brow is that there are really no hormonal components. The disadvantage is the inability to purchase at a regular pharmacy and the high cost: 2800 rubles. for 3 ml.
  • Emla. A well-known and inexpensive (150 rub.) Serum, which is based on the oils retinol and tocopherol, niacin acid, nettle and milk thistle extracts. Such a useful cocktail really manifests itself better than the usual mixture of castor and burdock oils, and due to the lower concentration of the latter, it is easier to perceive sensitive skin. The minimum rate is 30 days, but you can extend it as needed for up to 3-4 months.
  • Alerana. It is also a popular remedy based on almond and castor oil, as well as hyaluronic acid, taurine, nettle extract and eleutherococcus. Synthetic components are absent, which makes the product quite safe, and for such a composition the cost is 450 rubles. 12 ml (2 pieces of 6 ml) can be considered reasonable. It is recommended to use the product in the morning and in the evening, which is why 2 different tubes are included in the package. The course is up to 3 months.

Experts caution: if hormonal components (especially prostaglandins) are included in a product designed to improve eyebrows, it is prohibited for use in pregnant women. Since such elements not only affect the reproductive function and the endocrine system, they can also stimulate labor by provoking miscarriage.

The best eyebrow growth tool: consumer reviews

It is extremely difficult to choose the most effective and safe prescription or drug: first of all because of the individual parameters of each person, which have to repel each other when studying the effect of a particular remedy. Some women resolutely "minus" the serum, not realizing that the expected and possible results are completely different things. That is why it is worthwhile to treat someone else's comments and experience soberly, not forgetting that there is no universal and suitable preparation for everybody.

  • Inna: Honestly, I don’t see the difference between pharmacy tools and ordinary castor oil at all, except for the cost: firstly, it’s not as scary with eyebrows as it is with eyelashes, since oil will not get into the eye; secondly, there is either good genetics here, and then everything will be restored, or it is useless to even try. After Krivorukov’s wizard, I spent 4 weeks every evening massaging my eyebrows and rubbing castor oil on them with a cotton pad, sometimes making a slurry of nettle leaves poured with boiling water (I applied and washed off for 15-30 minutes): I returned my thickness without problems.
  • Tatyana: I was afraid of pharmaceutical preparations for the growth of eyebrows for a very long time: I had been reading about the dangers of the once popular "Kareprost", which had a destructive effect on the heart, and decided that all these expensive drugs were too dangerous. So far, the beautician has not recommended me xBrow from Almea and has not painted the entire composition of this conditioner. I didn’t expect that after 3 weeks of lazy use before bedtime I’ll see how short hairs break through where they haven’t been long ago. For 2.5 months I have grown back my plucked tails, now I am striving for beautiful broad eyebrows.

Summing up, it is worth noting once again that you can grow thick eyebrows only in the presence of a genetic background, and in the absence of deep damage. No serum or oil will create bulbs where there are none: their task is to improve nutrition and blood circulation, thereby stimulating the activity of the bulbs. And so that the effect was even more tangible, do not forget about the regularity of the procedure of care and patience.