Eyebrow correction floss at home


Hair removal flossing - one of the most ancient methods of hair removal, which was used in ancient Persia. Nowadays, this method has again become fashionable in many countries of the world, especially in the West. It is traditional for the beauties of Asia and the East, such a procedure is offered there in any beauty salon, and almost all women know how to do it themselves.

Eyebrow correction floss at home

With the help of thread, you can correct the eyebrows, remove hair on the face and body. This article will talk about home eyebrow correction, because this a simple and effective way to perfect your eyebrows, and the result will last from 3 to 4 weeks.

The advantages of eyebrow correction floss at home

  • One of the main advantages of hair removal with a thread (or, as the Europeans call it, is tridding) is speed, efficiency and an obvious result. The thread removes even the so-called "down", which ordinary tweezers can not handle, in addition, it removes dead skin cells from the skin surface.
  • When epilating this way over time, the hairs become soft and thin. Unlike tweezers, there is no risk of infection. Using a thread, you can not damage the hair follicle, than save yourself from such trouble as an ingrown hair.
  • This method removes several hairs at once, which is very convenient for eyebrows and between them. This type of correction is ideal for sensitive skin, since he does not cause irritation and due to the fact that there is no redness, you can do it at any time, even before an important meeting.
  • The disadvantages of such a procedure at home, can be attributed to a small complexity at the very beginning, since this type of hair removal requires a certain skill, courage and experience. In addition, for the first time, the correction is quite painful, but proper initial preparation will help reduce the pain threshold.

How to make eyebrow correction thread at home?

  • First of all, you need a thread. Arabic cotton thread is used in the salons, and silk is used in the countries of the East, but some skill will be needed here, as silk slips. At home you can take the usual strong, flat cotton thread.

Eyebrow correction floss at home

  • Before starting the correction, be sure to steam and clean the skin, and then apply a moisturizing cream on your eyebrows and near them for 5-7 minutes. Remove the rest of the cream with a napkin or a cotton pad dipped in hot water, it will disintegrate the skin and make the hair supple, which means the procedure will be less painful. You can make a steam bath and hold over her face for 5 minutes.
  • Immediately before the procedure, wipe your eyebrows with alcohol-containing lotion. You can numb the skin by rubbing the brows with an ice cube, but the method of steaming is still more effective.
  • Draw the outline of the eyebrow with a pencil you want to make. All those hairs that appear behind the contour will be removed. Choose the brightest room in the house, preferably with daylight, and take a good magnifying mirror.
  • Then you can proceed directly to the correction. Take a cotton thread about 50 cm long, tie the ends and twist so that a loop is formed in the middle. With both index fingers and thumbs, grasp the thread from the inside so that when you spread the fingers of one hand, the loop will increase and, on the other hand, will decrease.
  • With this small loop, grab the hairs and pull sharply, repeat the procedure until you are completely satisfied with the result. Move the thread from the nose to the temples. Then treat the eyebrow area with an antiseptic and apply ice to remove slight redness.
  • Make a correction once a month. Over time, the growth of hairs will slow down, even if by nature they grow very thick.

Eyebrow correction floss at home: reviews

  • Irina: "I saw how they make this correction in the salon, I decided to repeat it at home. Of course, the first time I was busy for more than an hour trying to adapt myself to manage the thread, but the next times it got better and better. Plus it’s very convenient, fast, not so painful, like plucking with tweezers, no irritation. Now all my girlfriends and neighbors, instead of salon, come to me to learn. "

Eyebrow correction floss at home: reviews

  • Svetlana: “For myself, I discovered this technique more than a year ago, after watching video on the Internet. At first it was a little painful and unusual, but this is only the first time. Now I can feel only a pleasant tingling. I have sensitive skin, and when correcting with tweezers, I have another day I can’t go outside because the skin around the eyebrows is red and swollen, and the ingrown hairs are often disturbed. Thanks to the thread, I forgot about these problems. I am very pleased and recommend it to everyone! "
  • Alina: “Thanks to the roots of my Armenian father, I got thick, black, hard eyebrows. All my life I tried to cope with them myself, I didn’t want to go to the salon, because once I had terribly disfigured them. Therefore, I tried to find an alternative on my own. I remembered how once my grandmother told me that they used to pull out hair with a thread. Remembering this method, I found the necessary information and started experiments. Yes, at first a bit unusual, but it didn’t hurt at all. For more than two years I’ve been doing it myself to The overall shape of the eyebrows has become very expressive, because in addition to the hard hairs, the fluff is also plucked out, which cannot be removed with tweezers, moreover, my eyebrows need less and less correction, many hairs just stopped growing, now I do the procedure no more 1 time in 3 months ".

All make-up artists of the world believe that eyebrows are the most important part in make-up, so they can all your efforts in creating the perfect image both to reduce to “no” and add expressiveness and openness to the look.

Achieve a perfect eyebrow line can be a home thread correction. This is an affordable and easy way to have a lot of positive feedback from girls. Choosing this method of hair removal, you will always have well-groomed eyebrows!