Eye shadow for brown eyes


"Black eyes, passionate eyes ..." - How many times have heard these lines in your address brown-eyed representatives of the fair sex. But after all how beautiful our eyes will look, depends not only on their color, but also on the right makeup.

What tones fit brown-eyed girls, and how to create an interesting image at home? If you are the owner of brown eyes, you are greeted by a rich palette of shadows, you can apply mascara of any shade on your eyelashes, and your mood will help you choose a color.

Universal eye shadow colors for brown eyes

Stock so-called "basic set" for brown eyes. He will help to create an image for the office, on the weekend and will not be superfluous in the evening bag at the theater or at a party. These are the ones colors that are perfect for hazel eyes, No matter what color your dress is and what lipstick you chose today.

Eye shadow for brown eyes

Universal for brown eyes areshades of baked milk, honey, light brown and light beige (they can be used as a base for evening make-up or used as an independent color during the day). Every day these shades will emphasize the beauty of your beautiful eyes.

Shadows for different shades of brown eyes

Big mistake in choosing makeup - forget about the many shades of brown eyes. They are dark, light, caret-green.

Shadows for dark brown eyes

Owners of these eyes can truly be called the owner of the most complete cosmetics. They are equally suited light beige, dark and light brown, golden shadows. Also, dark-eyed beauties can easily face the eyelidsgreenish shadows and any warm shades with a metallic sheen.

Eye shadow for brown eyes

If you do not want to experiment with the color of the shadows and give preference "humble" shades (beige, light brown), bright accent in your make-up will be put on scarlet lipstick: it will make your look sensual and seductive.

Shadows for light brown eyes

A find for light brown eyes - bronze shadows and shades of champagne color.You should not use too dark shades - with them the makeup risks to look defiant.

Make-up artists recommend emphasizing the corners of the eyes with shadows, it is darker for 1-2 tones of the main ones, but you should not forget that this is an option for an evening out.

Shadows for light brown eyes

Gives the brightness of everyday make-up a brown pencil (it is desirable that it should be matched exactly to the tone of your eyes). When using it, the edge of the arrow should be shaded with a brush.

Shadows for four green eyes

Undoubtedly, each owner of such eyes in the arsenal there are dark green shadows. They can be used as an independent shade, and combined with a basic beige color. Besides, gold-colored gray and purple shades are suitable for girls with green eyes. When creating an evening look, you can use a black or silver eyeliner.

Shadows for green and brown eyes

Makeup for brown eyes in oriental style

Brown eyes attract many enthusiastic men's views, thanks to its brightness and mystery. Surely, you paid attention to the charming oriental beauties and noted their extraordinary attractiveness. But they often dress very modestly, placing accents with makeup.

Mandatory element of their make-up - intriguing arrows. Makeup artists recommend using this technique to the hazel eyes. Thin, drawn on the contour of the century, or clear sure - they will make you an intriguing and mysterious beauty. However, shooters can play a cruel joke, stopping skillful makeup in the vulgar. To prevent this, making a make-up, you need to prioritize.

If you have already used quite rich color combination of shadows, the arrows will clearly be superfluous. But a monophonic make-up (unless, of course, it is not dark brown shadows), such a sensual detail of make-up never hurts. How to do them correctly, read the article How to learn to draw arrows on the eyes ?.

Eye Shadows: Oriental Style

Exists basic palette for every day for brown eyes - from light beige shadows (which can be used as a base and an independent shade), similar to them shades of the color of melted milk, honey and light brown. These tones will be relevant for all brown eyes. There are and original tones that match hazel eyes of different shades.

Whatever tones and shades stylists recommend to you, you will be truly charming only when, having looked at yourself in the mirror, you can say: "I am the most beautiful". And if your modesty denies such a method, replace the mirror with your favorite man. His words are more important than thousands of professional recommendations. Beauty and love to you!