Eye makeup. make-up technique


Shining eyes are like two precious stones, with one glance you can enchant, subdue, fall in love with yourself and say what you cannot say with words. They also say that the eyes are a mirror of the soul, and your rich inner world can be reflected in them. Therefore, the art of applying makeup on the eyes is like creating a decent frame for these shining jewels.

Remember that natural make-up is in fashion now, so it’s not at all necessary to follow all these rules. In order to look irresistible, it may well be enough mascara applied to the eyelashes and perfectly laid eyebrows.

Anyway, if today you decide to look glamorous, this article will help you by giving a few simple rules on the make-up technique.

Stages of makeup. Eyes

Like all types of makeup, eye makeup is applied in several steps.

  • First, apply the foundation to the upper and lower eyelids. It is better to choose milk, beige, vanilla, ivory or "champagne splashes".
  • If there are swelling or "bags" under your eyes, disguise them with a base cream or powder that matches the tone of your skin. To make-up look natural at the same time, apply powder up to the cheek line. And remember that the line drawn in pencil along the growth of the eyelashes of the lower eyelid, only emphasize these shortcomings.
  • Using the corrector, mask the unevenness of the color and texture of the skin around the eyes.

Stages of makeup. EyesStages of makeup. Eyes

  • Using a brush or eyebrow brush, give them the desired shape. If you have bright eyebrows - spend a few times with the pencil of the desired color. If the eyebrows are naughty, use a special gel or hair gel.
  • Create a basic eye contour. A liquid eyeliner (or pencil) draws a line along the growth of the eyelashes on the upper eyelid. If desired, you can emphasize the lower eyelid, drawing a line from the outer corner of the eye, until about mid-century. The outer corner of the eye is darkened with a dark gray, black or brown pencil. If your eyes are set wide apart, highlight the inner corners of your eyes. This will visually reduce the distance between them.
  • To make it better for the pencil, apply a layer of shadows similar to the contour of the pencil on top of it.
  • An interesting technique of applying a contour is applying a shadow with a wet applicator or brush. After applying such an original liner you need to shade it with a dry brush.

Stages of makeup. EyesStages of makeup. Eyes

  • Now carefully blend the eyeliner lines with the applicator. Apply a shadow, optimally - in three colors. The rules are always the same - we highlight the sub-arcs, the darkest shadows are applied closer to the lash growth line. To visually enlarge your eyes, apply white or light beige shadows on the outer corner of the eye.
  • A more open look will make pearl shades of ivory, applied to the eyelid. Try to avoid them.
  • Too dark or overly shiny shadows add visually to you a few years.
  • In the daytime make-up there should not be bright colors and extravagant combinations - it will look vulgar. Day option - expressive, soft, giving the most unforgettable shine to your eyes!

Stages of makeup. EyesStages of makeup. Eyes

  • There are many techniques for applying makeup depending on the color of the eyes. You can view additional recommendations on them.
  • Before you apply mascara, use a special device for curling eyelashes. Comb your eyelashes with a special brush.
  • Apply mascara in several stages. First, paint the eyelashes at the base, movements from left to right, this will create the illusion of long eyelashes. Apply the next layer by moving in the direction of eyelash growth after the first layer dries. Lumps of mascara are removed with a cotton swab.

Stages of makeup. EyesStages of makeup. Eyes

  • Again, the intensity of the mascara varies depending on your make-up and the type of your skin and hair. The morning or afternoon option does not involve many layers of mascara - just a couple of strokes are enough to emphasize the blackness of the eyelashes. Black mascara does not suit pale-skinned blondes at all; it is better for them instead of universal black mascara to use brown mascara. Blue colors will be especially bright if the mascara in the makeup is blue, burgundy or plum. And purple mascara will transform your brown eyes.
  • Remember that if you paint the lower lashes, it visually reduces the eyes and "age" you.
  • At the end you can draw the contour again.