Everyday makeup for brown eyes. what shades to choose for


Owners of dark eyes - brown, black - incredibly lucky. They look bright and expressive. In this case, it is relatively easy to make eye makeup, and its main goal is to emphasize what is given by nature - color and expressiveness.

Brown eyes can be different shades, and when choosing a color palette you need to take this fact into account. The first and main rule - for the accent it is necessary to use contrasting colors, not bright, but saturated. At the same time, makeup artists remind you that you can use both dark and light shades, and in the case of the latter, you can easily adjust the shape of the eye.

Light shades can visually enlarge the eyes, but dark ones can create a feeling of deep planting. Therefore, these shades must be used carefully and correctly. The most appropriate option is to use dark shadows in the outer corners of the eyes, and light and bright shades - in the inner corners and along the line of the eyebrows.

For many girls, it is enough just to make their face tone even and to use mascara to give length and volume to the eyelashes. But if the goal is to create a sophisticated and more complex image, then it will be necessary to choose the right shade of the shadows, mascara and skillfully use them in everyday makeup.

Everyday makeup for brown eyes

Do not forget about a wide variety of arrows. These can be arrows from a small and thin line, slightly extending beyond the borders of the corner of the eye, or wide lines that completely cover the movable eyelid and gradually taper to the corner of the eye or temple.

Shadows for brown eyes: the choice of color

For brown eyes, shades of brown, bronze, purple, even plum shade are excellent, dark blue and gray shade also look good. With a more accurate selection of color shades, it is necessary to build on the skin color and hair color.

For example, black, silver, brown (mostly dark), lilac and golden are perfect for owners of dark eyes and dark hair. For fair-haired girls with dark eyes, it is best to use shades of sand, dark pink, all shades of green and light and dark beige.

If the eyes are dark and the skin is light, then you need to choose the color of the shadows, blush and even lipstick of cold tones. In this case, well suited gray, and even blue shadows.

If dark eye color is combined with a warm skin tone, such as ivory, peach, sand, then the ideal solution would be to use shades of warm and golden tones. For example, the colors of champagne, bronze, chocolate and so on.

Light makeup for brown eyes

  • For dark-eyed girls, there is one, but a very important rule when creating makeup that will be relevant in the office, on the street, during a daytime meeting with friends - not to look vulgar. Brown-eyed women have a rather bright appearance. Therefore, it is necessary to use cosmetics very carefully.

Everyday makeup for brown eyes

  • Make-up should begin with leveling the tone of the face, special emphasis should be placed on the skin around the eyes - to mask imperfections, and the shade of the masking agent should be half a tone lighter than the shade of the main powder or foundation.
  • After you need to put in perfect order eyebrows, if necessary, you can tint them - a tone darker than the shade of the hair. After proceed to the eyelashes - make up. To create a romantic image, mascara must be applied slowly with zigzag movements. Thus, the eyelashes sneak better and become thick and voluminous.
  • Of course, make-up artists use mascara as a last resort, but in the case of brown eye makeup, it is applied first. It is possible to explain this fact simply, the fact is that after applying the skin and mascara tones, the image may seem complete - not requiring any additions. This makeup is obtained natural and easy.

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Casual makeup for brown eyes

If the makeup should be a little brighter, then it is quite possible to apply the shadow with already painted eyelashes - it will be easier to understand when to stop.

Eyeliner is ideal for brown eyes, and as a daily makeup, it is best to use a brown, softer eyeliner. Black eyeliner can be used to create the image of a femme fatale, to make your eyes expressive. But with this tool you need to be careful, because such cosmetics gives a touch of retro-image and can visually age.

Everyday makeup for brown eyes

To create everyday makeup is best to use natural shades, not just shadows. Mascara and eyeliner should match the natural color of eyebrows, eyelashes. The shade of the shadows may be brown, gray, bronze, peach. And it is best to use the light colors of these colors.

For the lightest make-up, it is necessary to use light shadows and apply them to the inner corner of the eye, the middle shade on the middle of the century, and darker on the outer corner and on the crease.

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Make-up depending on the eye color

For owners of light brown eyes, purple-violet shades are well suited for evening makeup. For daytime it is best to use shades with lighter shades - golden or brown. The tone of the pencil and ink is brown, in various variations, or black. The combination of dark pencil and light shadows will give the look expressiveness.

For dark-brown eyes, light colors are great - beige, champagne, pale lilac or ivory. It will look good palette in shades of green. As a liner is best to use black, the same color should be mascara.

For owners of black, expressive eyes in a day's make-up it is best to use a minimum of cosmetics - eyeliner, mascara and shades of light shades.

Make-up mistakes

Everyday makeup for brown eyes

Makeup artists do not recommend using a multi-colored eyeliner, the most acceptable option is a tool of black or brown shade. Also valid for using a dark blue pencil or eyeliner.

It is worth being extremely careful with the use of pink eye shadows, which can create the effect of puffy eyes. In addition, the entire image should be thought out and the shade of the shadows in harmony with a hint of lipstick. It is best to focus on the eyes.

Do not use eye shadow shades of orange for makeup, fuchsia is prohibited. This combination looks bad, the eyes lose their brightness and expressiveness.

It is rather simple to create a day's make-up for brown eyes, sometimes it is enough to apply mascara. If you want to make a more expressive image, you can use the shades of suitable shades. The most important thing to remember is that brown-eyed ladies look spectacular from nature, so moderation should be observed in makeup.