Everyday hairstyles for medium length hair


Owners of long and medium hair can change their appearance due to hairstyles. Even if you are the owner of a car - it does not mean that you should always look the same, doing a direct styling.

You can emphasize your individuality not only with the help of a haircut, but also with the help of a hairstyle.Haircut is always the same, and hairstyles - a lot. It is enough to put several strands on your head in a different way - and a new hairstyle!

Hair of medium length are considered hair from the middle of the neck.

Hairstyles for medium-length hair for a bob haircut

For medium-length hair, hairdressers usually offer a caret. This is a fashionable haircut today. In addition, bangs came back into fashion, so the quads are now more and more common with all sorts of bangs.

  • And the first hairstyle that can be offered with a bob haircut is volumetric caret and pile.If you are used to straighten hair, then, as a rule, you do not have volume. Try to lift hair roots when drying hair. You can also use shampoo for additional volume of hair. From the middle of the hair, even closer to the ends, straighten the hair. And you get a volumetric caret. Bangs in this case should also be combed.
  • Four of a Kind for owners of a bob haircut with a bang. Are you tired of the naughty bangs or you do not have time to trim it? Then pin it with a beautiful hairpin. And the new hairstyle is ready. Best of all, it will not look on freshly washed hair. If strands of bangs fall on the forehead, use foam or hair mousse. But don't lick your bang too!

  • Kare with curly strands. This is also a voluminous hairstyle, as in the first case. Create a volume hairstyle, but do not straighten the ends of the hair, and twist them. Curlers better to take large. A little gel, form a hairstyle. You will get a hairstyle in retro style. Light mess on the head, flying hairstyle is very fashionable now.
  • Another option is when the hair is completely curled. Also suitable large curlers or tweezers for hair.
  • Can be created on the basis of curled hair wet hair effect. Let it be said that it is already a long time in the past. But to try to change your appearance in this way for one day or evening is quite acceptable.

Hairstyles for medium length haircuts for bob haircuts

Modern stylists are trumpeting the creation of artistic clutter on their heads. They say that now it is very fashionable. Such a mess can be made absolutely for any haircut. How can I have the haircut bob.

  • Hair with a side parting for a haircut bob diversifies your everyday look. You can add twisted strands.
  • Try to release a few strands from the general system - for this, screw them a little and fix it with varnish. It will also look original and special.

  • Graduated hairstyle for medium hair. It is done by stylists in beauty salons. It is not easy to dare, because you need to try hard to reproduce the same styling of the house. To make a similar hairstyle will be obtained from those who have the makings of a hairdresser. Usually in this case, the upper part of the hairstyle is high, the volume is created, and the comb is done. The side strands are wound a bit on tweezers, fastened with varnish. If you get the hang of doing such a hairstyle, then a lot of time it will not go away. And at first, nerves are possible.

Other hairstyles for medium length hair

  • Modern stylists - for the convenience and mess. They say that with a carelessly tied beam you can appear in public, you can go to work and to the cinema. Experiment with the usual bundle, perhaps you can make yourself a beautiful hairstyle.
  • In addition to the beam there is tail. Do not think that this hairstyle is only for schoolgirls. Break your stereotypes and boldly go with a classic tail to walk with your loved one in the park or in the forest.
  • You can diversify the tail for work or studies with the help of the tail inside out. Tail inside out done at the beginning as usual classic. Then we divide it up to the elastic (on top) into two strands and pass the ends of the hair into this middle. All hairstyle is ready. Many will be interesting to try. It is done in seconds.
  • Dulki somewhat like a bun, only they have strands of hair sticking out in different directions. This is a very comfortable hairstyle. With it you can run in the morning, go to the gym, engage in your favorite sport.
  • Braids still remain in fashion. There are new weaving. Instead of the usual braids, braids of French braids, spikelets, braids are reversed.

  • For medium hair length, braids are possible with bangs, as a small elegant rim, all over the head, on the side for a face edging, etc. You can braid a lot of braids. In addition, pigtails are another way to create a new hairstyle. In the evening, wash your hair and braid a few tight braids. In the morning, spread them out and get beautiful waves on your hair. Lay them beautifully with the help of hairpins. You can make a lush boo, you can go with loose, and you can make the effect of wet hair. This method of creating the effect of wet hair is the easiest.
  • Braids can be worn every day, and creating different weaving. You can also make a beautiful braid for a festive occasion, for a special occasion.

Hairstyles for medium-length hair for every day are your own fantasy. Remember that now a light mess is fashionable, hairstyles and simplicity in creation are welcomed.

Do not forget about braids and all kinds of weaving. Simple hairstyles diversify your appearance, give you naturalness and give a feeling of comfort and harmony.