Evening makeup for green eyes


Green eyes are incredibly beautiful and mysterious. And the evening time, when the twilight reigns, makes them even more beautiful. The main task of the owner of green eyes is not only to emphasize and highlight the eyes, but also not to drown out their beautiful color with unsuitable shadows.

Colors for evening makeup green eyes

  • With evening make-up for green eyes in no case can not use the shadows that have bright green shades, shades of pink, silver and blue. Green shadows will merge with the color of the eyes, forming one large green spot. Pink shadows give the effect of tear-stained eyes.

  • For evening make-up of green eyes, the use of shades of shades such as gold, bronze, khaki, olive shades is acceptable (this particular shade of green can emphasize green eye color), shades of violet, cherry, red-brown, dark gray, peach and dark brown.
  • If you want to further emphasize the eyes and make them more expressive, Use the liner of the following shades - classic black, metallic silver. If the evening event and the shade of your outfit allow, you can use a purple eyeliner. It is able to give green eyes an even deeper and more saturated shade.

Smoky-Eyes evening makeup for green eyes

As a base for make-up smoky eyes for green eyes it is best to choose two shades of shadows. One of them, the one that is darker, will serve as the base hue. The shade that is lighter will complement the base.

For smoky ice most suitable shades of gray and brown. And the use of metallic shades is not excluded, besides evening makeup allows their use.

You can emphasize the upper eyelid with the help of coal-gray shadows. If you decide to use eyeliner, try a brown one. Lower eyelid necessarily emphasize a dark pencil or shadows. But, in any case, do not leave a clear line. Be sure to blend it, and the expression of the eyes will become more mysterious and alluring. Left a clear line on the lower eyelid will add to the image of vulgarity.

An example of applying evening makeup for green eyes

  • If you still haven't decided, what color range to use for applying evening makeup, You can try the next option.
  • Take the shade of a light gray shade and apply them on the mobile eyelid to the fold.
  • Then take the dark gray shadows and apply to the outer part of the eyelid, about a third of it also up to the fold. Use the same dark gray eye shadow to emphasize the lower eyelid, along the lash line.
  • Next, take sepia shades and apply them on the center of the eyelid, along the crease and slightly higher.
  • Shadows of peach shades highlight the central part of the century to the eyebrows.
  • And the final touch - the application of purple shadows. With their help, select the outer part of the eyelid, about a third of it, starting from the eyelash growth line and up to the eyebrows.

  • Do not forget that all transitions from color to color should be shaded very carefully. Otherwise, your eyes will resemble an easel.
  • Applying mascara will be the final touch. In the evening, the mascara of black color will be simply indispensable. You can apply several layers of it, so the look will become deeper.
  • Whether to use lipstick in makeup, you decide. However, if you made a complex eye makeup, highlighted them with dark colors, it is better not to paint the lips. As an option, you can cover them with a transparent sheen, or a sheen of a translucent hue.

Do not be afraid to experiment, because sometimes it is only by experiment that you can figure out what is right for your eye tone, which will make them even more expressive and alluring. And if the color of your eyes has an unusual green color, then in this article you can read, exactly which colors of the shadows fit your eye shadow - Makeup for green eyes.

Be irresistible!

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