Evening hairstyles for short hair. laying options and models

Not every young lady can decide to have a short haircut. And these hairstyles are not for everyone. There is an opinion that short hair significantly narrows the possibility of creating styling, which is not true. Such haircuts talk about impeccable style and elegance of a woman.

A significant advantage of short haircuts is that you can use a variety of jewelry to create hairstyles, and massive earrings, necklaces, only emphasize the sophistication of the image. Moreover, short haircuts are creative and rebellious in themselves, and the combination of outrageous and classic looks as good as possible.

Festive hairstyles for short hair: styling options

Evening hairstyles for short hair

Depending on the event, it will be possible to decide on the hairstyle style. So, if you plan to go to a restaurant and a holiday in honor of the birthday or some significant date, then it is possible to use a ragged version of the installation. If the party requires a strictly classic look, with evening gowns, then you can use a smooth or voluminous styling option.

In any case, it is necessary to build on your own desires, on how you will be comfortable. In all you need to find a middle ground.

To create a romantic image, you can use various decorative elements, ribbons, artificial flowers, kanzashi, etc. In case a smooth hairstyle is created, then it can be decorated with flowers attached with small crabs. And, both live buds, and artificial decorations. An excellent option can be kanzashi, which already in the basic set have an attachment mechanism ("crab", "click-klyak").

You can create the appearance of thick and fluffy hair with the help of special styling tools. Options hairstyles a huge amount. You can use the style of the 50s when a fur mop is formed on the back of the head, but there is also a smooth bang, and the border between them should be separated by a rim or ribbon.

Evening hairstyles for short hair

Ripped hairstyles. The most rebellious option that emphasizes creativity and individuality. As a styling is best to use wax for hair with strong fixation. The main goal - to create an emphasized negligence, creative mess on the head. For the formation of hair, it is necessary to clearly outline the ends of the hair, and in a free order.

Models of beautiful short haircuts

  • Short hair implies a different length. Kare, for example, can also be attributed to short haircuts.
  • Before you start creating a hairstyle on the basis of a caret, you need to wash your hair, use additional care products - balsams or masks, especially if the curls themselves are thin and light.
  • Styling products must also be used, they are necessary for fixing. The hair on the back of the head should be twisted into large curlers, but the fringe, on the contrary, is stretched with an iron and twisted down.
  • The final stage is the straightening of twisted strands, and giving them the desired shape. For more reliable fixation, you can use hairspray.

Evening hairstyles for short hair

Celebrities can also be inspired by ideas; today there are many beau monde representatives with short haircuts. Their hairstyles look complicated, requiring salon care and professional hands, but in reality everything is much simpler than it seems.

The advantage of evening hairstyles for short hair is their doubleness, from the first side they can look as casual, if there are appropriate accessories and clothing. It is necessary to wear an evening dress and use jewelry, haircut turns into an evening version.

For example, if after washing the hair, to dry the hair from the bottom up using medium branching, while twisting the hair down - this is the basis. For everyday and official look, you can make a straight bang or comb it under the parting part. For the evening option, you can give a ragged look to your hair with wax or styling gel, in which case the styling will be more festive.

Preparing for the celebration

Ahead of the celebration, and I want to look appropriate. What can be done with short hair? There are many options.

Hairstyles look beautiful with the use of various accessories, such as headbands, ribbons, etc. If you decide to use a headband, it is best to give preference to accessories with large teeth.

Evening hairstyles for short hair

After washing your hair, you should generously apply styling products to your hair - mousse, hair foam. It is necessary to separate the fourth part of the hair from the front, and pull it forward with a hair dryer and branching. As a result, these strands will need to be combed back and fastened with a rim.

To create a hairstyle for a celebration, first of all it is necessary to take into account the theme of the evening, the dress code and the combination with the image. Too rebellious hairstyle does not always look good with a luxurious evening dress, perhaps this evening you need to keep your creativity and appear before all in an unexpected romantic image. This rule can be used in the opposite direction.

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