Evening hairstyles for medium hair do it yourself


For each of the fair sex a luxurious head of hair is her pride. Women know perfectly well how difficult it is to care for long hair, so nowadays many people prefer medium length haircuts. They simply lay, wash, comb. In this article we will tell you about how to properly select and make your own evening hairstyles for medium hair.

Evening hairstyles for medium-length hair: basic aspects

Is a grand celebration or an important event taking place in your life? Be sure to take care of your image, because everything should be perfect: clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, and, of course, hair. The process of choosing and creating an evening hairstyle is a whole art, since it is she who complements the image of a woman at a social event or business meeting. With the help of a hairstyle, you can emphasize your advantages, hide flaws, visually change growth and much more.

Evening hairstyles for medium-length hair

Rules for creating a beautiful hairstyle:

  • First, diagnose your hair. Assess their condition, length, thickness. This is necessary in order to find the right hairstyle that will be easy to fit.
  • If you are planning to make an evening hairstyle for a special occasion (for an anniversary, a wedding, for a birthday), then be sure to experiment first, and suddenly the hairstyle you like will not work for you.
  • If you want to do your hair yourself, then take care of the styling in advance. By repeating, you will be able to hone your skills and create an unsurpassed evening hairstyle, captivating the admiring glances of others.
  • It is not recommended to wash your hair on the day when you will do your hair. As practice shows, clean hair crumbles badly and is very difficult to collect.
  • In the process of creating an evening hairstyle, it is necessary to use fixing tools for styling (mousses, gels, varnishes, sprays), tongs, a straightener, and accessories.
  • If you are going to make an evening hairstyle to attend a business meeting, then the pretentiousness is of no use here, and the styling in the form of a modest classic shell, a high beam or a braid is quite suitable.
  • Be sure to choose a hairstyle to the type and shape of your face. Remember, evening hairstyle for medium hair should only emphasize all the delights of your appearance.
  • Evening hairstyle should be combined with all the components of the image. Every woman knows that the hairstyle is also chosen in accordance with the outfit, in particular, with a cut on a dress or blouse.
  • Owners of high growth is better to refuse bouffanting and tufts, since such hairstyles visually make them even higher. But girls of short stature, on the contrary, stylists recommend doing just such hairstyles.
  • When for the celebration you need to dye your hair, do not rush to use resistant paints. If in everyday life you are satisfied with the natural hair color, then for a special occasion you can use a tinting agent or a dye varnish.

Basic techniques for creating original hairstyles with photos

To create a beautiful hairstyle on the hair of medium length stylists use a variety of techniques. You can try different ways of weaving by yourself. For evening hairstyle, it is advisable to use accessories: hairpins, hairpins, stealth, flowers, etc.

The main ways to create an evening hairstyle include:

  • bulk weaving (spit of three or more strands);

bulk weaving

  • Hollywood masterpieces (soft waves laid on one side);

Hollywood masterpieces

  • weaving in the Greek style;

weaving in the Greek style

  • high and bulk beams;

high and bulk beams

  • retro weaving;

retro weaving

  • high bouffant;

high bouffant

  • hairstyles with headbands.

hairstyles with headbands

This list shows the most common ways to create evening hairstyles for medium hair. You can improve your hair with all sorts of accessories, beautiful hairpins, stones. The use of fresh flowers to decorate a wedding hairstyle has become very relevant.

How to create an evening hairstyle with your own hands?

Each girl seeks to make her image individual. Most of the fair sex with hair of medium length, prefer volumetric hairstyles with different weaves or curls.

Step-by-step process description:

  1. It is necessary to do a hairdress on clean hair, but it is best to wash your hair one day before a significant event.
  2. First, carefully comb your hair (for easy combing you can use special sprays).
  3. Next, we take separately small strands and curl curls with medium diameter forceps. It is best to curl from the middle of the strand - so the hair will look more voluminous and hold better.
  4. Then visually divide all the hair into three parts (two on the side and one on top). Each part is fixed with a barrette.
  5. The lower two parts can be twisted slightly with a braid or make a braid. It is best to collect a bundle by twisting two large strands of figure eight.
  6. The bundle is fixed with studs and stealth.
  7. Next, take the upper part and do a little bouffant. For combing you can use an ordinary comb with fine teeth.
  8. Gently comb the top of the hair and wind it over the already formed bundle.
  9. The added part of the hair also needs to be secured with pins. If you want to make a highlight in the evening hairstyle, then at the temple you can leave a small strand and curl it a little. A simple curl will elegantly develop and emphasize your individuality.
  10. To fix the hairstyle you need to use varnish. Spray hair, and everything is ready. With this hairstyle, you will look irresistible at any celebration.

how to create an evening hairstyle for medium hair

Hairstyle with bangs

Many girls prefer medium length haircuts with bangs. When creating an evening hairstyle, it will be quite difficult to remove a straight or torn fringe, but you can curl an elongated hair with a forceps or weave it into the bulk of the hair.

If you are the owner of elongated bangs, then it can be combed to one side, completely backwards or divided into two even strands.

The process of creating evening hair with bangs:

  1. We comb hair on all length.
  2. The bangs are divided into two uniform parts.
  3. The bulk of the hair is collected in a bun. Pre-hair can be screwed with forceps.
  4. Hair can be collected in a low tail and twist upwards (to make a kind of "coil").
  5. Bangs can be slightly tightened or combed in both directions evenly.

how to make an evening hair on medium hair with bangs

Tips from experienced stylists

When creating an evening hairstyle for medium hair at home, be sure to use the advice of experienced stylists:

  • choose a hairstyle in accordance with the outfit, manicure, makeup and accessories;
  • when choosing a hairstyle, consider the shape and color of the face;
  • choosing a hairstyle, be sure to consider the type of event that you plan to attend;
  • Do not create too complex and intricate hairstyles;
  • for laying use special tools.

Evening hairstyles for medium hair do it yourself: master class

Hair - the main constituent element of a holistic image of a girl. As you can see, to make an evening haircut on medium-length hair with your own hands is quite simple. To do this, you need to have only the desire and some skills weaving techniques. The main thing - remember that the evening hairstyle should always be completed and executed in the same style.