Evening dress in the greek style

It is difficult to find such a woman who would not nourish the love of dresses. The dress is the embodiment of femininity, sexuality and romance in one bottle. Evening dress in the Greek style combined the trend of ancient and modern fashion. Wearing it, the woman seems to be transferred to the era of ancient Greece and feels like a noble Greek beauty.

In the Greek dress there is not a hint of vulgarity or candor, on the contrary it is a reflection of elitism and a special style. In vain, some women consider such a dress to be too modest, the stylish simplicity of a Greek dress will attract much more looks to itself than a dress in which all women's charms open to an overview.

Evening dress in the Greek styleEvening dress in the Greek style

Evening dress in Greek style is especially fashionable in recent seasons and can often be found on the catwalks of fashion designers. Hollywood stars also do not bypass such dresses - Jessica Alba, Cindy Crawford, Beyonce Knowles, here is just a small list of famous women seen in Greek dresses. Initially, Greek dresses had a small palette of colors - white, cream, shades of ivory, but now you can find a Greek dress of almost any color. As well as the style, it can somewhat shy away from the classic one - the dress can be half or slightly lengthened, with or without a cut on the chest, with various prints and without.

How to choose an evening dress in the Greek style?

In shopping, be guided only by your personal feelings and the rule of "like-like", and not that fashionable and not fashionable. The price is also not always an important indicator, so do not be afraid to measure Greek dresses at a lower price than others, perhaps it will sit better than others. This dress is not worth buying in a hurry and in a hurry, choose yourself at least half of the day to go to fashion stores.

Evening dress in the Greek styleEvening dress in the Greek style

Do not be lazy to measure a lot of dresses, and only when you have several favorite dresses in mind, choose one. Usually, after long fittings, it is easy to determine to which dress the soul lies, and it needs to be preferred. But it is still important to consider other important details when buying a dress. Take a closer look, if your dress is not too tight for you, Greek dress must be distinguished by its spaciousness and free lines., but the spaciousness of course should be in moderation, the silhouette should stand out slightly in the dress, and not be completely hidden under the fabric. It is equally important to choose the color of the dress, color should be in harmony with your hair color, skin and eyes, This can only be determined by fitting or if you know the colors that are suitable for your color type, then you can measure the dress, focusing only on these colors.

Also, buying an evening dress in the Greek style, remember that it is painted with simplicity and minimalism. You should not get too frilly dress, better leave this advantage for bright accessories, because a dress without extra details can be decorated with various accessories and each time it will look a bit new.

What are the evening dresses in the Greek style?

  • Evening dresses in the Greek style are usually made of materials such as satin, chiffon or fine silk.Chiffon is most often used for decorating upholstery.
  • The upper part of the dress is found in a variety of variations, you can find a dress without a shoulder strap or with double and single shoulder straps. The dress can also have an open neckline, and maybe a closed one; the neckline is often decorated with various rhinestones or ribbons.

Evening dress in the Greek styleEvening dress in the Greek style

  • Special chic are evening dresses in the Greek style, complemented by a train, they enable a woman to feel like a real goddess at a celebration. The romantic image will help create a Greek dress, covered on top with a thin lace fabric. Behind such a dress can be open, closed or laced with wide ribbons.
  • Greek dress is perfect for pregnant women, it will hide all the bumps of their figure and emphasize the charm of such an exciting period in the life of a woman.
  • Perfectly the Greek dress will sit on the ladies with a magnificent breast, only in this case you should buy dresses with a V-neck on the chest.

Evening dress in the Greek styleEvening dress in the Greek style

  • The Greek dress with a full skirt looks interesting, but the skirt of a straight cut remains more traditional. There are models of Greek dresses, where the back is open below the waistline, and the edges of the cutouts in such a dress are often decorated with embroidery. Such a dress with a neckline can be safely worn at any celebration, and you will outshine anyone.
  • The most popular colors for evening dresses in the Greek style in 2012 are all shades of pink, peach, green, turquoise, celadon and all gentle pastel colors.But, of course, this does not mean that you should stick to exactly these shades when choosing a dress, trust your taste.
  • Dresses in the Greek style are created for almost any figure and are equally suitable for both full and slim ladies.

Evening dress in the Greek styleEvening dress in the Greek style

  • Tall women can wear such a dress with Greek sandals, matching an elegant little handbag and necklace.
  • Full or women of low stature is better to combine a Greek dress with high heels and a small handbag that can be worn over the shoulder.
  • There are no restrictions on Greek dress and aged women:it gives elegance and romance to young girls, and older women can emphasize their status and nobility with such a dress.
  • A Greek dress can simply become your magic wand, adding volume, where there is not enough and visually removing it from unnecessary places.

Evening dress in the Greek style is important not only in the warm season, but it can be worn in cold weather, hiding under outerwear. The style of the Greek dress is perfect, which is why it is often chosen as a wedding dress. Feel for yourself all the luxury and become a Greek dress - this feeling will add you confidence and shine in your eyes.

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