Estel hair shielding

Beauty industry does not stand still. New hair care methods are emerging. For example, shielding is a procedure for improving the state of curls. Today it can be done at home by yourself.

Hair shielding: what is it?

Hair shielding

Many wonder if hair shielding is another name for lamination procedure? No, these are completely different things. Laminate fastens flakes of damaged hair and creates a kind of protective coating from adverse external influences. The tool, which is applied when shielding, fills irregularities and microcracks. In addition, it is absorbed into the hair. Thus, a protective film not only appears on the hair, but also their intensive nourishment and restoration from the inside. The result is extra volume and glossy shine. The shielding agent can be either any selected shade or completely colorless.

Screening is recommended for women with split ends. The composition smoothes all the irregularities and seals the tips.

This treatment procedure makes the hair more elastic. After it, you need to spend much less effort on styling, while it is not necessary to use additional tools - a hair dryer and an ordinary comb are enough.

Hair gets extra volume. This becomes possible because the thickness of each hair increases by about 10 percent.

Hair shielding at home

If you have all the necessary tools for the procedure, it is not difficult to make hair shielding at home. The essence of technology:

  • Rinse your hair using a quality shampoo.
  • Apply balm on them, spreading it evenly.
  • Dry your head a little to make the curls slightly moist. It is advisable to do this without resorting to using a hair dryer.
  • Apply shielding evenly over all hair. If it has a coloring effect, pre-coat the skin along the hair growth contour with a greasy cream so that it does not get dirty during the procedure. After the time specified in the instructions, rinse the product under strong water pressure for at least 15 minutes.
  • Blow-dry your hair by setting it to hot.
  • Use the tool to secure, distributing it from root to tip.
  • Dry your hair again with a hair dryer.

How to do hair shielding at home?

  • Mastering the practice of screening is simple, the main thing is to choose the right tools for this. At the same time, note that the cost of a good screening kit cannot be low. Using cheap drugs, you risk not getting the desired result.

Hair shielding estel: reviews

  1. Rita: Estel's shielding was done to me in the cabin, the result was impressive. Hair became pleasant to the touch. I was able to comb freely without pulling the curls with the comb and not worrying about the falling hairs. After that, such a drug was brought to me from Poland, and now I do the procedure at home myself. The cumulative effect makes me very happy, although the result lasts only 4 weeks.
  2. In the first days after the procedure, performed independently, the hair strongly electrified. My friend advised me to rinse my hair with a balm after washing my hair and then apply the product. So I did - the problem is no more. We are pleased with the simplicity of using Estel hair shielding and a very fast effect. Some on the forums call it instant, but I feel it for about a month.
  3. Milena: I was advised of the screening procedure in the cabin instead of lamination. I did not notice any significant and fundamental differences during the application of Estel - it seemed to me that normal lamination was being carried out. After washing and drying their hair with a hairdryer, they became a bit heavier and less flexible. Inside, they said that gradually they will become softer again. At home, I could not take my eyes off my hair in the mirror: the effect was as if they were well moisturized: they were very smooth and easily moved between fingers. Nice feeling The effect lasted for 14 days, although, probably, it will be compensated by new procedures, as the masters in the salon told me. Therefore, I decided to buy Estel myself, since it can be applied at home. The cumulative effect of this procedure is already working - I used the tool myself 2 times. Hair became healthier.

Hair shielding: photo before and after

Estel hair shielding: photo

Estel hair shielding: photo

Escaping is a cosmetic procedure that significantly improves the appearance of hair, making it more shiny, smooth and manageable. The procedure is available not only in the cabin, but also at home. It is important to apply the screening agent according to the instructions! Spectacular view of curls provided at least a couple of weeks!

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