Errors in skin care


Not every woman can boast of clean, perfect, smooth skin, and this is due not only to the original natural data. It is worth considering whether you yourself make mistakes in skin care, and are not your skin problems just mistakes in the pursuit of beauty?

Error 1. Cosmetics from different companies

A lot of cosmetics on your toilet shelf - this is nice, of course, if it at least combines with each other, and when your cosmetics includes a variety of companies, then you are more likely to cause only harm to your skin. Many tools from different manufacturers may have almost the same effect, and mask under a different name. But this is still nothing; some products contain components that, when interacting with each other, can provide you with skin “dissatisfaction” - allergies, redness, acne, or a burning sensation. If you have noticed one of these signs, then this is a serious reason to reconsider your cosmetics.

It is not necessary to select all the means of strictly the same series, for example, if you use facial wash and cream from different manufacturers, it is not as scary as spreading on yourself different creams in one day from different companies. In general, it will be good if you, by trial and error, find for yourself the perfect cream that will solve several problems with the skin at once.

Mistake 2. Unreasonable struggle with acne

A single pimple can ruin your appearance and mood for a long time, your hands and stretch him squeeze, but you can not do this in any case. Squeezing the pimple, you do not eliminate it, but simply drive all the microbes inside, and as a result you get even longer healing, and sometimes the extruded pimple remains in the form of a small scar. But not to sit and calmly wait for him to pass? To begin, attach a piece of ice to this place, the inflammation will immediately subside, and then treat the pimple with salicylic acid or tea tree oil. Such remedies are distinguished by the fact that they can penetrate deep into the pores and kill germs. This will allow you to get even with a small pimple in a couple of hours, and with a stronger pimple, with a stronger pimple in a few days. In the meantime, you can disguise it with a pencil-corrector.

Error 3. Mania for cleansing the skin

Excessive cleansing can cause dryness, dehydration and even premature skin aging.. Any skin loves cleanliness, but when it literally squeaks with tension, it is unlikely to benefit her. Some women are guided by the principle that the purer, the better and thus destroy the lipid balance in the skin, as a result of which the sebum secretion can only increase. For cleansing and freshness of the skin, it is enough to wash twice a day - in the morning and in the evening, removing makeup. And this should be done with special cleansers. You can use scrubs for oily skin 1-2 times a week, with normal once a week, and dry 2-3 times a month.

Error 4. Fictitious skin sensitivity

Once a woman may notice irritation from any remedy, they may have sensitive skin and should be treated with particular care. In fact, sensitive skin is not as common and shows its reaction to many factors - food, climate, cosmetics, and even poor health. A one-time reaction to some action, such as a new cream, does not necessarily indicate the sensitivity of your skin - this may indicate that the remedy just does not suit you.

Error 5. Waiting for quick results

When buying a new cream, women expect results as if by magic, but usually the means with a long-term effect do not begin to act immediately. The effect can be noticed after several months and if you like the result, you can continue to use the cream further. And those creams that give an instant effect, as a rule, do not act with a perspective and penetrate the skin without affecting the inner layers. They are good to use for any celebration when you need to look at one hundred percent. By the way, another misconception that the skin can get used to the cream and periodically should be changed, if the cream suits you in everything, then you should not change it, it is much more important to find a good cream and use it constantly.

Error 6. Inattention to neck care

You can carefully and regularly take care of the skin of the face, but if you forget about the skin of the neck, it will immediately give you your age. It is very short-sighted to forget about caring for the neck, because the skin is thinner there than on the face, it ages faster, and with noticeable signs of fading, it is difficult to change. It is not at all difficult to care for her, it is enough to clean, moisturize and make peeling once a week. To do these procedures can be the same means as for the skin.

Error 7. Rely only on heredity

Cosmetology company conducted a survey that women are considered the main factor affecting the beauty of the skin. About 80% of Spanish women, Italians, Englishwomen and about half of Russian ladies answered that heredity plays the main role, and not the right permanent skin care and lifestyle. Yes, of course, it is impossible to deny the role of genes, experts say, but they define our beauty only by 25-30%, the rest is all up to us.

So that how you look now is the result of your relationship to yourself and how you look in the future depends on your lifestyle today. Everything is in your hands and you just need to show some perseverance and devote time to your health and beauty every day. To get started, get rid of bad habits, excess weight, start eating right, regularly visit a beautician, go to the gym, or at least run in the morning, but this should be done not from time to time, but constantly, then the result will be.

Instead of looking at the photos of beautiful girls with envy and sighing about how lucky they are in this life, think that not all of them are as perfect as they seem. Many of them spend a lot of time on caring for themselves, and you can do the same thing, just do not be lazy, and you will understand that beauty is the result of everyday labor.