Epilation and depilation

Currently, there are many ways to get rid of unwanted hair on the body. And more and more, you can hear terms such as hair removal and depilation. What is the difference between them? Both procedures - artificial hair removal. But the first allows you to almost permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation, and the second only for a short period of time. Moreover, not everyone knows that each method has its own indications and contraindications.

The difference between hair removal and depilation

The difference between hair removal and depilation

Our hair has a specific structure. Each of them consists of a root and follicle (a kind of matrix that forms the root cells and ensures their growth). A number of blood vessels, sebaceous and sweat glands fit the follicle, or, differently, the hair follicle. They are responsible for the nutrition of the hair, the intensity of its growth and protection.

Epilation is a method of hair removal, in which all the destructive effects are directed specifically on the hair follicles, and not the root or part of the hair, towering above the skin. This method requires multiple sessions. As hair removal takes place, active hair growth slows down, follicles gradually collapse. Naturally, they cannot be restored. This is the reason for the lasting effect of removing unwanted hair, as well as the difference between depilation and depilation in principle.

The number of necessary sessions depends on the individual characteristics of the organism. Epilation sessions are carried out only by qualified cosmetologists on specialized equipment in clinics.

Epilation is an expensive procedure that is not available to every woman. In addition, it is ineffective for owners of fair skin and light or red hair. Depilation is much more affordable, even if it is done in a beauty salon, using modern, very effective means.

Depilation is a more gentle hair removal method. It aims only at eliminating the roots or cutaneous part of the hairs. The hair follicle is not damaged and continues to function normally.

And depilation, unlike epilation, also does not require medical education, skills and special knowledge. This process is available to every woman. It can be done in a beauty salon or even at home.

How to choose which is better - depilation or hair removal?

How to choose which is better - depilation or hair removal?

Epilation is a definite intervention in the body. And, before you sign up for a session, you should consult with a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. The specialist will determine your skin type, hair, possibly check hormones. Sometimes it turns out that excessive vegetation on the body is caused by the hormones working incorrectly.

Advantages of hair removal:

  • the ability to get rid of unwanted hairs forever;
  • the ability to remove hair in the bikini area, face, neck, back, chest;
  • painless procedure.

Cons of epilation:

  • high price;
  • the need for multiple sessions;
  • the inability to carry out hair removal sessions at home;
  • the presence of multiple contraindications (dermatitis, infectious and oncological diseases, eczema, varicose veins, etc.).

Depilation does not have any harmful effects on the body. This is a simple and affordable way to remove hair, however, not without its drawbacks.

Depilation advantages:

  • simplicity and availability;
  • the ability to remove hair at home;
  • instant result.

Depilation Cons:

  • short term effect;
  • discomfort and pain when using wax, depilatories;
  • side effects (itching, irritation, hairs ingrown into the skin).

Modern types of epilation and depilation

Modern types of epilation and depilation

Today in cosmetology use several ways of carrying out an epilation:

  • exposure to hair follicles by electric current (electrolysis);
  • destruction of the hair follicles by a light beam (photoepilation);
  • getting rid of unwanted hair with a laser (laser hair removal);
  • simultaneous effect on hair follicles by electric current and light pulse (Elos epilation).

Depilation is performed using the following methods and means:

  • depilatory cream;
  • depilatories;
  • hot wax;
  • shugaring (thick caramel paste is applied on the treated areas of the body);
  • shaving with a loom is the easiest way to depilate at home.

Whatever method of depilation and hair removal you choose, remember the side effects and the need for prior consultation with a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. Both methods allow you to get rid of unwanted hairs on the body, the difference between them is only in the method of implementation and the final result.

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