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Removal of unwanted hair from various parts of the body today is a necessity for both sexes, and for many it has already become a habit no less stable than the morning shower. Often used for this electric razor. But in this case there are a lot of nuances that are difficult for beginners. Which electric shaver is better? How to choose it? How to carry out the procedure?

How to choose an electric razor?

As in the case of other electrical appliances, the choice of an electric shaver requires a good understanding of its technical characteristics, appearance assessment and ergonomics. But if the last points are always individual, then in the first one you can identify common key points that you need to rely on.

Attention deserves the shaving system, today divided into 2 types. Most often there are models with a mesh, sometimes called oscillatory. It removes the hairs hidden under a very fine mesh made of metal, blades that are in the active reciprocating motion. Behind them is a vibrator that drives the blades into action. The undoubted advantage of such a system, according to the manufacturer, is the reduced risk of injury to the skin, since the cutting part is protected by a net. And such electric shavers are oriented on long hairs and excessively sensitive skin, as well as those with rashes.

Electric shaver: which one is better?

Dr. shaving system - rotary. It is based on the still vibrating knives, but working through rotation. On the head of the electric shaver there are 3 circles, assembled from miniature blades, which are to be replaced every 2 years. The main advantage of such a system is the ability to cope with unevenly growing hairs, so shaving with it turns out cleaner.

The next point is the number of shaving heads. Here, of course, the principle “the more the better the better” is actively used, but it also increases the cost of the device. The more attractive 3 heads instead of 1? Clean shave. The rotor systems for the most part have 2-3 heads, and the mesh ones from 1 to 3. But in addition to this, the speed and direction of their rotation, as well as their flexibility, can vary. Today, models with floating heads are in demand, ideally repeating the lines of the part of the body that is subject to epilation.

An important factor for many women who are used to shaving after a shower or bath is the ability of the electric razor to remove hair on wet skin. Not all models are equipped with such a function, since the electric shaver was originally created as a device used where there is no access to water. However, leading brands have already added a similar feature. Some have gone even further: in their models there are even tanks where gel or lotion is poured. A nice addition is that cleaning appliances suitable for wet shaving is much easier as they can be rinsed in running water.

The last key point is the ability of the electric shaver to operate on battery. This will allow you to take it on the road or use it in the absence of access to the network. But the most convenient model, which operates in any of the cases: from the network, and from the battery. This increases the guarantee that at the wrong time you will not have to be without a device for hair removal.

Of course, an electric shaver can still have many functions, the benefits of which are controversial or felt by few. For example, men should look at models with a trimmer, which allows to cut the hair at the temples or neck, as well as vary the length of the bristles. Women do not need this function. Self-cleaning system, battery charge indicator, the ability to adjust the voltage, overcharge protection - these nuances on the quality of shaving have no effect, so they are taken into account last. However, undoubtedly, they significantly increase the level of comfort when working with an electric razor.

Electric shaver: reviews on the most popular models

In the area of ​​rotary shaving systems, the leading line was taken by Philips. Braun and Panasonic share this position in reticulated ones. But even in such conditions it is difficult to say which brand is most attractive with its products and which electric shaver will suit everyone. Therefore you should read the reviews regarding the most famous models, learning about their strengths and weaknesses.

Electric shaver: which one is better?

The most frequently purchased is a Braun model with the 320S-4 Series 3 marking, which has a razor net system and is designed for a dry procedure. The trimmer attachment is attached with the device, but it is not adapted to hard hair and shaves hairs, according to reviews, is bad. Therefore, it is not recommended to focus on it. The electric shaver needs 1 hour for a full charge, it lasts more than a month. This model is called the best in terms of price and quality, since at a low cost ($ 80-85) it gives a good result if perceived as a razor, but not a trimmer.

An even more budget option is the PanasonicES-6003, which costs already $ 65-70. By the principle of operation, this copy is also with a mesh system, but with 2 heads, in addition, they are floating. The disadvantage noted in the product reviews is the high degree of noise emitted by the electric razor during operation. The device charges from 0% to 100% for about 8 hours, holds a charge for no more than a week, if used daily. The model supports a wet shave, removes hair quality. After a year the blades are all the same sharp, do not require sharpening.

The Philips brand is considered to be the most popular Ladyshave Sensitive, oriented, as the name implies, on women, however, proven and on men. In general, brand electric shavers work out well, but not great. This model is ideal for sensitive skin, because it really allows you to shave without irritation. The kit comes with a floating head attachment, the functionality may not only dry, but also wet shaving. Charging time - up to 10 hours. The price of the model is $ 55-60. The total cost for electric shavers today is in the range from $ 30 to $ 200. Rare models may have a higher or lower price.

How to shave an electric razor: tips

Even in the technology of working with an electric razor, there are nuances, the main one of which is the difference between a simple machine and an electric device. From design to principle of action - everything is different in them. Therefore, the shaving procedure is a little different.

Electric shaver: which one is better?

In particular, a razor on the skin should never be crushed: its touch should be as careful and careful as possible. A well-functioning system and well-sharpened blades in such a position will cut off hairs evenly, and in a different scenario, even pressing will not bring results, not counting injury to the skin. It is often manifested by irritation, and in more severe cases, by cuts.

Attempts to press the shaver's head against the skin are born of the myth that the classic machine has a cleaner job, since there is no protective net between the skin and the blades. As a result, supposedly the hair is captured and clipped above, and therefore, it looks slightly above the surface. This is a delusion, because the hair is completely entrapped under the net, and it is clipped at its base. But the mesh becomes a guarantee of safety for the skin. Because the need for pressure disappears.

But before the shaving process, the skin (especially oily) is necessarily cleaned, and a lotion or other remedy (gel, cream) is applied, which is given time to dry, and which the shaving head will slide. It is also important to ensure the sharpness of the blades, after which you can begin the process of hair removal itself against the direction of their growth. In the case when it is uneven, professionals advise to make rotational movements of the electric razor. For models with a rotor system, this is the usual pattern of action. Versions with a net shaving system should only move forward and backward: they cannot make circular motions. But the most important rule of working with an electric razor is smoothness.

After the procedure, the area, which was subjected to hair removal, is washed with cold water and treated with lotion. Then comes the stage of cleaning the electric shaver, carried out depending on the model dry or by rinsing under running water. If contact with moisture is unacceptable for it, the remains of the hairs are destroyed with a special brush from the blades.

Considering which electric shaver is better, study the technical characteristics and price range of the models on the market, read the reviews on the copies you like, be sure to find out everything about its components when you buy. Timely replacement of parts and keeping the appliance clean will extend its service life regardless of price and will make use comfortable and safe.

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