Easy hairstyles to school


No matter how old your daughter is, for you she will always be a little defenseless crumb, at least as long as she goes to school. And of course, any mother wants her child to be the smartest and most beautiful. Therefore, you pay attention to her appearance and, of course, her hair.

Options for simple hairstyles to school

If the hair is long, then you can try to make a tail with a high, dense bang and decorate it with a beautiful rubber band with a flower or a bow. Junior classes will have several small tails connected together in a checkerboard pattern in the form of a grid, zigzag or crosswise.

The traditional pigtail can also be the basis for a beautiful hairstyle, for example, you can combine several small braids and one big one. In general, there are a lot of braids - spikelets, dragons, fishtail, French braids, they can be decorated with beautiful rubber bands, hairpins and bright satin ribbons.

Easy hairstyles to school: how to do?

The ordinary bundle has been very popular lately, since it is done quickly and simply, but it looks very elegant. To do this, collect the hair high on the top in a neat bunch and fasten it with a hairpin or a flower.

Modern and light hairstyles for girls of any age are hairstyles using a bandage. To make this styling, put on an elastic band or a bandage under your hair and begin to slowly pull out each strand, bend and lay the hair under the elastic.

Easy hairstyle do it yourself

Hairstyles for girls to school should be as simple as possible. For example, straight loose hair can also be a good foundation.

Apply styling to damp hair. Divide into a flat parting right in the center. Then gently start the side locks behind the ears. Hair is ready, now you need to wait only for the final drying of the hair.

Easy hairstyles to school: how to do?

Stylish haircut "Double chic"

This stylish and feminine hairstyle will look amazing on both medium and long hair.

Comb your hair on a horizontal parting. Lay the bottom part by adding a little more hair at the top, trying to add side strands to the top of the hair. Then fasten the upper part in a tight tail, strands can be screwed, and you can leave just like that. Screw the bottom of the curling iron so that you get a little curls. The hairstyle is almost complete, fix it with hairspray and complement the image with accessories, a ribbon on the upper tail or a beautiful rubber band.

"Fluffy braid" - original and beautiful!

To achieve such an original hairstyle should stock up a large amount of hair mousse. It is precisely the laying facilities that make it possible to achieve such an amazing effect. For school it is not necessary to use any decorations and accessories, but if there is a reason, then you can always add a hair style.

Easy hairstyles to school: how to do?

Apply styling product to damp hair and carefully spread it over the entire length. Comb the curls on 1 side and dry with a round brush or hair dryer. If there is a bang, it should be combed on 1 side and braided hair in a regular braid to the side. Do not make weaving too tight. After you dock the braid, fasten it with an elastic band and gently fluff the side braids of the braid. This will make the braid more voluminous. It is worth noting that it is thanks to the mousse hairstyle looks and neat.

Simple hairstyle to school "Smooth style"

Great hairstyle for serious school activities or everyday wear. Especially suitable for girls with long straight hair.

To do this hairstyle should be clean hair. To do this, comb them and select several side strands on the 1st side. From them braid a pigtail or a side cone. Then weave fasten on the opposite side with a barrette and fix the hair with hairspray.

Of course, every hairstyle should be discussed with your child. Girls of any age have different preferences in the choice of styles. If primary school girls can do with pigtails and tails, then older girls appreciate more complex hairstyles. In this case, it is very important to learn how to correctly pick up the styling products so as not to injure the hair. It is also important to pay attention to the bangs, it should not interfere with the review and impair vision. It can be removed in a braid or a harness, or stabbed with a beautiful hairpin. The first time you can do hair with your daughter, and then the girl can handle herself.