Easy hairstyles for every day


Beautiful, clean, well-groomed hair, arranged in a beautiful hairstyle, can make a woman simply irresistible. Light beautiful hairstyle can not only make men turn after you, but also give a feeling of confidence in their beauty and success.

But very often we simply don’t have time to create something really beautiful for the time we are going. If you want to be always irresistible and cause admiration for your elegance, use easy hairstyles for every day. They will not take a lot of time, but they will make you a real princess.

Original light hairstyle for every day

You can use one of the easiest to perform, but very original hairstyle - the French braid.The simplest is the cross-weave of 2 braids. Comb your hair gently back. Align the strands and collect the hair behind the ears. Then, at the crown, separate the strand of hair, dividing into 3 braids of the same size. Pierce the lower hair with special long flat clips so that they do not interfere with you. Now proceed to the weaving. Put the left strand on the middle, then right.

Collect all strands, separately in one hand, preferably in the right. Take on the right side small strands and weave them into the center right strand. If pinned hair clip, release them. After that, put the whole strand on the right side onto the middle one, and then move it slightly to the right. Make sure that the main 3 strands are not mixed. Simultaneously release your left hand. Now take a straight strand on the left and add to the main strand on the left side. Put the left strand on the center, and move it to the left. To spit tight, hands tightly pressed to the head. Repeat everything in a circle until all the hair has been braided. You can make one or two braids at the end. Twist the two braids with each other in the classical way, and fasten one on the end with an elastic band or weave a ribbon. Do not forget to decorate your hair with some decorative elements. On other ways of weaving, read the article French hairstyles: braids.

The easiest hairstyle for every day

You can make a hairstyle that will be appropriate for special occasions, and for a normal day. Try styling in waves. This hairstyle will give a natural look, lightness and freshness to your image. To do this, take the foam, gel or mousse for hair styling, curling iron or hair curlers, do not forget to comb with rare teeth. Now you need to determine what type of hair you have: curly, dense, thin or straight. It depends on what means of laying is better to choose. If the weather is cloudy or a strong enough wind, it is better to opt for a styling tool with a strong fixation. Be sure to wash your hair and dry it with a towel. Then apply a styling product, comb your hair, bending your head back, so the tool will be distributed along the entire length.

Now you need to choose the size of curlers. If you like small curls, choose thin hair curlers, if you like large curls, use large-sized hair curlers. For a more sustainable result, you can use hot rollers. Then blow-dry your hair, and, after allowing your hair to cool, carefully remove the curlers. After half an hour, start combing your hair with rare teeth and gently comb your hair, or rather just pass it through your fingers.

Hairstyles with a bandage on the forehead will help to create a feminine image.

Useful tips for easy hairstyles for every day

  • Weaving the French braid only at first glance looks quite complicated. But for owners of hair of large and medium length, it can be a great hairstyle for every day. It is easy enough to decorate it with any decorative elements.
  • For hair styling waves, you can use curling iron, not curlers. The only thing, be careful, do not keep very long hair on the curling in order not to spoil the hair.
  • You can very quickly make a light hair in a Hollywood style., just curling the tips of the curls in or out and sprinkling them with varnish.
  • If you have bangs, useful tips can be found in the article Hairstyles for hair with bangs.

How to make light hair fast?

To begin with, wash your hair, carefully picking up the shampoo and balm-conditioner.

  • If you want to give your hair fluffiness To transform the usual hairstyle, apply foam or gel on wet hair, and then dry it with a hairdryer. It is better to use foam and mousse for thin and thin hair.
  • Want to get wet hair effect - apply gel to dry hair. Now go to the hairdryer. Lift the hair from the roots with a massage brush and dry a little. So you give them the direction of laying and the desired amount. For owners of short haircuts, hair should be dried using a brush and slightly twisting them.

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Light hairstyles for long hair for every day

To create hairstyles on long hair, lift and dry the hair at the roots. Then begin to dry them along the entire length strand by strand.

Curl your hair on a brush or wind it on a curler that is well breathable. Through them, the warm air from the dryer will fall on the hair and dry it well. After you have blown your hair, rub the hair at the roots, giving the desired volume. Now take and divide the hair into two parts. Braid two loose braids, starting at half of the resulting tail. Then connect them from behind and secure with decorative clip with rhinestones. Fix hair with lacquer or leave to curls slightly knocked out of the hair, creating the effect of airiness.

Easy hairstyles for every day: video

If you have medium length hair, you will find tips on styling in the article Everyday Hair Styles for Medium Length Hair.

Hair decorates every woman, so they should always be clean, well-groomed and healthy. If you do not care for your hair, then any effort to give a woman a great view will be reduced to "no." It is better to opt for one of the easy hairstyles, which do not require too much effort and time to create and give a gorgeous look to any woman.