Dysort effects


Mimic wrinkles can manifest and progress at any age. This is due to the mobility of the facial muscles. Representatives of the weaker sex are ready to deal with the problem by any means. In the course are masks, cosmetic procedures and Botox. Dysport is a healthy competition for these methods - a drug used in the form of injections.

Dysport: contraindications

The drug has some contraindications. These include:

  1. Acute diseases
  2. Hypersensitivity to dysport components
  3. Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Dysort effects

In addition, the diaspora has side effects. Do not be alarmed if you have headaches, it seems that the flu has started or will be sick. Normal are various skin rashes, pain in the area of ​​injections, swelling.

Side effects are reversible and pass by themselves.

It is worth noting that muscle atrophy when injecting with disport does not occur. This is only a temporary blockage in which blood continues to circulate to the muscles. After some time, they are restored, wrinkles reappear, which means you need to again resort to using injections.

All side effects of Dysport are temporary. After 2 weeks, visible undesirable effects can be corrected. But they can also pass by themselves - the drug acts on the muscles for about six months.

Dysport and alcohol

After the procedure, drinking alcohol can lead to side effects. The diasport itself easily penetrates the connective tissue. Alcohol expands blood vessels, therefore, the risk of undesirable effects on the body increases. Diasport and alcohol are incompatible! For a similar reason, increased blood circulation, after injections for as long as 10 more days you can not go to the bath or sauna.

Dysport action

  • No matter how scary it sounds, in fact, the diasport is a toxin. The poison acts on nerve receptors, paralyzing the facial muscles. As a result, wrinkles are smoothed in the area of ​​injections. If the medicine is introduced incorrectly, then it is possible to immobilize completely different zones, which were initially chosen.
  • The action of the diasport affects fine wrinkles in the nose, eyes and forehead. Often the drug is compared with Botox. Both anti-wrinkle products are based on the same substances. The difference is only in the formula and the country of the manufacturer (France and America).
  • Muscles begin to contract due to impulses from the nervous system. Conduct impulses mediators - special substances. Diasport blocks their entry. The pulse fades, the muscles relax. During the time that the muscles are frozen the skin is smoothed, it becomes elastic, and as a result, the process of formation of new wrinkles slows down. The effect of the drug can be seen in 2-3 days. To injure the place of injections after the procedure is impossible.
  • Injections are usually made without anesthesia, it can interfere with the action of the drug. The patient is immediately released home. After the procedure, 4-6 hours you can not take a vertical position.

Dysport Injection: reviews

Dysport Injection: reviews

  1. It is not necessary to consider the diasport panacea. There are reviews of people who have no effect after the injection was not observed. This does not mean that the medicine did not work. Just not every body takes the drug.
  2. Some people, on the contrary, are frightened by the complete disappearance of wrinkles after an injection. The effect of the drug, they compare with the doll face.
  3. The clinic where you plan to give diasport injections should have a license to carry out medical activities. Injection of the drug - it is not just cosmetic manipulation. It should be done by a specialist with medical education. The doctor determines the need to use the diasport, the individual characteristics of the body, the location of injections and the dosage that will suit this patient.
  4. Doctors consider the drug one of the safest today. Complications and negative effects with proper use are practically non-existent.

The diasport prevents the appearance of new wrinkles and serves to prevent the deepening of old ones. On average, it lasts for 3-6 months, after which you can repeat the injection. The visible result from the action of the diasport does not appear immediately after the procedure. Each person has a different exposure period - from several days to several weeks.