Drawings on short nails


Many women tend to believe that the drawings on the nails are created only for owners of long claws. In fact, on short nails, you can create a large number of equally beautiful patterns. Moreover, the painting on short nails even has its advantages over painting on long nails.

The benefits of short nails

  • If you have ever had long nails, you know how long it takes to paint on them. If the nails are artificial, then time is spent even more. After all, in order to correct them and beautifully paint, you should first register in the salon, wait patiently for your turn, and then sit on a long procedure. With short nails everything is much easier.
  • Short nail carecheaper than long. The cost of an ordinary manicure and artificial nail correction cost significantly different from each other.
  • Short nails are most often cared for at home, which means less risk that you pick up the infection from non-sterile tools by the manicurist.
  • With short nails more convenient. And at work on the computer, and while driving, and when doing homework.
  • Long nails often break. Which means more likely to damage the drawing, which you put so hard.

Drawings on short nailsDrawings on short nails

Well, we convinced you? Then go to the next stage. Consider what you can draw on short nails, and what pictures to create is not recommended.

What is not recommended to draw on short nails?

  • It is not necessary to use as a background for the painting of bright-colored pearl lacquer. It visually makes the nail shorter and thicker.
  • Do not fill the image of the entire space of the nail plate. The nail will appear wider than it really is.
  • Do not create drawings on the nails containing large items.
  • Do not cover the narrower part of the nail with dark varnish.
  • Do not apply the quality of the pattern on the nails horizontal stripes.

whatYou can draw on short nails? What patterns visually lengthen the nails?

What to draw on short nails?

  • For creating background of the future pattern, use bright varnishes in dark shades.
  • Use as many vertical stripes and lines as possible.
  • Be sure to leave space on the nail, which will be free from the picture. It is better if it will be the edges of the nail.
  • Try to create on short nails more simple drawings. They are much more profitable to emphasize the short nail.
  • When creating a picture on short nails, try to shift the pattern sideways to the nail. This pattern looks more neat than a drawing located in the center of the nail.

Drawings on short nailsDrawings on short nails

  • Always cover the wider part of the nail plate with a dark shade of lacquer. So youvisually make the nail more narrow.
  • If you want to, visually lengthen the nail, apply a vertical pattern exactly in the center of the nail.
  • If you have very wide nails, leave part of the nail plate, unpainted on the sides. Make sure everything looks neat.
  • Drawings on short nailsshould be flat. Otherwise, you only visually shorten and widen the nails.

But how to choose from the variety of existing drawings on short nails one that will look more advantageous on your nails? Read on!

How to choose a pattern for short nails?

  • If a your oval nails, and the protruding part of the nail plate is semicircular, you are most suitable for bright shades of lacquers, with the help of which you will draw patterns on nails. Drawing, best of all, choose a neater and gentle.

Drawings on short nailsDrawings on short nails

  • If your square shaped nails, you most fit a variety of graphic images. At the same time, to perform them, best of all, varnishes bright shades.
  • Classic French manicuresuitable for owners of nails absolutely any shape!

And short nails can be decorated with a magnificent pattern. You just need to choose the right pattern and colors of varnishes, with which you will create drawings on short nails!

Good luck in your endeavors!

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