Drainage massage for health and beauty


Drainage massage is a good way out for injuries of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the skeletal and muscular systems, edema, varicose veins and lymphostasis. This type of massage improves the circulation of blood, lymph, extracellular fluid and removes vascular squeezing, and also has an excellent effect on metabolism.

Drainage massage techniques are soft and smooth. This massage eliminates sudden movements, pats, a strong pressure on various parts of the body.

Drainage massage session

Drainage massage is best entrusted to a specialist who does not harm you. Choose a qualified master, only he can competently carry out the procedure as efficiently as possible. Any massage is a medical procedure, and you should not do this procedure yourself at home without consulting a doctor. Remember and contraindications: if you have a tendency to form blood clots, it is better to choose another type of massage.

Drainage massage for health and beauty

Before the procedure, the master can perform a local massage of individual parts of the body. This increases the effectiveness of the drainage massage. The duration of the first session should not exceed 10 minutes, and subsequent sessions can last 20 minutes. Already after the first session of the massage, the pain in the muscles of the legs and joints disappears, the general condition improves and the efficiency increases.

The main techniques of drainage massage

With bronchitis often use this type of massage. And to combat the disease massage should be intense. Begin from the sides in several approaches, then go to the sacrum and up to the trapezius muscles. Next comes the shift to the middle of the back, followed by the upper back and neck. Only then begin to knead the joints. Then the whole circle must be repeated, but with greater intensity for 15 minutes.

If you have already decided to carry out such a massage at home and cure the patient of bronchitis. Remember that before the massage you need a warm bath, and after the massage it is necessary to wrap the patient in the coat and let it rest for at least half an hour. And of course, check the temperature before the procedure, it should not be high. Even with the slightest hint of complications such a massage is contraindicated. This is again decided by a medical professional.

Drainage massage for health and beauty

If you get rid of cellulite with lymphatic drainage, then the technique will be somewhat different. At home, this can be repeated except with special equipment - a device for creating vibration.

Drainage massage is an excellent prevention and treatment of varicose veins. When conducting a foot massage, the lower limb should be raised 30 degrees. First, massage the muscles of the thigh, then the lower leg. At the very end, the entire area of ​​the massaged part of the body is smoothed from the foot to the groin area. The movements should be gliding and smooth, without clapping and squeezing. Already the first session will relieve swelling and pain in the legs.

Drainage facial massage

For faces you should also have a minute, or rather 10 minutes. Lymphatic drainage massage for the face, neck and décolleté is necessary for cleansing and maintaining skin tone. After several procedures, the face is smoothed, tightened, wrinkles disappear, and in addition, you will say goodbye to the second chin.

Drainage massage for health and beauty

It is best to perform a facial massage twice a year, in addition to deep cleansing and other procedures that your skin needs. Self-massage at home should begin and end with a light stroking of the skin. Your movements should not be sharp, chopping or pinching, facial massage should not bring pain or discomfort. Massage movements should be directed from the middle. If there are deep wrinkles on the face, the movements should pass along them also from the middle.

With the help of lymphatic drainage you can help yourself from different sides, the main thing is not to engage in independent activities without clear instructions and knowledge of physiology.