Down jacket after washing


Down jacket - comfortable, lightweight and very warm outerwear. It can make a worthy competition to expensive sheepskin coats and overly pretentious fur coats. The difficulty lies in one thing - in the care. A down jacket looks very unpresentable after washing, if down has gone astray. What to do in such a situation and how to return the product to its previous appearance?

When buying a new down jacket, we always carefully evaluate the quality of the material, the seams, the filler and almost never think about how to wash the new clothes. But after all, any thing gets dirty with time and requires cleaning, and jackets for fluff often lose their presentable appearance after washing, because the filler becomes lumpy and becomes thin. Therefore, despite the practicality, any down jacket requires special care - proper drying and washing. But, if it so happened that the filler turned into bumps, clothes need urgent help.

What to do if, after washing down jacket, the fluff got lumpy?

Wash down jacket

  1. Spread the clothes on a horizontal plane (preferably on a clothes dryer) and pinch the out-of-shape filler with your hands.
  2. If the mounds are poorly straightened out, use the method of contrast drying. Alternately take out wet clothes in the cold, then in the heat, each time pinching and beating the entrapped "entrails".
  3. You can break the lumps using the washing machine. It should load the washed down jacket together with tennis balls (3 pcs.) And turn on the "spin" mode. And even better to use for these purposes small balls with pimples, which are played by small children to develop fine motor skills. Or buy special hedgehog balls in the hardware store, designed for washing stuffed with downy filling.Wash down jacket with hedgehog balls
  4. Dry the wet thing with a hairdryer from the seamy side and beat it vigorously and crush the bumps with your hands. Use only cold air: hot will make fluff brittle.
  5. If it turned out that the clothes were completely dry, and you didn’t have time to straighten them, use the usual beater for carpets and carpets. Spread a damp cloth under the down jacket, place it on the sofa or on the floor and gently knock it out.

So that you do not have to face such problems, and then look for ways to restore the down jacket after washing in a washing machine, you should initially correctly “bring to life” things with this filler. For such products there are special tools, appliances that facilitate washing and subsequent care.

How to wash a down jacket in an automatic machine and dry it?


Pooh is an organic filler, in respect of which a special treatment is always used so that it does not collect into lumps. But there are still special requirements for home cleaning products:

  • It is possible to wash such outerwear in a typewriter using a special mode for down-padded coats. If this is not the case, the "delicate wash" function is used. At the same time the temperature of heating water should not be more than 30 ° C;
  • put tennis balls or special hedgehog balls for washing in a washing machine drum together with a down-padded coat. They well beat the product and do not allow the filler to stray;
  • Only delicate laundry detergents without bleach can be used as laundry detergent. For example, children's or special liquids for down products;
  • after washing, additional rinsing is necessary, because the down absorbs detergents that are hard to rinse off very well. This may cause ugly stains on the material;
  • washed clothes are dried only in a horizontal position, without underlays of towels or blankets (this prevents air circulation);
  • during drying, it is advisable to beat the clothes periodically, so that the filler is evenly distributed;
  • jackets can not be dried for a long time, more than a day, otherwise they acquire an unpleasant musty smell. To speed up drying, clothes can be put close to the heat source: battery, oil heater, etc.

It is even better to wash up minor contaminants with special means for products with down and feather filling, or to wash the thing by hand, without soaking.

Now you know what can be done, if in the down jacket after washing, the down has gone astray and the product has lost its presentation. Most importantly, remember that you can return your clothes to their original condition. Throw away your favorite or recently purchased thing because of filler lumped in exactly not worth it. It is enough just to tinker with her a bit - and she will continue to serve faithfully and faithfully.