Do-it-yourself poncho


Poncho has always been in fashion. This is the national Indian clothing, which is a rectangular canvas in the center with a special hole for the head.

Poncho - an indispensable thing in the wardrobe of a woman. It is very convenient at any time of the year. It can be worn with a skirt and pants. Any woman can sew the simplest poncho for herself, as it is very simple to perform. When sewing a poncho, you always need to think about what time of year it is sewn, as it is necessary to choose the right fabric. For example, for winter and autumn, you need to take fabrics such as wool, cashmere, drape, knitwear, for the summer version flax, silk, and chiffon are used. For warmed ponchos, lining fabric is needed. Get a so-called poncho coat.

Poncho can be decorated very beautifully:arrange on the edges and fur and other finishing fabric, various ruffles, ruffles, if it is something summer, then use lace and various sequins. If you can embroider, this is doubly better. Both on warm, and on easier poncho option, it is possible to embroider drawings, various on an ornament. The one who wishes to emphasize the waist, wears a poncho with a wide belt. The main fantasy!

In shops poncho costs a lot of money. And the more interesting and more complex the product, the more expensive it is. However, such an interesting outfit can sew and novice! Here, not only fantasy is needed, but desire!

How to sew a poncho with your own hands?

  • Any model poncho can be sewn, having a basic pattern. The proposed poncho is suitable for sizes 40-50. The length of the back: about 80cm.
  • For sewing products you need:
  1. Any fabric 2m wide 150cm
  2. Flizelin H 180.
  3. Paper pattern It should be prepared according to the drawing from paper according to the proposed drawing, which is located below.
  • Allowances: Sections - 2 cm, seams - 1.5 cm.
  • Cut the poncho:

  1. before - 1 detail with a fold
  2. backrest - 1 fold detail
  3. collar 63 cm long and 20 cm wide, already 10 cm in finished form.

Strengthen the collar piece.

  • Completing of the work:
  1. First you need to stitch the shoulder cuts back and front. Allow seams for ironing.
  2. Then sew short cuts at the collar. Sew one collar cut into the neck so that the seam of the collar is aligned with the middle of the back. Half turn the collar to the side of the wrong side, place the lower section of the inner half of the collar half so that it is above the seam of stitching the collar.
  3. The line should be stitched at the product only from the front side, so that it would pass exactly into the seam of stitching the collar. Iron all allowances along the cuts and bottom to the wrong side, press and carefully sew by hand. Never stitch the bottom of the product is better to sew by hand, so it looks very ugly on the product and spoils the appearance. Yes, it is very painstakingly to foil by hand, but very beautiful.
  4. Buttons on the poncho can be swept by hand, but only very carefully or with a special sewing machine to handle the edges of the loops. Buttons can be sewn all over the product, you can only use one very large at the top. The rest can be sewn inside the product or you can use buttons that are easy to sew by hand. Place the buttons on the product as you wish: at least in two rows, at least in a row.

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Poncho is sewn very quickly and easily. A lot of time does not take. The main thing - to choose the right fabric and prepare the pattern. And the spectacular product is ready. And how you will wear it and with what to combine, you decide. Good luck!

Especially for Alenka