Diy leather jewelry

Leather as a material became popular many, many years ago. And this is no accident! The material is durable, but at the same time soft, not fadeable and flexible, in general, almost universal.

About the properties of the skin has become known since the time when the first hunt began, and the men proudly hung their trophies on leather laces. Of course, fashion and tradition have changed, but leather jewelry did not become less popular. Many women of fashion now prefer leather, besides, the material is perfectly combined with leather boots or bags. It is very stylish, spectacular and original!

Leather brooch

Starting is always better with the simplest. You will need to "fry" jewelry in the literal sense of the word. For the manufacture of such brooches require a frying pan, stove and trimming unnecessary skin.

DIY leather jewelry

Take plain paper and cut a flower out of it of any shape and size that you want. Then transfer the pattern to the skin and also cut the flower. Put the leather flowers in a hot frying pan facing up. When the edges begin to shrink, immediately remove the flower from the fire. Let the flowers cool down, and you at this time pass the bead on the hairpin. She will become the center of the brooch. Take an awl, and in each blank, make two holes, thread the flower onto the hairpin, twist the ends together. Now cut a small circle out of leather, apply glue on it, insert a pin and glue it on the reverse side of the flower. Brooch is ready.

In the same way you can make a necklace. Transfer the drawing to the skin, cut and fry in a pan. While the billet is still warm, wrap it in a chain. Necklace is ready. Simple and beautiful.

You can make and bow. From the skin, cut the bow. Fry, wait until the leather pieces have cooled slightly, and fasten them together. This bow is suitable for decorating a regular belt, bag or rim.

DIY leather jewelry

Leather jewelry: master class

Let's try to make "chocolate" leather decoration.

For it, you will need black and brown thin leather, black leather lace, 4 large beads (you can take any, but better flatter), 10 gold-colored beads, you will also need silver fittings - a ring, a carbine and 2 trailers. The following tools are required to create leather jewelry: sharply sharpened scissors, 2 pairs of small-sized forceps, needle-nose pliers, pliers, hole punch, and a ruler.

  • Now you can get to work. From black and brown skin, cut 2 strips approximately 13 cm long, and 2.5–3 cm wide. Moreover, the black strip should be made several mm wider than the brown one. Round the corners.
  • Then fold the segments exactly between each other and use the hole punch to make holes at about the same distance.

DIY leather jewelryDIY leather jewelry

After that, cut a leather about 55 cm long from the skin and start to thread it through the holes on the skin. As a result, you get a charming leather flower.

Tighten the cord and tie a knot on each side of the flower. Also, on each side, gently put on a golden ball. Now comes the bead and the ball again. Secure the structure with knots.

Cut the brown leather strips again, but this time about 10 cm long. Lay them on top of each other and re-make the holes with the punch. Thread the ends of the laces into the holes made and make the flowers, now they will be brown. Secure the necklace with knots, and put gold balls on the cord. Then, on each side of the string, string one bead and one ball of gold color.

DIY leather jewelryDIY leather jewelry

Cut 2 more black strips of leather about 9 cm long, make holes in them with a hole punch. And on each side make the last flower. Tighten the knots, add gold balls and fix the knots.

Now think about how long you want to leave the decoration, cut off the unnecessary cord and with the help of tongs, put on the accessories - carbine, end switches and a ring. That's it, your original and unique accessory is ready!

DIY leather jewelryDIY leather jewelry

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Handmade leather necklace

Leather necklaces look very stylish, and it will not hurt any fashionista to have at least a couple of such necklaces in her wardrobe. Besides, making them is not as difficult as it seems, at first glance.

To make this necklace, you will need: leather (you can choose any color, it doesn’t have to be dark), leather lace about 1.5 mm thick - it will be instead of a chain, carbine, 2 silver ends, 2 tubes also silver and 12 silver connecting ringlets. You will need to stock up on tools: scissors, pliers, needle pliers and a hole punch.

Handmade leather necklaceHandmade leather necklace

First, cut out 9 pieces of skin of any shape. Spread the shreds in a semicircle, so you can better imagine how the decoration will look and make it more harmonious.

Using a hole punch, make two holes in each patch, you can make along the edges or in the corner, focus on the shape of the decoration. Then take the tongs and connect the leather trim with each other with silver rings. Now pass the ring into the holes, which are made in shreds and secure with forceps.

Handmade leather necklaceHandmade leather necklace

After all the leather parts are interconnected, you will begin to get a leather chain. Cut 2 laces from leather about 30 cm long. Pass the laces on each side into the outer rings.

Connect the ends of the lace, put a silver tubule on it and clamp it with pliers. Determine the desired length of the lace, cut off the excess. Now you can put on the limit switches and clamp them with pliers. Then put on a ring and a carbine. Leather decoration is ready, you can safely wear it with a dress or topic and go into the light!

Handmade leather necklaceHandmade leather necklace

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Accessories are just a fantastic thing, they can literally transform your image. For example, you should wear a leather belt on an old dress, or attach leather flowers to tired shoes, and you might think that everything is absolutely new.

And how much more interesting things can be made from leather - rims, beads, bracelets, headbands, jewelry for a handbag, brooches and much more. And that, of course, pleases - things made of leather will never look cheap or tasteless, because Leather is a classic that is always in fashion!

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