Diy clothing decor

Recently it has become very fashionable. decorate clothes with your own hands. Some people like the very process of transforming clothes, someone decorates things from the point of view of economy - after all, thanks to the decor, things can be changed beyond recognition. How can this be done? What are the ways to decorate clothes do it yourself?

Adult clothes do-it-yourself decor

  • One of the methods unusual to decorate the usual item of clothing - cut out small elements from a material similar in color and texture to the main thing and sew them on the clothes with an external seam. This work is quite painstaking, requiring maximum concentration and patience. But it's worth it! This technique of clothing decor even uses the company "Project Alabama." You can try to create such a designer thing yourself.
  • Most simple way to decorate the usual clothes - Embroider it with beads, sequins, bugles or rhinestones. You can sew randomly, and you can lay out a certain pattern or letters.

  • Patterns on clothing can be created with the help of satin ribbons or ribbons. To do this, you can sew it around the edges of a thing, lay out a drawing or make a finished element. For example, you can make a ribbon from a ribbon and then carefully sew it in the right place.
  • Interesting clothing decoration - Inserting zippers and psevdomolyniy on various items of clothing. Decorative zippers can be attached to the sleeves and sides. They will carry absolutely no functional load, but they will decorate the thing.
  • If you can embroider - you can embroider beautiful items on clothes. There are a large number of techniques of embroidery patterns on the fabric - this is the surface, and cross-stitch, and tapestry, and pulling - choose any one of your choice. If you are not familiar with any technique of embroidery, you can master it, having trained on the material. And when you learn - feel free to do embroidery on clothes.
  • One of the ways to decorate clothes is "torn clothes". Most often, this method is used for decoration of jeans, breeches and shorts. For this, cuts are made in them, which are not processed afterwards.
  • Decorate your own clothesyou can use for this boa, faux fur or decorative feathers. They can emphasize the neckline, trim the sleeves or one of the sleeves, for example.

  • Having painted a piece of clothing in a different color, you can easily turn your thing into a new one. However, the selection of the desired color is important. After all, if you decide to paint a brown blouse in green, you will fail. The easiest way to paint a white thing, in addition, it is easy to paint the thing in the same color in which it is already painted, but in a different shade, for example, a brighter one.
  • A great way to decorate clothes with your own hands - drawing on her pattern. Use for this acrylic paint. It does not matter if you do not feel the talent of the artist, and are not sure that you will get a beautiful drawing. At present, there are special stencils on sale, with the help of which you will be able to apply the desired pattern on your clothes.
  • Stripe additional decorative elements - another way to decorate clothes with their own hands. For this you can use all sorts of applications, patch pockets and various rivets. In addition, self-adhesive appliqués can now be found in sewing shops. You do not even have to make any effort to attach them. It is enough to attach the appliqué to the clothes, and hold it over with an iron.

  • The classic way to decorate clothesis decoration with the help of flowers made of material. These flowers look very feminine. Read more about how to make these flowers, you can read in the article Flowers from fabric.
  • Another interesting way to decorate clothes with their own hands - stripe of decorative shoulder straps on the shoulders, trim the sleeves with chains. The chain can be in one row, and can decorate the sleeve over the entire width. It is sewn in the place where the sleeve is connected to the main thing.
  • On the clothes you can lay out all sorts of patterns, using a tourniquet for this. First, he laid out on clothes, creating a certain pattern, and then, neatly sewn.

DIY children's clothing decor

  • Children's clothes are often decorated with a variety of applications. These can be the self-adhesive applications mentioned above. And there may be applications, made and sewn on their own.
  • Another waydecorate children's clothes with their own hands - decoupage To do this, you can cut a pattern from a special hot-melt cloth, and then glue it onto your clothes with an iron. The element of decoupage can be left and so, and you can decorate it, for example, with a microbender for fabric.

The most important condition for decorating clothes with your own hands - this desire to make things unique and beautiful, as well as the possession of imagination. If you possess these two qualities - your things will become truly magnificent!

Be beautiful!

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