Dimexide hair. how to make hair grow

Many girls remembered that long hair is a sign of charm and femininity. For long hair, men are not indifferent. Hair is what they pay attention to, first of all, when they see an excellent representative of the weaker sex. But it’s not so easy to grow long and healthy hair, especially if it is loose and damaged.

Help in this difficult process can drug Dimeksid. The popularity of its use in recent times and is associated with a returning fashion for long hair.

What is dimexide?

Dimexide is a medical product that is used in cosmetology for the preparation of therapeutic hair compositions. This is connected, first of all, with the beneficial effect that it helps to have on the state and growth of hair to other substances that make up the masks.

Dimexide hair

The effect of Dimexidum is manifested only in combination with fatty and essential oils, other active substances. When using Dimexide, the hair receives the necessary vitamins and other beneficial substances much faster, which significantly speeds up their growth. But to take advantage of such an unusual preparation for hair, you need to know the rules and features of its use.

How to apply Dimexide for hair?

The use of Dimexide in masks for hair improves the nutrition of hair follicles., which are responsible for hair growth. But, before using it, it is necessary to examine all the contraindications, as it is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, consult your doctor. Carefully read the instructions, conduct a test for tolerability of Dimexidum and only after a positive result, proceed to its use.

When making a mask, 1 part of Dimexidum should fall into 3 parts of other components. But its amount should not exceed 25% of the total amount of the entire mask. Mixing components of the future mask, add dimexide only in diluted form. Apply the prepared mask to the hair immediately, otherwise in 5 minutes it will no longer be uniform.

Dimexide is also often used for faster healing of burns. It allows beneficial substances to reach damaged areas and penetrate deep into cells. Therefore, it can be added to any mask, as it enhances their healing effect. The impact of Dimexidum is associated with its ability to dilate vessels, penetrate deep into the skin layers, passing through the cell membranes.

How to apply dimexide for hair?

Since dimexide is used for hair, it helps to penetrate so deeply to other components of the mask, which include microelements and vitamins that are necessary for hair. But the use of Dimexidum for the preparation of masks requires accuracy, precise following of the recipe and the addition of exactly the same amount of substance as indicated. An overdose of Dimexidum can cause burns and a loss of sensitivity of nerve endings for a short time, so be extremely careful. The dimexide itself is a conductor and it will not cause any harm to the hair, but after using the mask with dimexide, pay attention to the sensations. Usually there is a burning sensation and tingling of the skin. If this condition does not cause much concern, then everything is in order. But if the burning is quite strong and gives unpleasant sensations, then the mask should be immediately washed off and no longer used.

Masks with Dimeksidom for hair

Dimexid masks help to improve the condition of damaged, weak and dry hair. Even hair damaged by paint or chemistry accelerates growth after it is applied.

  • To become the owner of long and beautiful hair, be patient, and in the pharmacy get burdock and castor oil, dimexide, in jars of vitamin E and A, in the store - lemon. Now in the following proportion in the cup mix 2 tsp. oils, 1 tbsp. l lemon juice and 2 tsp. Dimexide. Rub the mixture into the hair roots, then wrap a head around the plastic bag, with a towel on top. Look like this for 1 hour. If the mixture remains, distribute it along the length of the hair. Then wash your hair with shampoo. This mixture is very easy to remove, but to moisturize the hair, use a balm.
  • Mix 1 tsp. castor oil, burdock oil and 5 drops of jojoba oil (ylang-ylang, almonds). Add 1 tsp. Dimexidum, tocopherol and retinol. Mix everything well and heat a little. Then rub into the roots and the entire length of the hair. Wrap your head with a package and a towel. After an hour, rinse your head well. Do not mask more often 1 p. in Week. If you are blonde, then add to the mask 1 tsp. lemon juice.

Masks with dimeksidom for hair

  • Mix 2 tsp. Dimexide in diluted form, vitamin A and vitamin E in oil, castor oil. Apply a mask on the hair roots. Wrap your head with a film and a towel. An hour later, rinse thoroughly 3 p. under warm water. During the month, make this mask option for 1 p. in Week.
  • Take 1 tsp. burdock and castor oil, lemon juice, in ampoules, vitamins B6 and B12, in oil, vitamins E, A and D, 3 tsp. Dimexidum. All mix, then apply on the hair roots and wrap your head. Mask hold for an hour, then wash and rinse hair 3 p. To achieve the best result, make a mask 2 p. per week for 2 months. This will improve the condition of the hair, nourish the hair follicles and increase hair growth to 8 cm per month.

In the presence of dry hair in the mask is to add almond, coconut oil or jojoba oil. For hair prone to fat, it is better to add onion juice to the mask, and to mask its smell, drop 5 drops of ylang-ylang oil. After using such a mask, rinse the hair in mustard. To do this, add 2 tablespoons of water. l mustard powder, stir everything well and rinse hair, and then rinse under running water.

Beautiful long hair - the dream of almost every girl. To speed up their growth, you can use Dimexidum, having prepared a simple hair mask.

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