Virtually every hair styling is done with a hair dryer. But not always to create hair just one device. Skills and additional nozzles, one of which is a diffuser, are crucial. The diffuser is a nozzle for a hair dryer (sometimes it is found as an independent device), similar to a lattice disk, through the holes of which air passes. To give the hair volume, it is equipped with elastic "fingers" of different lengths.

How to use a diffuser?

Diffuser: what is it?

Initially, the diffuser was invented specifically for hair drying with a perm. The “fingers” held curls, and they didn’t fly apart, as during normal blow-drying, giving extra volume to the hairstyle. Later, hairdressers invented it to use it a little differently: to form curls on any hair.

In fact, there is nothing difficult in the process of laying a diffuser. But a certain skill is still needed. A little practice, every day hairstyle will get more beautiful, bulkier and more natural.

To fit your hair with this attachment, wash your hair - hair styling is always done on clean damp hair. After washing, dry them a little with a towel to get rid of excess moisture. Treat dried hair with heat protection, then styling agent.

Divide hair into 2 parts: upper and lower. Now disassemble the hair on the strands, put them in the diffuser, attach the nozzle to the scalp and start drying. Gently massage the scalp in the process - it will give more volume.

Help yourself with your free hand - tousle your strands by lifting them at the base of your head. Do not forget to distribute the curls. During drying, you can tilt your head in different directions, and direct the diffuser itself to the head at an angle of 90 degrees. Lay hair until you achieve the desired result. At the end of styling, fasten it with varnish, and do not brush your hair.

If you do not need to wash your hair daily, you can refresh your hair the next day by lightly brushing your hair with a special gel. Spread it on your fingers and form curls, giving them the desired shape.

For girls with perfectly straight hair, this way of laying may not be suitable, but you can still try. Take more styling products, twist each strand in a tight bundle in one direction (so the hairstyle will look more harmonious and natural) and dry with a diffuser.

Apply shortly cut hair with a diffuser nozzle to make the hair style stylish and voluminous. To do this, wash your hair, towel dry. Spread the styling foam evenly through your hair. Begin to dry the hair with a diffuser, starting from the roots by ruffling the strands on the temples and the back of the head. As a result, a short haircut will turn out lush. Ultimately, you can add texture to your hairstyle with a paste or wax.

Diffuser: what is it?

Nozzle for hair dryer diffuser: advantages

The diffuser is a large enough nozzle, which allows for more time to dry more hair than a regular hairdryer. As a result, the drying process is accelerated.

Nozzle diffuser can not burn, as the air is not directed directly to the scalp, and dissipates from the sides. It promotes cooling and softening, providing drying with a warm stream, thereby injuring the curls less and not over drying the scalp.

Thanks to the “fingers”, the nozzle is an excellent massager that increases blood circulation and stimulates hair growth.

Trickles of air are directed to the very roots, drying, they lift them, creating additional volume. With a certain skill, hair styling procedure using a diffuser will take only 20-30 minutes.

Despite sparing mode of operation, the diffuser still has a thermal effect on your curls, so do not abuse it. Try to resort to its help infrequently, choose low temperatures for drying, and use thermal protective equipment for laying.

Nozzle diffuser: which one to choose?

Diffuser: what is it?

Currently there are a large number of different models of diffusers. When choosing, you should pay attention to the structure and length of hair, and then give preference to one or another attachment:

  1. To create volumetric hairstyles, you will need a diffuser with hollow fingers inside;
  2. Diffuser with short "fingers" is perfect for styling short curly hair;
  3. Short hair is best dried with a wide-head diffuser;
  4. For straightening long curly hair, give preference to a comb with a combing effect;
  5. Thick long hair fit a diffuser with smooth "fingers";
  6. To bring the volume of long straight hair, use the tip "supervolume";
  7. Modern types of diffusers have long straight teeth, which add volume to straight hair and smooth the ends.

The diffuser is a special nozzle for a hair dryer, having the form of a wide disk with "fingers" along its surface. At present, almost every (even inexpensive) hair dryer comes with a diffuser, but not all girls know how to style their hair. In fact, there is nothing difficult in this, it’s enough to adapt and after 2 - 3 times you will be able to create truly impressive hairstyles.