Depilatory cream for intimate areas

A well-groomed bikini area is nowadays the dream of not only all women, but also many men. At the same time, depilation is one of the most unpleasant procedures for maintaining beauty. For its implementation are used a variety of gels, creams, sugar paste, wax, etc.

Intimate depilation cream: advantages

Intimate depilation cream: advantages

Cream for intimate depilacia provokes irritations, and its use does not cause redness. But before using it is recommended to do a test for sensitivity and allergies.

In order for you to enjoy smooth and clear skin of a bikini for a long time, follow these rules:

  • Apply the product evenly to the desired area, spreading it with a special spatula, leave for the period of time indicated in the instructions. Never hold the composition longer than recommended, otherwise skin irritation may result;
  • After cream is washed off with warm water using a soft sponge;
  • Dry the bikini skin with a towel, trying to act as carefully as possible.

Intimate depilation cream does not remove hairs for a long time, but at the same time, this method has its significant advantages. It does not cause painful sensations, unlike waxing, does not leave irritation, as usual shaving with a machine.

Skin care after depilation includes thorough moisturizing of the treated area with special means: creams, gels, oils.

Which cream is better to choose?

There are many manufacturers that produce creams for intimate depilation. Among them, Veet, Velvet, Eveline, Cliven, SallyHansen, Opilca, Shary, Silium, Avon are especially popular. Each of the creams is good in its own way. To determine the ideal option, you need to try and evaluate each of them.

  • Veet. It is one of the most popular and high-quality creams. It is economical to use, you need to keep it for a minimum amount of time. Growing hairs become softer, do not irritate the skin. The average cost of the funds is 450 rubles.

Cream for depilation of intimate zones Veet: reviews

  • Sally Hansen. Not every girl can afford this cream, and finding it is not so easy. After application, dryness and irritation of the skin is not observed. Hair is removed quickly, the result remains for a long time. Besides cream the convenient brush for drawing is included in the package. The average cost ranges from 700 rubles.

  • Cliven. Without much effort you can get rid of hair in the bikini area. The cream contains glycerin, lanolin and almond oil. After the procedure, the smoothness and velvety skin remains for a long time. The average cost ranges from 300 rubles.

  • Velvet. Relatively cheap cream, but at the same time effective. Thanks to him, you can remove even the toughest hair, while maintaining the result for a long time. After application there are no burns and irritations. The cream kit includes a special spatula or a comfortable sponge. The average cost of the cream is 90 rubles.

Cream for depilation of intimate zones Veet: reviews

  • Marina: Veet cream is my favorite. He won my trust and love long ago. He effectively fights hair in the intimate area. After use there are no irritations, hairs do not grow. Always use cream in the shower. In general, I am pleased.
  • Vasilisa: Not so long ago, I bought Veet intimate depilation cream in a store. I can say that he did not impress me. Hair is not completely removed, I had to bring to smoothness with a razor. The very next day, new hairs began to sprout, despite the fact that the manufacturer promises smooth skin for up to 3 days!
  • Kristina: I have been using Veet depilation creams for a long time. I like them very much. Especially for intimate depilation. The tool effectively fights unwanted hair and cares for the skin. I wouldn't trade him for anything.

Depilatory cream is an excellent solution to the problem of hair removal in delicate areas. The main advantage of this procedure is speed, efficiency and painlessness. Choose creams depending on your preferences and skin type. When depilating follow all the rules and do not ignore the subsequent care of the gentle bikini area.

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