Deodorant crystal


The perfumery market today is represented by a multitude of deodorants, differing in their structure, shape, smell, and also consistency; therefore, it is often difficult to decide which hygienic means are best to choose. Experts advise the use of deodorants, which not only can get rid of sweat and odor, but will also be harmless to health. Among such tools can be identified deodorant-crystal, developed on natural ingredients.

Natural Crystal Deodorant: Composition and Benefits

crystal deodorant

The human body tend to sweat. Thus, it gets rid of excessive heat and moisture, and also removes toxins and cleans the upper epithelium from toxins. By itself, sweat is odorless: it is secreted in combination with bacteria. Of course, the most common and convenient way to get rid of the smell is considered deodorant. However, we should not forget that perfumery products mostly contain chemicals that can negatively affect the structure of the skin and human health.

According to surveys, many use hygiene products that prevent the spread of bacteria, but they are only a way to get rid of an unpleasant smell. That is why you need a good reliable deodorant that helps not only get rid of the smell, but also eliminate the causes of its occurrence.

Mineral deodorant crystal is based on a natural stone of volcanic composition, it is developed and produced in South-East Asia. Due to the potent components, when the substance is applied to the skin, the formation of bacteria stops and the upper part of the skin is dried. The action continues until the stone is washed away from the body.

The presence of softening elements contributes to the gradual drying of sweat, without creating unpleasant sensations. Sweat glands are not clogged with pollen, and can naturally remove moisture, which turns into a safe sorbent already on the surface of the skin.

The presence of natural harmless elements in the crystal deodorant provides an opportunity to use it even for women in a position and for nursing mothers. The lack of smell in the stone itself and its elements allows not to worry about your perfume and be sure that the deodorant will not interrupt the fragrance of toilet water.

As is known, the presence of such components in the composition can cause allergies, poisoning, rashes and irritation. In addition, deodorant-crystal does not stick to the skin and does not spoil the clothes with white spots, unlike other cosmetics.

Mineral Crystal Deodorant

Mineral Crystal Deodorant

This deodorant is made from natural minerals that are processed immediately at the place of their extraction. Monopolist in the production of stone are such countries:

  • Philippines;
  • Thailand;
  • Malaysia.

Mineral deodorant crystal can be made either by melting minerals into the necessary shape, or by conventional grinding. According to user feedback, deodorant made by polishing is more durable, since it can be used for 3 years.

In fact, the crystal minerals are alum, which was known at the beginning of the 20th century. If you hold such a mineral on the skin, a film of salt is formed, which does not allow bacteria to multiply, suppressing them in the embryo.

Salt deodorant crystal

This deodorant is made of mineral stone. Manufacturers for more convenience also produce powder deodorants, which have the same properties as solid minerals. They are diluted with water and applied to the skin by rubbing. Powder deodorant crystal can dry, but when water is added, it is diluted again, which allows it to be used for a long time. According to users, salt deodorant crystal does not deteriorate even under the influence of high temperature due to its natural base and natural ingredients.

How does a deodorant crystal, can be seen in the photo.

Reviews of doctors and users

According to reviews of users and doctors, among the negative aspects of deodorant are the following:

  • crystal brittleness;
  • crystal blocks more odor than sweat, so when active work does not save from wet armpits;
  • mineral deodorant crystal must be reapplied after visiting a shower, pool or sauna;
  • Not all deodorants of this type are convenient to carry around, as there are polished crystals in fairly voluminous bags or straw bags.

However, despite the disadvantages, the advantages of a deodorant crystal are much greater. So, in addition to all the above advantages, you can add some more positive characteristics:

  • deodorant-mineral has a hemostatic function;
  • helps with insect bites, reduces itching and burning;
  • it can be used not only in the armpits, but also for the legs and intimate places;
  • It has a positive effect on treating adolescent acne.

Which deodorant on natural minerals to choose?

Modern perfumery industry has developed on the basis of the crystal several types of deodorants, differing in their properties:

  • stick-shaped Panamanian alum with antibacterial characteristics;
  • crystal in the form of a spray TianDe, which does not dry the skin;
  • Deonorant Deonat - the most budget option and also very popular, has collected the most positive reviews.

Mineral crystal deodorant is an ideal antiperspirant with many beneficial properties and a feeling of freshness and purity. Positive feedback from users and doctors are redundant proof of this.