Many women dream of growing healthy, thick and flowing hair. But men, on the contrary, want their haircut as long as possible to retain its original appearance. Perhaps few of us thought about when to make a visit to a hairdresser. Modern scientists have established this fact: hair fills the body with vital energy and to some extent affects our health, destiny and happiness. That is why you should cut your hair properly, choosing the day according to the lunar period. On what days are favorable for cutting hair, you will learn in this article.

Lunar haircut: favorable days

the change of the phase of the night celestial body strongly influences the fate

No wonder there is a perception that a change in the phase of the night celestial body greatly influences fate. It has long been believed that hair is a kind of antenna that allows the human body to communicate with the outside world and the cosmos. And, perhaps, skeptics are now alert and do not believe in such statements, but the relationship between hair growth and the days of haircuts really is of great importance.

As already mentioned, most of the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity dream of luxurious, long and brilliant curls. To choose a day for cutting the hair of the female sex is a little more difficult, but for men it is much easier. Let's see why this is considered.

When can men cut their hair?

In order for the new hairstyle to keep its original appearance longer, representatives of the strong half of humanity are recommended to have a haircut during the descending of the Moon. During this period, hair growth activity slows down significantly, so they will grow longer than usual.

But the lunar phases affect not only hair growth, but also the health, happiness, fate and destiny of a person. If you believe in your destiny and dream of a happy, long and healthy life, then choose favorable days for cutting hair.

Dear men, the most productive and successful to perform a haircut are calendar days, falling on 5, 8, 11, 14, 16, 19, 21, 22, 23, 27 days of the lunar period. Look for a start in the lunar calendar, and then sign up for a haircut to your favorite master. Also, many astrologers advise you to choose a master of the same sex as the client. This eliminates the possibility of a change in fate and the introduction of negative adjustments to it.

And if men simply decide on a day that is favorable for a haircut, then women will have to solve the problem more difficult. In addition to the lunar phases, the representatives of the fair sex when choosing a day for a haircut take into account the date of birth, numerology, and even the days of the week, and even zodiac signs.

Favorable days for women

Please pay attention to the moon phase and the day

Dear women, before you decide to go to the salon and drastically change your image, please pay attention to the moon phase and the day. Not every lunar day will bring you health and beauty. And some, according to astrologers, can do some harm.

Let's take a closer look at every lunar day since the new moon phase:

  • 1 day - cutting hair can shorten life;
  • 2 days - haircut can lead to a quarrel;
  • 3 days - will bring you additional expenses;
  • 4 days - a haircut can bring the appearance of negative emotions in your life, such as fear and longing;
  • 5 days - cutting hair a little will increase your condition and make a little richer;
  • 6 days - it is better to refuse a hairstyle;
  • 7 days - cutting hair can provoke litigation and quarrels with close people;
  • 8 day - a very auspicious day, which will bring you joy and success;
  • 9 days - an unfavorable period for cutting;
  • 10 days - according to Tibetan beliefs, energy is burned on this day, so it is better to refuse to cut hair;
  • Day 11 - an auspicious day, positively affecting mental abilities;
  • Day 12 - unfavorable day;
  • 13 days - a very auspicious day, a haircut will give you a lot of positive emotions and longevity;
  • 14 days - trim hair in order to increase financial well-being;
  • 15 day - unfavorable day;
  • 16 days - give up the haircut, so as not to be in a hospital bed;
  • Day 17 is an unfavorable day, as illnesses or injuries may occur;
  • 18 days - cutting hair can lead to loss of property;
  • 19 days - auspicious day, and a new haircut will extend your life for many years;
  • 20 days - unfavorable day;
  • 21 days - you want to attract health and unearthly beauty, then hurry to the hairdresser;
  • 22 days - the hairstyle can bring with itself a two-three of extra kilograms;
  • 23, 24, 25 days - adverse days;
  • 26, 27, 28 days - very favorable days;
  • 29, 30 days - refuse to visit the hairdresser.

If you do not want to follow each lunar period, then at least choose the right phase for cutting hair. To grow long and thick curls, go to the salon, when the celestial body is in a growing stage or in the full moon. The body, along with cropped hair, gets rid of all the extra negative precisely at the full moon.

How to choose a day for a haircut and coloring on the zodiac sign?

To choose the most suitable day for a new haircut

To choose the most suitable day for a new haircut, you should pay attention to the zodiac sign. As you know, in each lunar period the moon is in a particular sign. And each of the signs of the zodiac has its own specific effect on hair growth, our health, general condition, fate, etc.

If you want to grow long, thick and healthy hair in a short time, then by all means go to the hairdresser on an auspicious day when the mysterious Moon will dwell in the sign of Aries. However, if you shave your hair at this moment, it can affect your condition, and you will feel a little unwell and weakness. So that when coloring your curls acquired the necessary shade, did not lose their elasticity and looked brilliant, go to the salon on the days when the celestial body is in the sign of Virgo, Capricorn or Taurus.

Very lush, but at the same time, hair will become disobedient if they are cut when the Moon is in the zodiac sign Gemini. Such a day is suitable for creating an image in the style of "easy chaos and carelessness." It is not recommended to go to the hairdresser to conduct manipulations with the hair when the celestial body has moved to the zodiac signs of Pisces or Cancer. But in the days of Leo with hair you can do anything, except perm, because it will not hold.

The growth of your hair will increase excessively if you time your visit to the master at the time of the stay of the Moon in Libra. On days when the celestial body is in Scorpio, nothing unusual will happen - these days are considered neutral. The creative and experimental days are the lunar phases when the celestial body passed into the constellation of Aquarius. You want to change your image and dye your hair in an unusual color for you, then go to the master-hairdresser at this auspicious moment.

Haircuts and days of the week

Regarding the choice of the day for a haircut, be sure to pay attention

Regarding the choice of the day for a haircut, be sure to pay attention: astrologers do not recommend shaving off their hair on Saturday and Sunday. Together with cut curls, you can lose your luck and health, because these days of the week are filled with negative energy.

But Friday is considered absolutely neutral. If you did not have time to visit the salon on other days, you can safely go on Friday, it will not affect the speed of growth and the health of your hair. The remaining days of the week are considered quite favorable for performing any procedures with hair.

Does birthday affect hair growth?

There is an opinion that birthday affects hair growth. Therefore, before you decide on the day of shaving his hair, look at the calendar. If you were born on a Sunday or Monday, then brush your hair on Tuesday or Thursday. But children on Friday is best to go to the salon on Monday.

If you were born on Saturday, then change the image is best on Friday. And in the case of birth on Wednesday, Sunday is the most auspicious day for a haircut. Born people on Tuesday or Thursday need to cut their hair on Monday.

You can see how easily with the help of the lunar calendar and zodiacal signs you can influence not only the growth of hair and the beauty of the hairstyle, but also your destiny. Be healthy and beautiful and choose only favorable days to visit the salon!