Day makeup for green eyes


Green eyes - in themselves are incredibly beautiful, in addition there is a mass of all sorts of different shades. Creating makeup for green eyes, it is necessary to emphasize their natural beauty, in any case not overshadowing them.

Shadows for day makeup for green eyes

All kinds of warm shades are best suited to the green eyes. They will make green more soft, charming. The best shades of eye shadow are green - violet, peach, brown, bronze, beige, khaki, golden and apricot. Thanks to these colors used in the makeup of the eyes, green eyes will become even more attractive.

The colors of the shadows that should avoid in makeup for green eyes: blue, gray, blue, silver, white, pink, green. You can argue about a pink shade, as it still suits some shades of green eyes. But the green color should be avoided unequivocally, otherwise the eye will merge into a single color spot.

Mascara for day makeup for green eyes

Green-eyed girls can use mascara of classic colors - black and brown. However, black mascara is best reserved for evening makeup. Brown will not look so rough.

Pencil, eyeliner for day makeup for green eyes

You can use both, depending on your personal preferences. The colors that are most suitable for green eyes are steel gray, brown, dark gray, bronze, golden, violet, plum, white, all shades of brown.

Lipstick, blusher for day makeup for green eyes

Considering the fact that you create a day makeup, it is best to refuse lipstick and blush, they can look vulgar in daylight. But if you really want it, use a soft peach blush and a transparent lip gloss.

Example of applying day makeup for green eyes

  • First of all, we put on all eyelids shadows of soft peach color. Then we gently select the inner corner of the eye with light gray shadows.
  • On the outer corner of the eye, we apply some violet shadows (do not forget that we have daily makeup, so we take the shades as less saturated as possible). All transitions between different shades of shadows are very carefully shaded.

  • Next, take a small brush for the shadows, and on the lower eyelid, along the line of the growth of eyelashes, apply the shadows of a sepia shade. Again carefully shade.
  • The final stage - applying mascara brown shade. We paint lips with transparent gloss.

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Be beautiful!

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