Day and evening makeup for blue eyes

Blue eyes are like little lakes. Beautiful, deep and alluring. Properly executed makeup is able to beautifully emphasize the eyes, highlight and focus on them. There are some rules for applying day and evening makeup for blue eyes.

Day makeup for blue eyes

The peculiarity of daytime makeup is to hide, make all imperfections of the skin of the face more invisible, and, in addition, to emphasize the deep eye color.

  • When applying day makeup for blue eyesuse soft, pastel colors. In addition, the use of contrasting shades in a single image is highly discouraged.

  • Foundation or powder should be the same color as the skin color. This will help to hide the imperfections of the skin, while not creating a kind of mask on the face. Powder is applied to the entire face, including the eyelids. This is necessary so that the makeup applied in the morning can be kept on the face all day long.
  • The shadows that most suit the blue-eyed girls in the daytime- pearl, lavender, peach and pale pink. In addition, the use of gray-blue shadows is allowed (such application will be especially successful if the eye color is not pure blue, but with the presence of gray) and gray-brown.
  • Allowed and the use of eyeliner in the daily makeup for blue eyes. However, it is agreed that its color should not be too dark. The best choice is a dark gray eyeliner.
  • Be sure to correct eyebrows. If they do not require additional coloring, it is enough just to comb them and lay them with a special gel. If the eyebrows are very light, you need to tint them with a gray or light brown pencil.

  • Cheekbones can be distinguished by blush, those that use daily. It is better if it will be a peach or brick shade (depending on the color of your hair).
  • And the final touch of day makeup for blue-eyed girls will be applying gloss on the lips. It can be transparent or pastel translucent hues.

An example of applying daytime makeup for blue eyes

1. Apply to your face foundation with a sponge. Then, cover the skin with a thin layer of powder. Carefully distribute it over the entire face.

2. We take silver shadows, and put them on the whole eyelid, from the growth line of the eyelashes to the brow bone.

3. Apply shades of lavender hue to the eyelid, from the eyelash growth line to the fold of the eyelid. Suppose another version of the application of lavender shadows - from the middle of the century to the outer corner.

4. Then carefully shade the visible transitions between the two different colors of the shadows so that the boundaries of the application are not visible.

5. Take a dark gray pencil, and with its help emphasize the eye line. To do this, draw a line along the lash line. With the same pencil, or with a soft pencil of the same shade, we draw lines within the century.

6. Apply on the eyelashes one or two layers of dark gray or black mascara.

7. Peach blush highlights cheekbones.

8. Apply translucent gloss to lips.

Evening makeup for blue eyes

Evening makeup involves more clear and vibrant colors. And blue eyes in the evening image should be emphasized. Shades of the following shades are most suitable for these purposes: golden, pale pink, light gray, blue, purple, blue and gray-brown. The only shade that should not be used in blue-eyed girls with makeup is hot pink. This color will make the eyes tired and tearful.

In the evening make-up is not just allowed, and even encouraged the use of two shades of the same color of the shadows. Thus, you can make your eyes even more beautiful. In addition, the use of sparkles is not forbidden.

  • The outer corner of the eye highlight the shadows of a darker color. This will make your blue eyes even brighter and deeper.
  • A great way to highlight blue eyes - apply light shadows (for the foundation) on the eyelid, and then darker ones, depicting the inverted letter V for them. And the second part of the letter to depict the fold of the century.
  • If you use more than one shade of shadows in make-up, be sure to carefully blend the transitions between different shades.
  • In the evening make-up blue eyesblack mascara, dark eyeliner and colored lip gloss are allowed. One condition - do not overdo it. If you decide to make your eyes bright, making them dark, leave your lips transparent.

An example of applying evening makeup for blue eyes

1. Apply foundation to face.

2. Using a dark gray or black pencil, move the lower eyelid inside and the upper eyelid along the fold. Connect these two lines.

3. Using dark shadows, carefully blend the pencil line.

4. Take the pale blue shadows. Apply them to the entire movable eyelid and on the upper part.

5. Use the eyeliner to draw an arrow along the lash line. Pencil move the inner eyelid.

6. Pencil, close in color to the color of your hair, highlight eyebrows.

7. Cover the eyelashes with two or three layers of black mascara.

8. Cheekbones emphasize blush (brick shades are permissible).

9. Lips cover with a transparent or translucent gloss.

Blue eyes are always beautiful. Especially if the blue-eyed girl’s makeup is done correctly. In this case, blue eyes will become even more attractive, deep and sensual.

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