Dark brown hair color


If a woman wants a change in life, stylists are advised to change her hairstyle and start with coloring. Among the shades that are fashionable at all times, dark-brown hair color is leading. What is the secret of its popularity? What manifestations of character to expect from the owner of the locks of chestnut color? And how to choose the "right" paint?

Universal color

dye your hair auburn

Very often, after hearing a hairdresser's proposal to dye her hair in chestnut color, women ask the same question: "What is the color?" And this is not surprising, because such a palette is very multifaceted. This includes:

  • light chestnut;
  • dark chestnut;
  • honey;
  • chestnut with red and red specks;
  • nut shades;
  • copper;
  • chocolate.

Each of the shades can be represented by semitones or combinations. In any case, these tones look very natural, natural. In addition, they are very practical, because:

  • do not require frequent staining (regrown roots differ little from the color of the rest of the stacks);
  • easy to apply (there is no danger that the paint will be stained, and if there is a certain unevenness, it will seem just a game of color);
  • focus on the eyes of a woman;
  • hide too prominent facial features (cheekbones, nose, chin);
  • combined with clothing and accessories of any style.

It is believed that young ladies with this color of hair:

  • calm;
  • caring;
  • appreciate and maintain comfort;
  • always bring to the finals;
  • creatively address complex issues;
  • ready to fight for your opinion to the end.

According to many men, women with chestnut hair are very charismatic personalities. In addition, these ladies have a very special sexuality.

How to choose "your" shade?

Who is chestnut hair color

Who is chestnut hair? Like red lipstick, he is "on friendly terms" with absolutely everyone. The main thing is to choose the right chestnut, "your" shade of paint - this is half the success. After all, hair must be combined with:

  • eye type;
  • skin;
  • the usual tones of makeup.

That is why stylists recommend to contact a professional hairdresser before any manipulations with curls. However, some selection principles need to be known in advance.

  • Type of appearance. Harmonious shades of chestnut combined with autumn and spring color types. Owners of summer looks should be guided by the color of their eyes: with green eyes, hazel eyes with golden sparkles, honey tones will look perfect. But chestnut hair with red or tinged with a red shade is best left for a winter girl.
  • Eye color. Brown-eyed young ladies should remember that the shade of hair is supposed to be either darker or lighter than the eye, but in no case is it the same. As for the green-eyed beauties, it is better for them to prefer light brown hair color. You can diversify it by coloring it at the expense of caramel, coffee or chocolate and creamy shades. Owners of the same blue eyes can easily paint curls in any light tone of chestnut.
  • Color of the skin. When choosing a shade for it, it is important to consider the following principle: the darker the skin, the darker the chestnut should be. So, mulatto is a nutty tone, and women with dark skin - a chestnut with a hint of chocolate.

What paints to use?

Manufacturers of hair-dye do not skimp on the inclusion of new tones of chestnut in the line of their products. But with all the richness of the palette are the following basic shades:

  • chocolate (light, bitter and dark);
  • dark brown;
  • light chestnut;
  • caramel (light, dark);
  • nut (light, dark);
  • dark chestnut;
  • golden.

In addition, the traditional way to dye hair in chestnut color is to mix henna and basma in a 1: 1 ratio.

Staining options

traditional way to dye hair in chestnut color

At primary dyeing of dark hair, dye is used one tone darker than natural color. As for the light ponyad, in their case the shade should be one tone darker than the desired color, otherwise the result will be too pale. When dyeing dark hair in a light shade, you must make a wash.

If you have concerns about how the new color will look at you, then you can first make coloring, combining several tones of chestnut. This is an original way not only to emphasize your individuality with the help of coloring of a head of hair, but also to choose the most suitable shade for yourself. For caramel, chocolate and nut tones in one coloring looked very advantageous for appearance and fashionable on last shows from haute couture. Stylists warn that dyeing hair in black and chestnut color is not worth it: all the flaws of the skin will stand out.

Dyeing hair in a dark brown color, as well as in its other shades, requires careful selection of the tone according to the type of appearance. That is why the first time it is better to surrender into the hands of a professional who will select the most suitable combination. The existing wide palette of shades allows you to mix different colors in such a way that the result is a perfect color.