Cuticle oil


The beauty of manicure lies not only in the choice of nail polish shade, which will be in harmony with the image. The base is accuracy of shape, cleanliness of the nail plate, the same length, softness and moisture of the side rollers and cuticle. Burrs, torn pieces of skin (its upper layer), cracks - all this can ruin the impression of female hands.

Care for the cuticle: basic rules

Cuticle oil

  • In home care for the cuticle there are 3 important stages: softening, removal, moisturizing and nutrition. The last 2 easily add up to 1, so step as such 3. And on each of them there are a lot of tricks and nuances.
  • Softening occurs through simple baths. Warm water, the temperature at which it is comfortable to hold your fingers, essential oils. It is recommended to use tea tree as an antiseptic in order to carry out further actions already on clean, decontaminated skin. After steaming, the cuticle is easier not only to remove, but also to push, and file, and even to destroy the pterygium.
  • It is adjacent directly to the cuticle and clings to the nail plate at the very base of the nail, at the hole. It is undesirable to clean it dry: this will require more effort, and the probability of damage to the matrix is ​​high. Therefore, first softening occurs in the water for 3-5 minutes, then with a wooden or rubber hoof stick, careful actions are performed on the nail bed at the hole. It is necessary to clean the plate and slightly move the cuticle, lifting it.
  • What will be the next stage - depends on the initial state of the manicure. Some of the women sufficiently pushed back cuticle leave alone, process with oil and wait a week to repeat the scheme. Someone needs to get rid of overgrown skin. And here, too, it is possible to choose 1 of 2 paths. Classical cutting or removal by special chemical means: in the form of gel, oil or cream.
  • Mechanical cuticle elimination - classic manicure. Here are taken trimmer or nippers (tweezers). What is more convenient - you decide. The first is much easier to work with, and tweezers are considered a more familiar tool. Plus trimmer in that it is easier for them to cut the cuticle with a single line, without interrupting. In this case, it is possible to prevent the appearance of burrs and short scraps of skin, which make the manicure inaccurate.
  • The final action in the cuticle care algorithm is nutrition and hydration. It is the oil that plays the central role: neither the cream nor the gel will do the same. It is applied drop by drop to the well and rubbed into the skin with massaging movements, giving each finger 30-40 seconds. This procedure should be carried out daily, at bedtime and in the middle of the day. Women with dry skin are advised to carry an oil or cream with oils to use as needed.

Cuticle gel or oil: what to choose?

Cuticle oil

Is there any difference in the consistency of the product designed to destroy the accrued cuticle? The principle of action of all of them is the same, but due to chemical differences in the composition, forming the difference of substances, there are nuances. So, the gel often allows you to see the process going on: with it, it is easy to control how exactly the edge of the pusher is attached to the skin when the cuticle begins to be removed.

The cream has no such advantage, but often it is more potent. And oil is considered not only the most benign option, but also has caring properties. Those. after its application, additional means for moistening the cuticle may not be necessary.

When choosing a gel or oil to remove the cuticle, professionals advise disassembling the composition. In all the chemical elements that make it up, it is easy to get confused. But it is enough to focus only on 2 points: A.H.A. acids and disinfecting components. The latter are necessary because of possible injury to the skin. Among them is often a tea tree or chamomile. A.H.A. acids (fruit) are considered the most benign in the matter of dissolving a thin cuticle. They are as safe as possible even for sensitive skin. On the package itself, there may additionally be a mark on which particular skin the particular product is oriented.

It is important to know that if the growing part of the cuticle is dense and dry, the oil or gel does not completely eliminate it! They are able to destroy only the thinnest layer, so in this situation, the masters recommend the following algorithm: after steaming, they apply a small amount of the product onto the cuticle, leave it for 2-3 minutes or a little more (according to the instructions) and gently pusher clean the skin.

It is recommended not to work with the whole hand, but with only 2-3 nails. Under the influence of chemical elements, the thin cuticle dissolves, turning into a soft substance that is easily eliminated without application of force. It is enough only to hold the sharp end of the pusher in the form of a blade through the hole along its contour. In no case can not push: it will provide trauma to the matrix, as a result of which the nail will run out of transverse grooves.

The dense part of the accrued cuticle will not be so easy to remove - it will only become soft. Therefore, in addition it is necessary to process it with a trimmer or tweezers. At the end, apply an exfoliant cream that slows down the growth of a new cuticle, or nourishing oil. After 2-3 days, as soon as a new thin skin appears, until it turns into a similarly dense and dry roller, it is again treated with oil to remove the cuticle.

But now it will be enough of one, without trimmer. Over time, after such frequent sessions of the European manicure, even with a rough cuticle, it will be possible to forget about trimming. However, to maintain it through the daily use of oil, especially at night, will always have to.

Cuticle oil: product reviews

Cuticle oil today can be found at almost any manufacturer focused on manicure and pedicure. Which one is better? Reviews will help to clarify this.

Cuticle oil

  • Lavender oil of the American professional brand ibd is positioned as a remedy for periungual skin, soothing it after manicure sessions. This is due to the presence of arnica and lavender in the extract. An interesting fact, noted by women, says that in addition to its main function - moisturizing and removing redness - oil has a positive effect on the growth rate of nails and their strength.
  • EzFlow - the same professional brand related to ibd, offers several oils: in a pencil form factor with a brush, convenient to carry in a purse, in a bottle similar to nail polish. The composition contains grape oil, rosemary, bergamot. According to consumers, the product is absorbed quickly, no more than 15 minutes. It gives good hydration, but the coarsened cuticle will not save. This oil is directed to the daily maintenance of its healthy appearance.
  • The remedy from the brand ChinaGlaze, as well as ibd aimed at strengthening nails, is less famous. In addition to the brush, a pipette is attached to the bottle, which is convenient for dispensing the product. In the comments of the women note that the oil has a great aroma of orange and biscuits, absorbed due to its lightness, even faster than EzFlow: 10-15 minutes.
  • And among the beautiful half of humanity, a special product from the brand OPI - called Avoplex. All of them are unanimously considered to be an ideal way of salvation from dryness, since it is this remedy that possesses high parameters for moisture and nutrition. Absorbed to half an hour, quite liquid, with a pleasant smell and avocado oil in the composition. It has a prolonged effect, women after using it have noted the opportunity to rarely engage in a full-fledged manicure. Even with prolonged contact with water, the cuticle did not become drier.

Nourishing oil for cuticle DIY

The best care product, usually made by yourself. Women are convinced of this from generation to generation, and this opinion also applies to cuticle oil. The home version is not only less expensive, but also more useful, because there is an opportunity to choose the necessary components in a specific situation.

It is based on base oils: jojoba, wheat germ, almond, taken from 1 tsp, not more. Supplement - essential in the minimum dosage (1 drop is enough): ylang-ylang, cedar, tea tree, bergamot, lavender - choose only 1 of them. This is also worth adding vitamins A and E (you can use capsule Aevita). It is good to store mix in a vial from under a nail polish, putting a product on a cuticle a brush.

Remember that the most important rule in the struggle for a healthy cuticle is to avoid drying by external factors. Therefore, in addition to constant moistening with oil, care should be taken that all household chores are carried out with gloves. This is especially true of contact with water and detergents.