Curly hair care

How often do we meet with the fact that the owners of natural curls complain that they do not have straight hair. And they try to make them straight, while girls with straight hair, on the contrary, curl them ... What is given by nature must be appreciated. After all, it is very rare to find perfectly straight hair, as well as beautiful and strongly curly hair. Mostly for most people, the hair is a cross between curly and straight.

Owners of such wavy unruly hair just do not know what to do with them. And reluctant to align them every day, and cheat too. But there are some guidelines for caring for curly hair (curly hair includes all indirect hair).

Recommendations for the care of curly hair

Recommendations for the care of curly hair

Curly hair is more fragile by nature than straight. Therefore, you need to take care of them especially carefully. In addition, curly hair is usually dry and brittle, often split. Therefore, the first and most important condition - Do not overdry your hair! To do this as rarely as possible, use a hairdryer. In the summer, do not use it at all. In winter, try to wash your hair a few hours before bedtime so that your hair will dry naturally.

  • Do not wash your hair often. Everyday washing of hair dries and damages them very much. Wash your hair twice a week or every five days. To wash your hair, use moisturizing shampoos, balsams and conditioners.
  • Comb your hair not brushes, but ridges. Dental comb should be wide apart. Do not comb wet hair, you will damage it severely. When your hair is dry, you can comb it with your fingers. Comb your hair, starting from the tips and gradually rising higher and higher. Wash the comb frequently.
  • Highly not recommended to paint very curly hair. They become very naughty and fragile. Even the most expensive dyes can harm your hair. If you still adorn, then go for hair coloring to good specialists.
  • For prevent the appearance of split ends, cut hair once every two months for a centimeter. Very useful haircut hot scissors. Which is popular now in beauty salons.
  • Over curly hair requires more thorough care. Therefore, it is necessary more often to make masks for hair, rinse the hair with firming decoctions of herbs.

How to style curly hair

Usually, clean, loosely laid curly hair (or not at all) looks like a dandelion. To avoid this and preserve the volume of hair, after washing it is desirable to use a special spray.

Curly hair care

  • To create large curls, apply mousse on your hair, then use a gable to pull out a little separate strands and wind them.
  • For slightly curly unruly hair, you can braid wet hair in pigtails, and when the hair is dry, weave it. Get beautiful wavy hair. Just do not comb them, otherwise the volume will be too lush, and it will look ridiculous and ridiculous.
  • To prevent hair from sticking out in all directions, sprinkle it with spray or apply a little mousse.
  • Well pin up the front strands of hair on the back of his head or tie a rubber band in a small low tail.
  • After washing your hair, you can twist your hair in a towel or a scarf. When they are almost dry, the handkerchief is removed and the final strokes of soft curl are created with the help of a mousse with the help of a mousse.
  • If you wish, you can straighten your hair, but do not do it during cloudy, humid weather. Going outside, we see how your hair again becomes curly.
  • If you want the curls to be just below, put a hoop on the head after washing. And after they dry, the top will be smooth, straight.
  • For curly hair, multi-level haircuts are well suited.

Of course, curly hair has an advantage over straight. You can straighten them if you want, albeit briefly. But to make beautiful curls for owners of curly hair is very easy. With the same straight hair curls do not last long.

It is advisable not to cut curly hair short. This hair structure involves long hair. And to many men, long, playfully developing, voluminous hair like more than short and perfectly straight, without volume.

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